Ludo Game Development Cost & Features [ Update 2024 ]

Ludo Game Development Cost & Features [ Update 2024 ]
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Have you ever dreamed of creating your own Ludo game app, just like the wildly popular Ludo King? If you have, then you're about to embark on an exciting journey. In this blog post, we're diving deep into the world of app development to answer the burning question: How much does it cost to develop an app like Ludo King? 

So, whether you're a budding app developer, a curious gamer, or simply someone who loves Ludo King, you're in the right place. We're going to tell you the Ludo game development costs and explore the entire process of developing one. Plus, we'll shed light on the key factors that influence these costs. 

So, are you ready to discover the Ludo King's app development costs? Keep reading…

Ludo King: A Game Changing Platform

Ludo King has taken the gaming world by storm, captivating millions of players worldwide with its unique gameplay. Its blend of traditional rules, captivating features, and cross-device compatibility has made it an irresistible choice for gamers of all ages. Whether you're on a tablet, smartphone, or desktop, Ludo King delivers a delightful gaming experience. And let's not forget its offline multiplayer mode, perfect for casual gaming sessions with friends and family. 

Since its inception on 20 February 2016, Ludo King has consistently ranked among the top free-time games, head-to-head with classics like Rummy, Teen Patti, and Poker. 

Back in 2020, this gaming sensation was valued at a staggering $285 million, and since then, the numbers have only been climbing higher every year. It's no surprise that it quickly earned a stellar rating of 4.5 shortly after its release. Ludo King's modern take on the traditional Ludo game has propelled it to the heights of multiplayer gaming. Its intuitive user interface and engaging user experience have made it the one and only favorite online Ludo game among players, especially for those looking to enjoy some quality time with their loved ones. 

Ludo King World Revenue and Downloads?

It claims that its app Ludo King has clocked $20 million in revenue in 2020 with millions of downloads and users around the world.

The app is owned and operated by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. Due to its 500 million downloads worldwide in December 2020, Ludo King became the first gaming application in India to reach that milestone. According to Vikash Jaiswal (founder of Gametion Technologies), the app has witnessed four times the revenue growth in 2020, especially when users become interested in mobile gaming during the lockdown.

Many business owners have shed tears since the lockdown began, but Ludo King proved to be an exception, not only surviving but also gaining in popularity as people increasingly turned towards online mobile gaming during the pandemic. With the company’s new features, the founder claimed they were targeting a 5X growth in revenue this year, hoping to reach $100 million.

As opposed to Australia and Singapore, Jaiswal said in India, an average user spends minuscule amounts on in-app purchases, which needs to grow. The company has focused on opening up new revenue streams, such as casual gaming tournaments (physical and digital). While advertising is the company’s biggest source of revenue, it is trying to find new sources.

Gametion Technologies offers other games Carrot and Sudoku King. It also offered Ludo King, a game that contributes to over 70% of total revenue from advertising. Its flagship property remains Ludo King. From 110 million users a month on average to 142 million users a month during the last nine months, and from 15 million daily active users to 32 million daily users during the same period. Furthermore, the game is available in 14 different languages and is played in 30 countries worldwide.

Approximately 310 million online gamers are forecast to participate in the Indian online gaming market by 2021, according to KPMG.

Ludo Game App Ludo King: Market Overview:

During the Covid-19 holiday, Ludo King achieved 500 million downloads, helping it exceed revenue of $20 million in 2020. This is the first time Ludo King has achieved this milestone. Ludo King generates 70% of its revenue through advertising and 30% from in-app purchases. By launching new features and introducing in-app purchases this year, the company plans to surpass $100 million in sales. Australian and Singapore users make in-app purchases four times more frequently than users in India, where they generally spend $3-4 each.

In the past, tech games like Ludo and Snakes & Ladders were regarded as cult entertainment which was immensely popular among families. But due to the fast-paced lifestyle, sitting down with your loved ones to play these games was not possible. The digital era has brought these games back with a bang in the form of mobile applications.

These games form an important part of people’s childhood memories; however, due to busy schedules, they are not generally played. In the past few years, technology has enabled us to locate a place where we can play games such as snakes & ladders and ludo without compromising our schedules.

Technological advances have made all of this possible. Through this engaging game, people can form bonds of love and belongingness with their families and friends, thus forming a deep sense of belonging together. During the period 2019-2023, the global board game market is expected to grow by $5.17 billion, according to a report published by Techno.

Ludo King Game App: How to Play?

Users find Ludo King to be very interesting as it offers various modes. Four main options exist:

Computer Mode:

It is one of the simplest modes to play at ease because the PC is selected as the opponent.

Local Player Mode:

By using this mode, gamers can enjoy playing and enjoying this beautiful game with their family members and friends simultaneously.

Multiple Player Mode:

You can play the game online with friends in any part of the world through multiplayer mode.

Private Mode for Multiple Players:

A virtual private mode can be shared by friends and family of the user/gamer.

What is the Business Model of Ludo King?

Any business owner who invests time and money in building a gaming application first thinks about how it will generate income.

Following are a few ways an app like Ludo King could make money:

Fixed Percentage Model

An administrator will set a certain percentage over every game being played under this model and can make changes to it at a later stage depending on the choices made by the participants. Thus, the money invested will yield an outcome.

Ads Management Model

Advertisements are a prominent method of generating income. By constantly promoting the brand on third-party sites and platforms, the administrator needs to ensure it earns an adequate amount of revenue.

Earn and Refer Model

There is a good chance that more users will get attracted to the game if the administrator keeps a feature in which you can refer the game to other users. Execution of the marketing plan depends on the choice of marketing model made by the administrator. Furthermore, this activity can be monitored depending on users’ management and server traffic.

In-App Purchases Model

A highly profitable strategy to make money through gaming applications. A gamer can purchase points or credits to enhance their profile. Also, the administrator can integrate e-commerce options within the application to encourage more in-app purchases.

Lucrative Features of the Ludo Game App

As mentioned earlier, the reason behind the Ludo King's success was its lucrative features and gameplay that made it one of a kind. As many gaming enthusiasts believe, features are the most important component of any digital solution that makes it unique from others and gives cutting-edge competitiveness in the market. With that said, in all these years Ludo King has introduced many unique features and changed the game but the fun level is continuously rising. So if you want to develop an app like Ludo King you need to offer similar unique features to your target users. Here, let’s explore some of the top on-demand features of the Ludo game that you should choose for your Ludo game development.

Voice Chat

The live chat feature allows players around the world to interact and connect with each other in real-time. This allows players to chat with their opponents within the same match. Players can use and send text, funny stickers and emojis to provoke their opponents, providing a more competitive form factor and immersive multiplayer experience. 

6 Player Ludo 

4 players Ludo is fun but 6 player modes is amazing. This feature allows 5 to 6 players to join the Ludo game by expanding the participation limit in the multiplayer mode. 

Quick Ludo Mode 

This is a fast-paced version of a traditional classic game. With quick Ludo mode, players can enjoy a faster game that typically lasts between 5 to 10 minutes, as opposed to the longer duration of traditional Ludo matches, which can take 15 to 40 minutes. The Quick Ludo mode offers a swift and exciting Ludo game experience, catering to players who prefer shorter gameplay sessions while retaining the fun and essence of the traditional Ludo game. 


The Tournaments allow players to participate in competitive gaming events, adding an element of excitement and challenges to the gameplay. Players can compete against each other to showcase their skills and achieve victory in these organized gaming events, contributing to the overall appeal and competitiveness of the Ludo game app. 

New Exciting Themes

This feature of the Ludo game app offers a variety of exciting in-game themes such as the Alien theme, Battle theme, Pirate theme, Nature theme, and Egypt theme. These themes can enhance the overall gaming experience of the players. 

2 Vs. 2 Ludo Matches 

The 2 vs. 2 Ludo match feature allows players to team up with their friends. This feature enables two teams, each consisting of two players, to compete against each other in a Ludo match. It adds a social and interactive element to the game, allowing players to strategize and work together with their partners to win the game. 

Private Multiplayer Mode 

The private multiplayer mode enables users to play with their friends in private rooms. Here, players have the flexibility to choose the other players they want to play with. This creates a personalized and private gaming experience. This mode enables users to invite specific friends to join the game, fostering a sense of community and social interaction within the gaming platform.

Simple Rules and Expressive Features

The Ludo game you develop should follow traditional rules and offer expressive features such as emojis and private chat, enhancing the overall gaming experience. All these make your app more unique and engaging.

What are the factors that Come Into Play While Creating a Ludo King Clone App?

To build a good quality game, different factors such as design, user interface, user experience, number of platforms, and testing are very important. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most important factors you need to consider during the Ludo game app development.

Design of the Ludo Game App

A great gaming experience is at the heart of gaming. Unless and until the application design, interface, theme, and concept of the game engage its users, it will not be a success. It is easy to use, for instance, the Ludo King App. Similarly, when it comes to user interaction,  the graphics are engaging and well handled. Moreover, it offers its users amazing sound effects and impressive visual effects to make the game seem that much more immersive. As much time, money, and effort goes into designing a face, it is most important to capture the attention of users. For any company to meet these requirements, it is essential to hire skilled and experienced developers.

Platforms available

Gaming applications vary in terms of the specifications and features they integrate. Android, iOS, and Windows are the three most popular platforms. In addition, depending on the stage selected, the game application’s creation cost would vary. There is not much opportunity to test the application across multiple platforms unless you have multiple devices to test it over.

The size of the application

The quality and appeal of the game are enhanced by increasing the scale. Your mobile gaming application may require additional features, features, and capabilities depending on the size of your application. The theme, players, graphics, and other similar elements) could cost you more than what’s normal.

Admin Features for Ludo Game

  • Authentication of admins
  • An overview of sales and marketing parameters. Manage players
  • A leader board by location, nationality, and country Tournament management
  • Participant fees Payment management
  • User monetary reward management Version management
  • Chat management Alert management
  • Resource Management (CMS)

Do Ludo Apps Cost a Lot?

Developing a Ludo app is very hard to estimate since it cannot be known until you have finalized your developer and explained your requirements thoroughly. The requirements and time invested in the development stage must be compared with the costs to be assessed before they are determined.

As the number of features available in the Ludo game development cost will increase directly based on the skills and experience of the developers and designers you hire. It would be cheaper to develop the app if it has a straightforward design and vice versa.

Development Costs of Ludo apps

Applications of varying sizes (small, medium, or large, depending on features) Interface level (MVP, Basic, or Polished)

  • Account registration options (e.g. Facebook and email)
  • Interactive platforms (messaging, chat, forums, commenting, sharing, referring)
  • Administration pages for users
  • Communication Analyses of usage Integrating CMS
  • Monitoring of performance Several languages supported

Conclusion: Cost of Developing a Ludo Clone App Like Ludo King

The cost to develop an app like Ludo King ranges from $3,000 to $10,000 in India for a single platform with basic features and functionalities. It is also crucial to know that these costs can differ in other regions depending on the expertise and experience level of the company or developers. 

However, the development of a clone app like Ludo King with advanced features will cost you $10,000-$15,000. 

To get the exact cost of Ludo game development, you must be clear about your vision related to the project that you want to develop. Elaborating on the requirements and opting for the right technologies and resources can be the key to reducing the cost of app development.

When you determine Ludo app development cost, don’t forget to take a look at the development partner as well. The project will cost more if you choose a Ludo game development company with an extensive history of delivering high-quality gaming solutions.

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