How to Hire iOS and Android Apps Developers

How to Hire iOS and Android Apps Developers


Over the last 11 years, India has seen tremendous growth for mobile app developers. Android and iOS developers are in great demand. Most people use mobile apps for their daily routine because of all one business solution in one app. Nowadays, companies are hiring developers who use the latest technologies and services with applications that are user friendly and have sophisticated features. About 80% of mobile phones have Android OS, so Android users are more than iOS.

As android development is much easier and Mobile App Development Company is hiring developers who are proficient in their work and deliver apps that are more flexible and easy to access.

Hiring Android and iOS app developers saves up to 40% of the development cost. Finding the best mobile app developer is the most challenging task, as the developer needs to have complete knowledge and proficiency in their work. Before hiring, you first need to identify top mobile app developers. While freelance app developers may be good, it would be best to find a trustworthy mobile app development company from where you can hire top mobile app developers for iOS and Android.

The competition is so intense, and many mobile app developers in India are out there waiting. But not all app idea works out effectively. So to avoid the drawbacks of the app, the best solution is to hire a mobile app developer who is experienced, talented and proficient.

Hire Mobile App Developer For Mobile Apps

To build an effective mobile application, businesses need to hire app developers for iOS and Android App Development. Orion Infosolutions is an evolving Mobile App Development Company in India with experience in creating high-performance applications for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, ensuring quality services. We have accumulated talented, experienced, and skilled developers who provide feature-rich and functional mobile applications.

Our main objective is to fulfil clients' needs and requirements by offering them a quality product. The company has the right expert developers that help you build enterprise-level mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. It also supports hybrid apps that can run on all devices.

When you hire a mobile application developer from Orion Infosolutions, you will get complete control over dedicated developers and regular project updates at an affordable cost. Here are the services provided for hiring Mobile App Developer:

Infrastructural Facilities

Providing the developers with excellent infrastructure, including hardware, software, and a better working environment. Working in a decent environment will lead to more motivation and improve the creativity levels of the professionals. Offering the lasted tools and facilities for Android and iOS app development procedures will lead to more profit. Clients can manage the applications by communicating directly with the team.

Secure and Affordable Development

All the procedures in app development are kept in secure and managed form as app development is easy but maintaining the code is not that easy. So offering our clients secure development is the main motive. And also provides services at affordable prices and quality product delivery with a safe development process.

Experienced Developers

The app development is done by highly proficient developers who are skilled in their work. The apps are flexible and according to clients' needs and requirements as experienced developers use the latest technologies and equipment for delivering high-quality products. Android and iOS use different technologies but provide services on time with a quick development process.

Quality Product

During the app development process, full transparency to clients as they can take active participation in the process. Through communication technologies, clients can connect with the developers and get all the latest updates. The transparency between customer and developer avoids conflicts and maintains a good relationship. Providing them with quality products will lead to high ROI.


Orion InfoSolutions also offers different hiring models, which you can choose as per your specific requirements. Apart from top mobile app developers and excellent hiring models, one remarkable thing about the choices of our company is the saving of up to 50% on mobile application development costs. We emphasize more on quality and after-sale services.