How to Develop an Medicine Delivery App like 1Mg

How to Develop an Medicine Delivery App like 1Mg
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If you want to start your own company or enter the healthcare business, then you should sell medicines online. Technology continues to advance day by day, and it has become easier for people to order anything online from the comfort of their own homes. It is also possible to sell drugs online now thanks to technology and on-demand app development.

Be sure to obtain all required licenses before you begin selling. A hospital will have a long queue before you can meet a doctor, so you will have to wait for several hours before you can see a doctor. At times, especially if you are sick, it can get tiring and exhausting for you.

Nowadays, you can order medicines online and they will be delivered to your doorstep by means of many healthcare apps. Therefore, most physicians sell their drugs online by creating an app or website. Likewise, if you want to start your own medicine delivery app development company, hire the best and most skilled app developers you can find.

Need of On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Apps and websites are becoming increasingly popular among doctors to sell medicines. It is convenient to consult a doctor online and to order medicines online so that they are delivered to their doorstep. A medical supply app can also provide reminders foat can help patients take prescription and dosage medication.

The delivery of medicines via an app like 1mg also records patient information onto a database, which improves the user experience and allows users to customize their memories.

Apps that provide on-demand delivery of medicine

  • Users' Benefits
    • Rite-Aid and 1mg online medicine apps save users time and effort since they don't have to visit multiple pharmacies to obtain specific medications.
    • These apps allow users to use cashback and discounts when ordering medicines. As part of receiving the medical delivery app, companies must develop a solution for integrating this feature.
    • Users should be able to check if the medicine they want is available. When it becomes available, you will also be notified by push notification in your application.
    • The majority of online medicine apps offer doctors the option of consulting. These apps often have video conferencing capabilities, which makes things easier.
  • Pharmacists' Benefits
    • Pharmacy applications are preferred by many pharmacists due to their ability to increase sales.
    • Pharmacies can now reach a wider audience through these online medicinal applications. In addition to reaching more people, they can also increase sales.
    • These apps also benefit Pharmacists because they can update their stock levels without having to manually update them. Another advantage is that users can upload and order their monthly requirements via these apps. Using a professional mobile development company can also help you add advanced features to your pharmacy app.
    • Using various discounts and deals, pharmaceutical professionals can attract customers.

Popularity and Business Model of 1mg-like applications

In the last two years, pharmacy apps have gained popularity. People were already using them before the pandemic. With the 1mg pharmacy app, you can order medicines from the safety and comfort of your own home. In the period 2020-2027, the Indian e-pharmacy market is expected to grow by 12.5%. As a result, online medical stores are in high demand.

Before building an app for pharmacies, consider these business models

It is important to select the right business model when building a pharmacy mobile app.

1. Inventory Model –

Apps based on inventory, such as 1mg, are common in pharmacies. The firm keeps an inventory of medicines according to an inventory-based model. The companies typically store the stocks near where they serve and deliver them to the customers once the order has been received.

2. Medicine Delivery App for Aggregator

Rather than maintain an inventory, the app owners partner with local drug stores across the country. Upon placing an order, the e-pharmacy searches for the availability of the product in the nearest drugstore to the customer and directs the order to the same. The chain is completed by the local chemist delivering the medicines to the user manually.

A Pharmacy App: How Does It Work?

A basic understanding of the app's functions is necessary before developing it. Do you know how pharmacy apps work? Each one has some important features. Here are some of them.

1. Registration 

A user is asked to enter basic information like their name, address, contact info, and drugs they consume daily into an app. Websites use this information to make the user experience better.

2. Upload Prescription 

In addition to registering, the user needs to upload their prescription for the medicine they are requiring. The pharmacy verifies the prescription to determine if it is available. Once the user's information has been verified, they can select the medications they want and order them. Prescriptions are not required for all medication orders. The ordering process is simple.

3. Delivery 

The delivery process begins after the order is placed. The medicines can be delivered to the user's location based on your business model. The Delivery feature includes putting multiple addresses and detecting the location automatically.

4. Payment 

Online pharmacy apps offer a variety of payment methods to their users. Each payment method is available to make the process easier. The most popular methods include applying for credit and debit cards, using wallet accounts, and utilizing cash on delivery.

A pharmacy mobile app should have the following features:

User Panel

Creating a user profile -This allows the app to gather basic information about users, store data, and enable users to log in securely. Authentication can be accomplished by using an email ID, a mobile number, or other verified identity resources.

  • Using a quick search option – Quick search allows users to find required medicine quickly. Algorithms that use machine learning enable users to find medicine more quickly.
  • Medicine Details – Every detail about the prescribed drug should be available to users. For example, prices, compositions, and the name of the manufacturer should all be available. The user's curiosity is satisfied when you provide more details.
  • Alternatives – If a medication is out of stock, the app should provide alternative suggestions. The user should still check with their doctor before taking any new medications.
  • Comparing products – Comparing different medicines should allow users to choose the best replacement.
  • Prescription Upload – Rather than typing every medicine name, users can upload the prescription directly.
  • Payment through apps – In-app payments are becoming increasingly common. Customers and delivery people have less contact as a result.
  • Tracking an order – Today, GPS is able to provide users with real-time information about the location of products.
  • Notification pop-ups and SMS – Notifications make it easy to keep the user informed about new offers and discounts as well as about the availability of required medicines.
  • Feature of cancellation – When a product malfunctions, users should be able to return or cancel the order. If the payment has already been made, there should be a refund policy.
  • Reminder to take medicine – Many users find this feature useful. The system reminds users of their medication schedules.
  • Support for multiple platforms –Clone of 1mg online pharmacy should be versatile and be able to run on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and the web.
  • Review – Reviews and opinions of users help the website gain the trust of its users and improve the user experience. This can lead to more sales.

Admin Panel

  • Login –Admins should also be able to log in securely and change their password when necessary, just like users. Dashboards should also be able to manage users and show analytics.
  • Assistance to customers - An administration dashboard is available for customer support. Users can assign their teams to respond to customer requests.
  • Managing orders - Information about stock, storage capacity, and new orders can be found here. Businesses are able to stay informed about the medicines that have to be stocked up quickly as a result.
  • Managing suppliers - The list includes the names, addresses, contact numbers, and past orders of all the suppliers you have partnered with.
  • Pricing management - Based on market demand and supply trends, it allows administrators to provide discounts and offers to customers.
  • Alerts - Administrators should get notifications about orders, feedback, and inventory.
  • Manage complaints - Provides admins with easy access and management to all complaints made by users.

Medicinal Panel

  • Login – Pharmacists, retailers, and store staff can log in safely with this feature.
  • Check prescriptions - If a pharmacist checks the prescription uploaded by users, he or she will be able to make sure that they have all the medications. Additionally, other substitutes can be suggested.
  • Managing Orders -Orders, returns, and refunds can be managed through this feature. In addition, it allows the store to determine if the order was delivered.
  • Billing –Facilitates easy billing of each order.
  • Shipping and delivery – Facilitate fast delivery: A partnered courier service is then assigned to the order when it is ready to dispatch, and details such as courier name/delivery boy, tracking number, distance, and weight are updated.
  • For more information, contact us - The store can contact the admins through this method. Vendors must have access to a support system.

Delivery Panel 

  • Login – It is important to record information about the driver on the delivery panel, such as his name, contact information, and address.
  • Alerts – When a new order is due for delivery, the delivery person should be notified.
  • Tracking the route - Using this method, the driver will be able to get to the customer's address more easily.
  • Customer communication made quick - Facilitates communication with the customer.
  • Delivery status –Provides a method of indicating which orders have been delivered, delayed, and refused at delivery.
  • Feedback – Gives feedback to delivery workers after each order is delivered.

Medicine Delivery App Advanced Features

For the best online medicine app to be convenient for its users, it should also offer advanced features. Being unique, modern, and futuristic can help you stand out in a competitive market after the pandemic. The following are some features you can integrate into your online pharmacy app:

  • Consultations in-app -By booking an appointment with a doctor or connecting with an expert immediately, a good online pharmacy app can benefit its users. What do you think? Definitely. The feature helps the user to get medications without a prescription, as many medicines cannot be ordered without one.
  • Booking Lab Tests - Users can book tests and diagnostics through your app at a lower price. This feature is going to help you build the best medicine app.
  • Supports multiple languages - By utilizing this feature, your app will be universal. Make your app convenient for users around the world by adding features such as multi-currency and multi-weight unit converters.
  • Store search - Find local businesses near you - Occasionally, a customer might need to visit a drug store to purchase an urgent medicine or understand how to use a product. With this feature, they can locate nearby drug stores.--------
  • Customer service chatbots -Most apps and websites now provide chatbot support. Customers can communicate with customer service immediately. Chatbots with AI capabilities are much more advanced than in the past five years. Responding to the customer's sentiment with context and understanding is remarkable and engaging.

Create a 1Mg-like app: Steps to Follow

1. Study Other Apps –

Studying the features of the 1Mg app is the first step of building a similar app. Analyze its features. See what users have said about it. You will find out if something is missing from 1MG's offering. In order to make informed decisions, you need to be aware of what's available in the market. Defining the end-user and the expectations they have for the app is the first step. Plan your solution according to the needs of your users.

2. Develop a rough structure and layout

Start by making a rough layout of your application after making a thorough plan. Determine the type of business model you will use and the features you would like for your app. Discuss your plans with a team of technical experts and designers.

3. Build a Prototype 

A lot of companies release their prototype versions of apps to a small number of customers for testing purposes.  By doing so, they can get feedback and see how the app will be received after it launches. Getting this kind of feedback will save you time and money while improving the quality of your app.

4. Beautiful UI and Backend Design

In developing an app, making the interface user-friendly and appealing is important. Make your interface as user-friendly as possible by following the latest UX/UI trends. Development of the backend is as important as the front. Dedicated mobile app developers should be hired for this step.

5. Data Protection Regulations-

Apps for On-Demand medicine delivery must maintain data security. Its use of sensitive data, such as payment credentials, makes it subject to the privacy and data protection regulations of the region it is targeting.

6. Monetization

Most on-demand delivery apps generate income through monetization. Your application can display advertisements or charge users for premium services. Your app can also be monetized through in-app purchases and gamification.

7. Testing and maintenance

Ensure that your app is working properly by testing it. To fix bugs, frequent crashes, long loading times, and technical glitches, you should thoroughly test your product. In order to perform medicine delivery like 1 mg, you should also hire experts to maintain and continually update your applications.

Technology to Build the App

You should use advanced technologies like Python and Angular in order to build an app like 1mg. Microservices-based architecture and Python and Ruby on Rails were used to build 1Mg's services. In addition, you can hire an app developer to discuss the tech stack and use the same technology stack to build an exact replica of 1mg.

Cost of developing an app like 1MG

Next, you need to consider how much it will cost to develop 1mg, an app that delivers drugs on-demand. It depends on a number of factors, as it does with any other app. It will cost more if the app is complex or has many features. Factors affecting development costs include:

  • The platforms on which you plan to release the app.
  • The app's technology stack.
  • Development costs.
  • App features.
  • Designing an app cost more if it is complex.
  • The size and location of the development team will also influence the cost.

It costs approximately $20000 to develop an app for a single platform. A hybrid app that works on both platforms costs approximately $35000.


The trend of buying medicines online will only accelerate now that people have become accustomed to it. People are stepping into the business of online pharmacy due to the growing demand. To get the best pharmacy app, you need to have a mobile app that ranks among the top developers.

Alternatively, you can hire a medicine app development company that has already created an app like 1mg. You can get the perfect app developed quickly when you combine their experience with your requirements. There is a process to choosing a company that is trustworthy and authentic. You will be able to decide on a company more quickly if you check the company's brand presence and portfolio. Our company, Orion Infosolutions, has the most expert and top mobile app developers in the industry. A team of over 100 employees provides them with experience, creativity, and innovation under one roof. The company has developed hundreds of successful apps and is regarded as one of the best in India. They are rated 5/5 by most reputed review platforms for their custom mobile app development services.

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