MobileWash App Development Cost & Features

MobileWash App Development Cost & Features
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Humans' daily lives have been transformed by mobile phones. Almost all the changes came from a middle-class life, which positively raises the standard of living. On a mobile device, you can access any service with a few taps. Due to their proximity to all services, smartphones have eliminated the need to stand in line.  It is almost impossible to find a service that doesn't have a mobile app, and all you need to do is download it with very little information.

Car washing has also been one of the most tedious and lazy chores ever. Due to the app, people no longer have to wait in long lines to get the service. Customers can make an appointment at the dealer service center and complete their paperwork there. Car wash services can be booked whenever is convenient for you.

Maintaining your car is easiest with the car wash app. There are no limits to what an app can do. Making it easy for people to access services makes their lives easier and more beautiful at the same time. The rest of your time can also be spent creatively.

It's a great revenue model whether you're designing an iOS app for your car wash or an Android app for your business. A simple service can generate revenue as long as it simplifies life and makes it less complicated. It makes it easy for you to maintain your car without having to be involved in the process.

What are the reasons for having a Car Wash App?

Car wash apps are among the most popular applications today. In general, people have been waiting for the app that allows them to order the car wash services and not have to visit their dealers' centers on a regular basis. In recent years, such apps have become increasingly popular due to their functionality and detailed services, such apps. An online car wash booking system is preferred by around 60% of the population, according to the report.

Increasing app usage has created new opportunities for investors and startups to capitalize. Apps that allow people to wash their cars on demand are the right investment, as on-demand trends aren't going away anytime soon since people are accustomed to these services. Check out some interesting stats here:

⦁ 92% of people use apps on their mobile devices, which is great news for the car wash industry.

It is estimated that the US car service market was worth 33.0 billion dollars in 2018; for the next five years, it will grow at a rate of 3.2%.

⦁ By the year 2025, the market is expected to reach $41 billion with a compound growth rate of 3.2%.

For managing everything, on-demand app development services are highly in demand. It is possible to buy items online, book air tickets, and receive medical care right from your home. Car wash apps can be a great income generator for people in the automobile industry.

Various types of car wash apps are available.

Two different kinds of car wash apps are described below, from which you can choose for app development. Which one you choose depends on the needs of your business and the target audience.

1. Dedicated Apps

The owners of service centers should consider dedicated car apps. With the help of a mobile app development company, you can get an app that is similar to Wype, Spiffy, and Washos.. In addition to large players who assure the market trend, there are numerous car wash app developers. A number of benefits have prompted almost every industry to find a solution:

Overall, the return on investment is too high for the app.

There is a high retention rate, which means there is a high level of user engagement.

Brand loyalty and up-to-date offers are two ways to build customer loyalty.

⦁ You can categorize the services and create different packages based on their categories.

Due to the various categories to choose from, user engagement has been greatly enhanced over time. In one go, an app owner can reach out to many clients by setting up and uploading all the service information onto the custom app. A dedicated app is common across all industries. You should hire mobile app developers from a reputable company if you're looking for an on-demand dedicated car app.

2. Aggregator Apps

Apps such as these are attractive to business owners who wish to invest in the product and earn some revenue. A car wash Android app development project could provide a good platform for distributed local car wash services. Users can choose a car wash based on the rate uploaded by the service provider. Developers charge a one-time fee, after which the market is open to dealers.

The platform makes standalone dealers available, and the demand for online car wash services goes up as users increase. There are surviving providers to choose from. Generally, aggregator apps can be found in most industries. Hire Android app developers or iOS app developers for a car service appointment app like Wash.

Features of an On-Demand Mobile Application

The car wash mobile application development should include some interesting features. Be sure that there are no loopholes when adding features to the car wash app you develop for your business.

The Customer Panel:

Sign up/Login -

The user will land in this section first. Here they can sign up with their social network and email information.

Service Request -

Users can request a car wash based on the various solutions that service providers may provide.

Choose Car Location -

 Users can choose the location where the car needs servicing and washing. This allows technicians to arrange the cleaning accordingly.

Package and Service Selection -

 Users can select the packages and services that suit their financial requirements based on the information provided by different service providers.

Availability of Technician -

 Accordingly, the user can check if the technician is available to wash the car. Users can place requests for car washing this way, which makes it more convenient for them.

Making payments online -

Customers can pay with their credit or debit cards, or via payment gateways. The users can view the order history. The customer can view all the orders they have requested and accordingly place new requests for car washing.

If your app is feature-rich and provides the best results quickly, your customers will stick to it. On-demand car wash app development companies need to have a team that does not miss any of the features if you want something engaging and user-friendly.

Detailer Panel

You should take care of this section of the car wash app as well. You can rest assured that if the detailer is working properly you would get the best results in no time.

To access the detailer service provider's interface, the administrator must provide the username and password of the user.

Should the service provider add a location for the service, the customer can request a local service center.

Users can receive push notifications send have been received by detailers. A notification is also sent once the vehicle has been washed.

Accept/Reject Service-

The detailer has the option to accept or reject requests based on the number of requests and the ones that are aligned with immediate delivery.

View Completed Job History-

 Users can view the number of completed requests along with the date and time specifications so they can keep track of how many requests have been processed daily.

Request Payment from Admin-

The detailer can ask the admin for payment based on how many requests are completed.

Detailer panels need to be very well thought out. If you want the car wash app to function properly, you should include the best features that would make it easier for the user and the owner.

Admin Panel

In order to make sure the admin's panel looks great, it is essential that you look after it. From the backend, the admin panel works to make the app work. Thus, the admin can keep track of who logs in and who does what, as well as monitor everything.

Registering of Technicians-

Administrators can see the year of experience and physical location of every technician on a panel.

Manage services-

The administrators are responsible for coordinating all the on-demand car wash app services and the associated charges that are provided by the service providers.

Manage Service Time Zones-

To ensure jobs can be tracked and managed by admins, developers should take into account the operational time zone of detailers or service providers when developing car wash apps. By managing each job assigned by the user, the admin monitors and manages the car wash and service.

Payment Management -

These sections store the payment information for online models and gateways made by users. Payments like mobile wash can be made and services accessed immediately with on-demand apps.

Managing ratings and feedback -

A user's rating and feedback regarding the service provided are reviewed by the administrator. By outsourcing the management of the admin panel features to your car wash app development team, you can achieve better results. Here are some basic functions that should be integrated into your mobile app for your car wash. In order to be able to reflect well on your mobile application, you need to integrate a lot of additional features. Consider the additional features you could add to your app to make it stand out from the rest.

Advanced Features of Car Wash Applications

Before moving on to the next segment, there are a few additional features that need your attention. Your competition may or may not offer these features, but you would benefit from including them in your on-demand car wash app.

Cloud Management - It is obvious that implementing cloud technology brings a great deal of convenience and security to managing all data. Data relating to users, orders, detailers, and payments are all stored in the cloud for smooth business operations. With an on-demand car wash app that utilizes cloud technology, we are able to make the business scalable, monitor and secure all information and data stored on the secured servers, and protect the overall business. We are fine with the fact that the level of integrity of our app is dependent on the cloud management trick that we select.

Heat Map View - There's no doubt that this is a new feature that will bring your mobile detailing app to the next level. It displays when a location is busiest. As well as tracking the location of the best service providers and detailers, it allows users to make better choices. Your on-demand car wash application includes a heat map view that enables the users to choose the best services and to see what specials are most popular. The heat map view also helps you keep track of surge prices.

Offers and Discounts - The users are informed of all the related offers and discounts to keep them up to date on upcoming sales. Discounts and offers work well to maintain users' attention and encourage them to make use of your services when necessary. To make the business more visible, auto detailing apps should have features that include promotions and offers. Thus, it can become a big hit across several industrial niches by embedding it into a mobile car detailing app. A few features like coupons and discounts when it comes to car wash app development will help you reach better heights and make you stand out from the competition.

Payment (Wallet, Net Banking, Credit, Debit, PayPal) - A wide variety of payment methods is available nowadays, including Stripe, PayPal's Mobile SDK, and Apple Pay. For making payments, users just dislike having to visit the physical locations of providers. It's essential to integrate the concept of making payments within an app when designing a car wash app, as it is embraced by today's users as it adds to their convenience. Including an online payment, the approach provides users with an easy and convenient way to make payments, enhancing the visibility of the car wash app at the same time.

Chat/Voice Calls- The In-App Conference allows the detailers and users to communicate in an open and transparent manner. Users can call to find out the status of their orders or to ask any questions. Other services can also be discussed and they can request to utilize them. Designing an app for a car wash helps to capture the user's attention, while at the same time establishing loyalty for the app.

Push Notifications on-demand car wash apps - This is an excellent way to keep users engaged and engaged. Using push technology, a mobile app that offers on-demand car detailing keeps the users up-to-date with the latest deals, offers, order status, and more? It goes without saying that Push notifications can do quite a bit for your business visibility, as well as keeping your clientele engaged with your app. Car wash app developers assist them in this aspect. As well, prior to the completion of the prior order and car delivery, they can be sent to the users to keep them alert and attentive.

What Does The Car Wash App Do?

Have you ever wondered why an online booking system for car washes like Spiffy is so popular? How is Spiffy's mobile app doing with the skyrocketing popularity? Any app's popularity stems largely from its ease of use, clear separation of services, and high levels of customer satisfaction. The app is preferred over the older methods by customers for booking a car wash.

Let's explore the app's workings:

Step 1:

Applicable to both Android and iOS devices. Sign in using your credentials.

Step 2:

Depending on availability, select one of the listed car wash services.

Step 3:

You will be visited by your appointed executive or detailer. A detailer cleans your car and leaves the shop clean after 30-40 minutes of work.

Step 4:

The app allows you to pay with coupons and codes for discounts. Spiffy works in this manner because there is no complexity involved in the process and the app gives the user the feeling of instant service availability.

A technology stack for developing mobile apps for car washes

Developing an app should begin with a sound technological infrastructure, which must be given remarkable attention. Therefore, ensure that all the technical domains and specifications are clearly analyzed in the app development process, and all the provisions for enforcing them into the basic building block are considered.

User Experience & Usability (UX UI) - The car wash app developer should consider the most obvious CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks for the front end and JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, Python, or Django for the back end. Java will suffice for the android version of the application, while Swift will suffice for the iOS development framework.

Tracking the location - The car wash mobile app uses proximity sensors to determine the precise location of the user at any time. If you have a smartphone with an Android operating system, Google Maps has all the necessary features, but if you have an iOS device, Apple Maps are the best option. Besides simple tracking, there is still a lot to consider when designing an app for car detailing.              

Cloud Server - Amazon servers or Google clouds allow the safe and secure storage of data and information. The cloud computing environment includes AWS, Google, and Azure. Apps like a mobile wash that provide on-demand car washes have a server backup so that all the information can be recorded without losing any.

Analytics in real-time - When you are thinking about how to make a car wash app, you will need to consider the data needed for analysis. To track user data, such as numbers of visitors, downloads, bounce rates, orders captured, and detailers linked to a website, Google Analytics can be used.

Phone, SMS, and Voice Verification - The developer of a car wash app can use Facebook SDK or Google sign-in to ensure authenticity and to keep spambots away. With various interesting verification methods, you can make it quite interesting with the car wash mobile app concept.

Databases - For managing the data of consumers and detailing technicians comprehensively, car wash software developers have options like MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL, etc. With good database software, you can be sure that the data on the website is structured well and not left behind.

Payments - For better results, on-demand car wash apps must be integrated with eWallet apps and other payment gateways such as Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, and eWallets.

Over the years, we have developed on-demand car wash apps for various clients around the world and we are pleased with the results. It is possible to develop a car wash app for a reasonable price, and having a vehicle makes further decisions easier.

App Development Costs for Car Washes

Developing an app is quite difficult to estimate exactly. There are 3 factors that determine the cost of car wash app development: the complexity and size of the app, the platforms you intend to use, and the location of your app development center. Different countries charge differently for their hourly rates.

Eastern European developers charge $30 to $150 per hour.

U.S. An hourly rate of $50 to $250 is charged by developers.

Developers based in India charge between $10 and $80 per hour.

This is an overall overview of an average app (average features, developed for an Android platform, and located in India).

‘The following activities are broken down by cost:

  • Technical documents (up to $2000).
  • User interface and user experience design ($1500 to $3000).
  • Development of the front-end and back-end ( $9000 - $120000).
  • Quality Assurance and Testing (80 hours - $2000 - $3000).


You can gain significant knowledge about on-demand car wash app development from the above statistics, figures, facts, and details if you are considering investing in it. You can begin with a scalable app and thrive in the market by combining the right technology and preplanned strategy.

Mobile car wash apps are in high demand, and there are many solutions similar to these already available. You should provide something unique and powerful that uses the newest technology. It is recommended to consult with a reliable IT solutions provider before hiring an Android or iOS app developer. It's the perfect time to get into the industry, as it is at its peak.

No matter what time of the day or night, we always make sure to attend to our clients' needs. You are welcome to reach out to us with any confusion or differences after the product has been delivered.

In this regard, if you are looking to enter the market with a mobile app for a car wash, you should seek out only the best app developers.

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