Sports Betting API Provider in India

Sports Betting API Provider in India
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The craze of sports in our generation is on the next level, and sports betting is also rising. Betting is something that has become more popular over these years. Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports and placing bets on the outcome of a sports match or event. There are only two possibilities in betting, either you win or lose.

Knowledge of betting and luck is needed if you want to win and earn money by betting in sports. While sports betting games like cricket and football include people earning money, it also includes people who bet for entertainment.

Bookmakers are companies that provide sports betting services for a betting agency. Sports betting API provider offers many API integration services to our valuable customers. You can use the right Sports Betting API providers in India /USA to provide the platform to millions of people to bet.

What are Sports Betting APIs?

The API is the Application Programming Interface. Sports betting API service providers configure a connection or interface between two websites where one website collects data from another website. The website that offers the API makes flexibility for other sites on which the betting API is integrated. Once the application programming interface is implemented on one website, the executed website will access information about sports team events, including lineups, live scores, odds of winning, statistics, and more.

The Importance of Sports Betting API Developer

As I mentioned earlier, sports betting is remarkably popular among bettors and sports betting fans. The entrepreneurs and sports betting API developers have taken sports betting to the next level. It provided common sports betting platform to sports fans worldwide and ended the search for bookies to start their hobby. The concept of Sports Betting API continues to offer bets to service providers. Customers also benefit and make profits; hence they have a significant share in the market. 

The Best Sports Betting APIs That We Develop

Orion InfoSolutions is leading Betting API Provider Company in India with 8+ years of experience. 

Here is the list of our sports betting APIs that our experts develop at Orion InfoSolutions.

Live Casino API Provider

We have worked on various Live Casino APIs, including the most trending casino games like Poker, Rummy, Diamond Casino API, etc. Our Casino API developers have experience working on the latest technology that allows Indian Casino APIs to run smoothly without any problems.

We have the expertise to provide you with the most innovative Online Gambling API solution optimized enough to work on any device like Smartphone, PC, or Laptop. In addition, we also provide integration modules that allow the owner of the Casino API to add third-party implements for various purposes. The casino API cost depends on the type of platform you want to finalize for your casino game API, like Android, iOS, and cross-platform applications.

Fantasy Cricket API

In Fantasy Cricket API, Orion InfoSolutions is a leading business in the Cricket Live Line API industry. Our Fantasy Cricket API developments have interactive features such as player credit value, fantasy points, real-time performance statistics, payment gateways, and AI-based security protocols.

Our Fantasy Cricket API developments include Cricket Live Line API, Cricket Odds API, Cricket Fancy API, and Indian Fancy API. We have integrated all these products with advanced database management systems that efficiently optimize data without reducing the performance of the software.

Sportsbook API Development India

Orion InfoSolutions provides various sportsbook API solutions, such as MGM Sportsbook API, Fanduel Sportsbook API, and Barstool Sportsbook API. Our API development team works on specific modules capable of meeting the needs of both land-based and online betting service providers.

Our Sportsbook API software includes real-time global statistics, multi-currency payment gateways, highly secured databases, chat boxes, etc. Real-time communication, 100% project transparency, and on-time delivery are our professional standards that provide excellent UI, innovative graphics, and high business revenue for each final product. 

Tennis API Development

Being a proficient Tennis API provider, we have developed various Tennis API software; some are Tennis Live API, Tennis Odds API, Tennis Match Data API, Tennis Court API, and Tennis Live Data API.

These APIs have common features, such as a dashboard to manage feeds from multiple tennis clubs, custom bookings, player insights, tournament selection, performance statistics, and player ranking updates.

Cricket Betting API development 

Orion InfoSolutions is a Cricket Betting API provider with an extensive portfolio of Cricket Betting APIs like Python Sports Betting API, Cricket Betting API, Betting Exchange API, and Dynamic Odds API.

Our cricket betting APIs are developed using universal modules that support the integration of different betting tools and interfaces. Our Cricket Betting API products come with global betting statistics, real-time betting details, account history, player performance, secure transactions, etc.

The cost of Cricket API depends on many factors like developer experience, API features, technology stack, country of an API development company, etc.

Which are the Best Sports Betting API Providers in India?

The sports betting apps have different heat levels among all betting and sports fans. The number of sports betting API providers that have made their entry into the betting business globally has created a strong impact in the sports betting industry.

Betfair: The Betfair API provides the largest platform globally for online betting. Using the Betfair Exchange API, developers can build optimal betting integrations and interfaces to generate revenue for other Betfair customers to use with the sports exchange. The Betfair API hosts some of the features that make it top of the league, such as - finding markets, searching, viewing current bet details, placing bets with ease, view history or account details.

SharkScope- The best service provider with all information about poker tournament results. Through this, developers can add real money to the games without problems. They are likely to have data about players and their playtime. SharkScope API offers developers the ability to integrate the information into their developed apps. Developers can develop apps on SharkScope Tracks using the company's extensive APIs.

Betable: Betable is one of the leading Sports Betting API provider companies having gaming licenses by the United Kingdom and Alderney. With the help of Betable, developers can legally add real money to games without the hassle and costly procedures of obtaining a gambling license. With the help of the Betable API, developers can legally provide a platform to bid using real money on related applications. Therefore, it allows the developer to add various games to bid using this API.

Oddsmaker: Oddsmaker analyzes services using Odd Maker Engine with essential information, which keeps them updated with the market game. The developers get the facility to integrate the database with the individual application through this API. With the help of an oddsmaker, get JSON and XML betting feeds that show profitable pre-match and live play betting odds.

What Is the Cost of Sports Betting APIs?

While investing in Sports Betting API, one should not consider cost as the deciding factor, as the returns from Fantasy sports betting API are high. Owners not only generate revenue from customers when they lose a bid but also receive a commission when they win, and the ads displayed on these websites and apps become another source of income.

What are the Key features of Sports Betting API? 

  • Access to Insights data from sports betting APIs such as Betfair
  • Retrieve information from different markets in just one request.
  • The trading API can place bets, check bet status and monitor bets.
  • Uneven bets can be abandoned because the developer loses the network with the application's API.
  • Access to real-time constraints and standard weather information.
  • Rollups include the amount and time one can roll up.

How to Pay for Sports Betting API Service Provider Company?

While evaluating the project, the cost involved becomes the primary spot of concern and the convenience and flexibility of the secured mode of payment. Depending on the policies of different developers, there are several ways by which an enthusiast/entrepreneur can initiate the process of a sports betting platform, either by paying digitally or using fiat currencies.

How to Hire Sports Betting API Developers in India?

To provide a smooth and hassle-free platform for the users, it is important to acknowledge many aspects and factors before investing and hiring a company that says we are experts in API development. When hiring sports betting API developers from a company, checking their profile, work experience, recent projects, and developers' knowledge of tech skills should be the first thing to consider. 

Orion InfoSolutions is a one-stop software and IT solution that will provide you with the best Sports Betting API developers that perfectly integrate Sports Betting API with your apps and websites as you want.

How can a Sports Betting App Development company be beneficial for Betting API Integration?

The sports industry has many betting APIs that provide information about specific lineup formations, goal scorers winning gaming, and scratches.

However, it is important to choose the right API to integrate it into your Sports Betting API platform.

One must be cautious when choosing an API to develop your product, as choosing the wrong API may get less detailed information than required.

In general, finding an API that supports detailed matching data is top-notch for most platforms.

Many APIs cover more than one specific league in a particular sport.


Trending sports betting using digital technology increases the demand for sports betting APIs for experts or developers. Let the developer choose the right sports betting API that suits your business needs.

Orion InfoSolutions, the best sports API Provider company with the expertise to excel in the IT and software solutions industries with 8+ years of work experience, will help you start your sports betting app. Provide millions of people with the platform and generate high revenue with Sports Betting API.

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