DraftKings Betting App Development Cost & Features

DraftKings Betting App Development Cost & Features


Around the world, fantasy games are becoming increasingly popular. The games have a huge following and will continue to do so in the future. Because Sports Betting is so popular, entrepreneurs and investors cannot resist developing Sports Betting apps like DraftKings.

It doesn't matter whether a player is a pro or a novice. They wish to play games that have a mind-blowing experience. The backbone of a Sports Betting app like DraftKings is a cutting-edge technology stack. Furthermore, it is becoming more and more common these days to develop applications that can easily adapt to changing paradigms and are never seen as out of date by the end-user. Investors have discovered that Sports Betting apps are a reliable revenue source.

Market Overview: DraftKings Betting Software Development

Sports Betting is one of the hottest markets in the world right now, with more and more applications entering the market. In 2027, studies predict that the market will reach $48.6 billion.

Below are some factors to consider before creating a fantasy app. The development team will assist you in deciding on what category to choose and what type of app you would like to create.

In Sports Betting, popular Sports include football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. In terms of market share, Sports Betting is dominated by football. Meanwhile, fantasy cricket is expected to grow at the highest CAGR of 17.9% over the next five years.

Platforms on the market include websites and mobile applications. Mobile applications hold the largest share of the market. The CAGR for this segment is expected to be 14.8% from 2020 to 2027, according to reports.

As mentioned above, football and cricket have some fierce competition. There is a growing market for cricket. There's no better time for you to build your market position and launch an app. As you can see, mobile applications are the best option when it comes to platform selection.

Once you have a basic understanding of how fantasy apps work, the next step is to find out how they work.

How does the Sports Betting/Sports Betting App Works?

A virtual team of real players is assembled by users. The players' performance in actual games determines the stats on these teams.

An example of a fantasy app's workflow is as follows:

The user selects a match of their choice after logging in and verifying their OTP.

In order to play the game, a team must be formed in accordance with the rules. The user must select 11 players for cricket, for instance. The user can choose a team in a variety of ways. There are three most frequently used approaches - Serpentine, Auction based, and Offline drafting.

Captain: Each user selects a captain for his or her team.

Team Division: Users from multiple teams according to the game's rules. Virtual players are also allowed to join any team they choose.

Team Management: The team created by the user can be modified at any time during the game.

Reward Distribution: Performance-based points are awarded to players. The winning team is determined by these points.

What more do you want to know?

Sports is the only activity in the world that is not differentiated by religion, caste, ethnicity, or linguistic background. In addition to playing Sports, people also enjoy them. Nowadays, technological advances have made it possible for you to enjoy the thrill of Sports just by sitting on the couch with your smartphone or tablet. You can also earn money through apps like DraftKings which are clones of Sports Betting s.

Fanatics from every age group participate in Sports Betting, such as those aged 18 to 66, and they play games of their choosing.

In the USA in 2019, Sports Betting had 45.9 million users. The number of fantasy gaming apps has soared since the pandemic, even though Sports Betting existed before. Some of the best Sports Betting apps of the decade include FamDuel, Draftkings, Yahoo Sports, and others where contestants form their own teams and compete to win prize money.

Additionally, brands find that these Sports Betting gaming apps are one of the most effective promotional and advertising tools. In order to create great brand awareness, any advertisement displayed while playing or watching games online must engage users so that whatever ad you display will be seen by the viewers or players. Gamification is the key to creating great brand awareness.

Is DraftKings a Sports Betting clone script by you?

The Sports Betting Software Development services offered by Orion Infosolutions are unmatched.

Fantasy Sports, including the teams formed with favorite players, have become popular among Sports fanatics since they were launched. Players can earn cash prizes when participating in the Sports Betting game through matching, tournaments, and contests. It's best & most cost-effective to develop a Sports Betting clone for your fantasy app.

From 2020 to 2024, Sports Betting will grow by $9.34 billion. Entrepreneurs around the world consider it as a great opportunity for generating revenue by creating a unique game idea. A global audience can be reached without language or cultural barriers. As well as promoting the third-party brand, a unique Sports Betting app concept can help a lot.

The following are some other benefits of creating Sports Betting :

  • Getting pre-built components will make this a cost-effective option.
  • Easily deployable.
  • Less effort is put into the coding.
  • Designed according to your specifications.
  • Benefits include a high return on investment and many others.
  • Having the best Sports Betting app with similar features and a unique design is the main benefit of this app.

Make A Sports Betting App Like Draftkings By Considering These Models

It takes the same logical and analytical skills on the ground as it does to play Sports Betting. In this game, players select the team that has the best results, such as winning real cash prizes. There was an initial launch of Sports Betting games for cricket only; later, multiple Sports were introduced, including football, rugby, baseball, hockey, and others. You can implement several ideas while developing Sports Bettings.

Mobile apps for Sports Betting are available, such as –

  • Contests every day and every week.
  • Contests involving games.
  • Games with a conceptual basis.
  • League-based games in multiple leagues.
  • Leagues take place every month.

Additionally, to take your fantasy game app to a new level, consider following the latest trend and giving users a unique experience.

Before moving on, let's take a look at these recent trends that you can consider while creating a Sports Betting application clone.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Maybe you don't know about it. However, most mobile app developers are focusing on implementing AI in mobile apps so that users can feel that their apps are customized. You can also integrate the same into your Sports Betting app with the help of Sports Betting app developers that will improve user experience, customer retention, and engagement.

2. AR-VR

The user will have a real-life experience with the augmented reality and virtual reality-based apps soon replacing existing apps. Using AR-VR apps, users can engage with the virtual world easily and enjoyably.

As a result, you can imagine how awesome it would be for them if they were able to play Sports Betting using AR-VR.

3. Blockchain Technology

Secure online payments are made possible with this technology. Online fraud and spoofing of documents, as well as fake transactions, are virtually eliminated. Besides making payments faster and safer, it also helps receivers and senders process ongoing payments faster. The users would love it if it were included in your Sports Betting app.

4. Social Media Integration

It is impossible for a Sports Betting app clone script to remain untouched by the power of social media nowadays. Trends are in high demand as tools for brand awareness, marketing and promotions, customer relationships, and ROI. The best way to do this is to include it in your Sports Betting app proposal.

Besides the trends and types of Sports Betting mobile applications you need to know about, the following are some other Sports applications you should know about:

  • Fantasy rugby mobile apps
  • Fantasy soccer mobile apps
  • Fantasy cricket mobile apps
  • Fantasy football apps
  • Fantasy basketball mobile apps
  • Baseball Fantasy Sports mobile apps
  • Fantasy mobile apps for golf and other Sports.

What Must Be In A Fantasy Clone Script?

Fantasies Sports apps features

There are two important components of fantasy clone script: the user panel and the admin panel. It contains the features for users and an app admin that you would like to read as follows -

#1. User Panel

In the app, users will be able to find all the useful features that are available to them while they are playing Sports Betting.


Your app should allow users to sign up smoothly, just like FanDuel does. It is possible to register with an e-mail address, a Gmail / Yahoo login, a phone number, or by using social media.

Contests related to search

Users can search for contests by using the powerful search feature.


On this page, users can see how many matches they have won and lost in the contests they have participated in.


You can view here the details of how much money you've won in the game. Users can withdraw their winnings straight to their bank accounts.

Earn by inviting others

In turn, they can earn credit points for inviting their family and friends to play with them. New users will also benefit from this promotion.


In order to participate in contests or subscribe, users are able to pay using net banking, debit cards, or credit cards.

Organize the team

With this feature, users will be able to create their own teams by selecting their favorite players based on their performance during the game.

You can create a contest

You can participate in the contests; you can also create your own contest and invite others to participate in it.


Editing profiles is simple, including adding, removing, or changing a user's profile picture, e-mail address, and bio.

#2. Admin Panel

Featured app administrator fantasy

The admin control panel will work the same way. They can control the entire app activity through various features.

Administration of users

Fantasy clone scripts offer an administrator the ability to control the overall app as well as the users' activities.

Managing contests

Contests can be managed easily by the admin. These features allow them to ensure that every match going on will be listed on the app so that the users can enjoy it.

Payroll Management

When referring the app to others or playing the contests, an admin is able to keep track of the payment activities such as prizes or credits earned by users.

Managing contest fees

A contest fee can be adjusted based on the match type, players, and team so that an administrator can change it on a need-to-know basis.

Points Management

An administrator can track how many reward points users have earned. The administrator can also see how many users have claimed reward points.

Dashboard for admins

An admin can manage all activities related to their account via the Dashboard, which is the most powerful feature. A user, team, player, and contest can be added or removed based on their needs.

Even though these features are mandatory, you would be better off if you included some advanced features to make your Sports Betting script unique. Following is a list of advanced features you should familiarize yourself with before you start applying them.

An App for Met linguistics

A Sports Betting development company with experience in developing new-gen apps can help you incorporate multilingual features into your Sports app. Multilingual features can help you reach an international audience.

Pay with a mobile wallet

The app can have multiple payment options, but the mobile wallet is a very convenient and secure option when it comes to making payments. It can be recharged with a specific amount and can be used for payments. They will be able to use their bank account safely.

In-App Chat

Users can use this feature to chat with others about the match or the predictions. Additionally, the support staff can be contacted using this feature in case of any issues. In apps such as FanDuel or DraftKings, this feature helps users communicate.

Live Streaming of Matches

Users demand this feature the most. Allowing users to watch live matches on your app will increase their enjoyment and make it easier for them to enter Sports Betting contests.

Sports Quiz

The feature of the Sports quiz can be created, and you can then award prizes, such as cashback or gifts. New users will also be attracted to your app, such as FanDuel.

Sports News Updates

You can use this feature to reduce the bounce rate and keep users engaged in the app.

What is Sports Betting Clone Script Development?

DraftKings-like apps

You need to follow some steps if you are creating a Sports Betting app. The following steps can serve as an excellent guide, but some runtime changes can occur.

Defining Your Idea

Your first step should be to decide whether to offer one sport or several Sports through your app. When that decision has been made, the next step can be taken. This is, however, only the first step of many, and it is the most important because the future of your Sports Betting depends on it.

Choosing The Features

If you want to make your app more unique, it is better to shortlist the features based on your research rather than including all the mandatory features.


It is your choice whether your app will be launched for iOS or Android users. However, from a platform perspective, you need to choose which to focus on first. If you look at the worldwide statistics, Android users are more prevalent; however, if you are only interested in the USA market, you should consider launching an iPhone Sports Betting app.

Hire a Sports Betting Application Development Company

Having completed all the above steps, you're now ready to hire the Sports Betting app developers. It's important here to find a company that is experienced, has served a variety of clients and has produced fine applications that conform to international standards.


To ensure that an application is free of flaws and bugs, it must be rigorously tested. Users will benefit from this. Also, applications must be tested across a variety of devices for optimal performance.

Launch and submission of an app

You can now upload your app to the app store after all the steps are completed. In the case of Sports Betting apps for Android, they will go on the Google Play store. In the case of Sports Betting apps for iPhone, they will go on the Apple App Store.

DraftKings' Tech Stack Requirement

Tech stack for Sports Betting Development App

For app development, the tech stack is essential. Sports Betting apps are no exception. The right tech stack makes sure that the app runs as smoothly as possible. Likewise, you should seek the advice of experts in Sports Betting script development.

The following details describe the technology stack –

Kotlin, Java, Node.js, ROR, Laravel are supported for Android versions.

Swift, Objective C, C#, fabric iOS are supported for iOS Versions.

Goal Serve, Cricket API, Sportsmonks, RapidAPI.com, EntityMonks are all Sports APIs.

There are several databases available, including MongoDB, MySQL, HBase, Redis, Cassandra, and Postgres.

The front end uses JQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, CSS, HTML5, and Bootstrap.

The back-end is built with Node.js and PHP.

The cloud environment includes Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Azure, Salesforce, and Cloud Foundry.

Using IBM, BigData, Hadoop, Spark for real-time analytics.

Several push notification services are available, including Push.IO, Amazon SNS, and Urban Airship.

Above you will find an outline of the tech stack required to create a Sports Betting application. A mobile app development company can provide you with some additional details.

The Cost of Developing Apps Like DraftKings

A Sports Betting can cost you up to approximately, depending on certain factors. A basic version can be developed for approximately $2,000. Between US $20,000 and US $30,000. If advanced features are added, the cost may increase. Additionally, you have the option of hiring Sports Betting app developers on a project basis or on an hourly basis depending on your choice. You will pay the developers between $25 and $50 an hour if you hire them hourly.

Final Thoughts!

It is a really great thing to have a Sports Betting clone script if you are interested in launching an app for business. In addition to the numerous Sports Betting applications currently available, you can also develop your own app that can provide the best Sports Betting experience to the users.

If you are creating a clone app, you can look at several popular apps, including FanDuel, DraftKings, and Dream11. However, you need to consider UI/UX, enumerating all the games in which your app is based, and others. It is advisable to hire a Sports Betting Software Development Company like Orion Infosolutions to develop the best DraftKings clone script because they have a thorough understanding of what it takes to develop a fine Sports app like DraftKings.