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Ionic app is a complete open source SDK for hybrid mobile app development. Ionic tool provide tools for developing hybrid mobile apps and services .apps can be built with web technologies like CSS, Sass etc. Ionic provides all functionality which can be found in native mobile development .Users can build their apps, customize them for Android or iOS, and deploy through Cordova. Ionic include mobile component, collection repeat , allow users to scroll through a list for thousands of items  without any performance hits IT creates a scrollable contain with  which users can  interact using a  native delegate system. Ionic is focus on building for modern web standard and for modern mobile devices. Mobile Application Development Company provides development for Ionic apps which are beneficial for the enterprise and support user friendly services. For android, ionic support android 4.1 and up. Ionic supports Universal Windows platform for building window 10 apps.

Ionic app

Ionicwas created by Drifty Co in 2013. Drifty decided to build their own product which included and Jet strap, which are drag and drop interface building tools. Taking feedback from customers who tried to build mobile apps, the team decided to build their own app based on modern web standard. Ionic developer created over 1.3 apps with the SDK.

Performance of Ionic Apps

As compared to hybrid applications Ionic code with native mobile app code allows for higher performance of the products it also allow ionic to rely on native acceleration. Ionic also leverage CSS transitions and also transform for animation as a functionality to leverage the GPU and maximize available processer time. Ionic provides all the function which can be found in Ionic Mobile Development SDK. Users can build their app customize them for Android or iOS, and deploy them for Cordova. App performance is based on speed and how proficiently it provides the results. Ionic app include component through collection repeat, allow users to scroll through a list of thousands of items without any performance hits.

Ionic app

Advantage of Ionic Framework

Technology in today world transformed human life beyond the limitations. People do most of the difficult work easily with advance technology tools like app, devices and technical things. Technology is on top of the imagination of normal human life and its work. Most of the important work and tasks are done by the application called as “app”. For app creation, a developer uses many tools, framework, graphics and many other things. In frameworks, Iconic framework is one of the best example for app creation. Here are some advantage of ionic framework for make app development that are beneficial such as:

  • Ionic framework is best Platform-independent framework for app creation for app developer. It is great framework to optimize mobile apps and specific platform to optimized HTML, JS and CSS components and helpful for code rewriting.
  • Ionic framework has attractive and striking User Interface (UI) with many default components of CSS and Java Script and basic or essential things to create a perfect app.
  • For making an app with compatibility of working on mobile device, Ionic framework is beneficial and best framework with feasible cross mobile app development feature.
  • Ionic framework is built on angularJS framework. It has great features to develop a mobile application with perfection and easy efforts.


Ionic framework is leading HTML5 mobile advancement framework as per present recommendations by app developers. Ionic framework is the good option and helpful framework for developing a better application in present time. Ionic App Development Company offers the tools which are suitable and collaborative. Apps are created in web technologies with additional functionalities, Ionic app development are increasing rapidly. In the near future it will be having huge demand for leading development as it provides unique framework and attractive user interface.

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