Mobile App Development Process

Mobile App Development Process


Today developing applications is the top and snick function for every mobile app development company in India. Not only developing applications but providing effective services with that is also concerning.

In the Google Play Store millions of dozens of different applications have places. Some of them are mobile games, others are social media apps, and many of them are E-commerce apps.

But do you even amazing…How do they deploy?

Surely not!

In this blog, I will brief you about some agile methodology processes follow to develop an application from its initial idea to the development of the application.

Before I will outline the strategy, design, and development, below you will find why the development process is considered important for enterprises and developers.


Attention on Objective

Before developing a blueprint for the application development process, start planning clearly lying down to achieve organization objectives. Giving more attention to management helps you to get achieve objectives clearly and definitely.

Better Utilization of Skills and Knowledge

It helps developers to sinfully utilize their knowledge and acquired skills in a practical manner. Practical is more strappy than conceptual.

When after planning and its implementation is waiting, developers have strong radix to increase their resources in operations. This helps to design, develop and carry further processes effectively.

Better Co-ordination

Better coordination is the best thing to accomplish targets in an effective time with mutual gain. While developing an application in a group with their senior manager get help them to work mutually and solve if problems arise.

The duplication in efforts and misuse is avoided which ultimately leads to better results.

Helps in Innovation and Creativity

Developing applications using their respective resources helps them in innovation things and task more creatively.

We can say that developing an application in the experimental house helps developers to get innovative things developed in reality.

Isn’t it amazing…

Above mentioned imparted importance helps developers to boost their morale and emphasis on work properly. Building any mobile application follows a strictly and systematically agile development process. At Orion InfoSolutions is one of the agile Mobile App Development Companies in Jaipur, we have built over 750+ mobile and web applications. In this article, I will outline the major strategy, design, and development process.

Our 10 Agile Application Deployment Process

At Orion infosolutions is a talented pool of mobile app developers differentiated by skills, knowledge, and endurance in building apps for all major platforms – Android, IOS, and Hybrid.

We follow the agile methodology process to develop an application for any platform.

Our 10 Agile Methodology Deployment Process: –

1. Analysis

As common as it sounds, all great apps begin with ideas or analyses. Think clearly and extensively to get strategic and competitive ideas to design applications in that way.

This is an important and prior stage where it takes a lot of time to find answers like – what to make, why to make, what to add, what it should target?

2. Brainstorming

After putting ideas for application structure next step is to brainstorm your application idea with your consultancy manager which helps in guiding and designing the architecture for application effectively.

Brainstorming with team members also increases to affix any service in your application.

After setting up ideas and framing strategies with your teammate’s next job comes to do is that getting how much time to develop an application that it will be carried out further process?

3. Turnaround time

Develop your necessary adjustment like functioning, programming, reviewing, etc in the meantime so that it can’t harm the further process.

4. Documentation

After doing all this stuff!

The Upcoming job is to prepare your framework or documentation in a written format which makes the job of the developer easy and concise.

Writing down all necessary points in your documents allows developers to develop applications more sinfully and according to the demands of customers.

 5. Prototype

Initially, developers design the structured application in order to test their prototype effectively. It helps developers to design further applications efficiently and in meantime too.

It also gives a glimpse of the application how it will make in the future snapshot.

6. Development

It is the initial or prior stage of the development process where actual programming, coding, and functions take place within the application.

It is not an easy task to say, it takes effort and hard work with proper skills and knowledge.

 7. Deployment

Before launching it to the market, it is important for every mobile app development company to deploy or test their application.

It helps them to trap any execution errors or issues with the flexibility of the application.

After a successful deployment process, the application is ready to rock in the market.

8. Marketing

After doing all stages of the development process, segmentation, targeting, and positioning are the next series of processes to get to know your application to the customers.

This process is not subsequently part of developers; it is the department of SEO and Marketing.

9. Support

It is important to hold the 24*7 customer care support system for your seeking customers. It helps customers and your company to find the right issues and solve them in an effective manner.

It also helps your company to attain goodwill in the market. Better customer service is the lifelong run of the company.

If you want to get your application developed in a fruitful and systematic manner without sacrificing any loss in the application!

Go nowhere…Contact Orion InfoSolutions is one of the best Mobile App Development Companies in India which provides sinful mobile application solutions with their dedicated team of app developers to the customers.



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