Online Games like Rummy to Grow Rapidly in the Coming Years

Online Games like Rummy to Grow Rapidly in the Coming Years


We are transported to another world when we look at the screens of our smartphones. We can also go shopping at a mall, watch a movie at a movie theater, or play cards with our friends at a card table. Thanks to technological advancements, friends and families can now meet virtually. Video games have also benefitted from technological advances.

In Indiagame development ranks second in terms of revenue. Mobile games are accessible from anywhere and at any time, replacing the need for a gaming console or a laptop. Mobile phones are becoming increasingly affordable, as well as fast internet and cheap data plans. Besides these factors, there are many others that enable players to access games all over the country.

Many online platforms now offer card games like solitaire and rummy since they are so popular. When people got together and had parties, playing cards was considered a social activity. Thanks to online gaming, players can now access these games from anywhere in the country. A whole new industry has grown up around playing card games all over the world.

It is no secret that online rummy is one of the most popular games in people's hearts, and skill-based games are on the rise. For most Indians, this game holds nostalgic memories. Indians have played it for generations. The game was originally played as entertainment in ancient times. The new digital avatar adds a new dimension to the game.

At family gatherings and special events, card games are traditionally played as a way to connect with family and friends. As old card games like solitaire and rummy gained popularity on the online market, several gaming platforms introduced them.

Due to their nostalgic appeal, these card games quickly established their own massive following! Since these games are now available online, you can play them anytime and anywhere with other players across the country.

A whole new industry has been created as a result of the love of card games. Even in the non-core regions of India such as the north and east, the use of high-speed internet and technology such as mobile phones and tablets is booming. This growth is driven by the availability of affordable mobile phones and tablets outside the dominant south. A portal that provides skill games such as online rummy has seen its gross gaming revenues increase 30% to 35% per year.

During the last decade, India's online rummy industry has grown exponentially. This rapid growth is predicted to continue in the coming years, according to a new survey conducted by Orion Infosolutions. By 2024, the online rummy market in India will be worth USD 1400 Million, a 33% CAGR.

In addition, we learn that till date, the online rummy industry has accumulated a lifetime user base of 23 million players and that the monthly active cash users (MACU) are expected to grow at a CAGR of 30% through 2024. Earlier this year, IDC released a report concluding that online gaming had already surpassed Hollywood in popularity. The gaming industry is expected, once much smaller, to grow into a $300 billion industry by 2025, according to a report by Cision PR Newswire.

The numbers seem promising, but there are still states in India where skill-based games like rummy, teen Patti, etc are still banned, while they are regulated in others like Sikkim and Nagaland. Games that are more heavily based on chance or luck than on skill are considered gambling by Indian courts. Gambling games and skill-based games differ primarily by the elements of consideration, reward, and a dominant element of chance, with the last one being the most significant.

Since Rummy is the only card game in which users can put real money and win real money, it continues to be the most popular of all card games. In the Supreme Court ruling of 1968, rummy was ruled to be primarily a game of skill, whereas other games, such as Teen Patti and Tambola, were harder to be justified as skill-based games over chance-based games. Niti Aayog proposes that the fantasy sports industry should receive government recognition and get its own identity in a draft report entitled 'Guiding Principles for the Uniform National-Level Regulation of Online Fantasy Sports Platforms in India.'

The gaming industry will continue to improve and develop over the next few years. The game of rummy has been played by almost everyone in India with family and friends since childhood. Rummy and other online games let people manage their time by spending productive time playing a game they enjoy as a game of skill as opposed to children's games. 

Online gaming companies are emerging, and players are investing heavily

The online game industry has successfully captured the attention of young Indians. Over the last year, the gross revenue of portals that offer skill games such as online rummy and poker has steadily increased by 30% to 35%.

A 30% annual growth rate is expected for online gaming platforms over the next few years. A KPMG report estimates that by 2021, the online gaming industry will generate USD 1 billion in gross revenue.

The rise of digital payments and the growing use of the internet

It is the availability, accessibility, and affordability of technology that has led to the boom in the online gaming industry. With the development of the IT sector, the skill-gaming industry has flourished. KPMG and the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) recently released a report showing that the number of online players in India has grown tenfold in the last 8 years, standing at 250 million in 2018.

Due to the increasing affordability of smartphones and high-speed internet, Indian gamers can now afford the newest smartphones and internet data packs to play online games. Playing rummy online on your mobile is a great way to get entertainment and win cash, whenever and wherever you like.

Digital payments have grown rapidly following demonetization due to the pandemic. Online payments have become more common, which has given gaming companies a golden opportunity to generate cash flow for their platforms. It wasn't unusual to see online card games being adapted in a country where most people grew up playing card games like rummy. Online games are as much fun as offline games, but you can win real cash prizes as well. Online gaming allows gamers to spend their time productively and profitably.

The growth of skill games is unprecedented

Game developers have become end-to-end service providers with the influx of local expertise and fresh funding. Taking advantage of the market knowledge and players' preferences has provided a solid foundation for the fast expansion of the skill-based gaming industry. Since people nowadays enjoy playing games that require them to use their skills and mental capabilities, skill games are experiencing unprecedented growth.

One of the most important deciding factors for players when choosing an online gaming platform is the payment method. Players are not just retained but also attracted by the ease of payment and withdrawal. Online transactions make it easy and fast to transfer funds. It takes a few clicks for a player to deposit winnings into their bank account. For players to make deposits, Indian gaming platforms offer multiple options, including debit/credit cards, e-wallets, bank accounts, and online banking.

Social interaction through digital technologies

Online gaming platforms experienced unprecedented traffic due to the pandemic affecting regular sources of entertainment. As social distancing increased, people's preference for online gaming increased, resulting in increased digital interactions and payments. Online gaming platforms are very popular with players learning how to play rummy and other skills games or simply to make money with their skills. Social interaction, as well as entertainment, were refashioned to meet the needs of the time.

In the last few years, Indian gaming companies have grown tremendously as well as India's payments infrastructure. A bright future for the gaming industry has been ensured by the advent of online transactions, and game developers are constantly creating games and features for real money players to enjoy.

Playing games on the go

Gamers on the move can enjoy unlimited entertainment when they play online games in several ways. Consider online rummy. A standard deck of cards is necessary all the time if you want to play rummy in the real world. There will need to be two decks of cards if more than two players are present. If you wish to play rummy but don't have a deck of cards on hand, what do you do?

You can benefit from online rummy in such a situation. Most people have smartphones nowadays. Our online gaming app selection has many popular games like Junglee Rummy, which you can download and play anywhere, anytime. 

You won't have to wait

The game of rummy can be played in real life with at least one opponent. You may need to ask a family member or a friend to join you. Depending on whether they accept, you might have to wait for them to arrive at the table for another few minutes. Thanks to online rummy or any other online game, this isn't the case. You can play with millions of players online at any time. You can start playing the game immediately without having to wait.

Different devices for Gaming

The ability to play online rummy on any smart device is another major advantage of online gaming, which includes online rummy. You can play it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Take an example of playing rummy online with Junglee Rummy. Playing the game on your desktop can be paused, and you can continue playing it on your mobile device. All the features of the game, including bonuses and offers, can be accessed with the same account across multiple devices.

Play against real players

Playing online games with real players is one of the best features. There is no limit to the number of games you can play online with thousands and millions of real players. Online gaming is a bit of a concern for old-school players who are concerned about playing with bots.

There are, however, exceptions to the rule. There are no bots playing Junglee Rummy, for example, which has millions of registered and verified players. On the platform, you are playing against real people only.

For years, we have entertained ourselves with real-world games, but now the world is changing, and so is technology. Enjoy a whole new level of fun and excitement by playing your favorite game online. You should try Junglee Rummy, the most trusted rummy site if you are interested in playing rummy online. Over 25 million people use the platform and the number keeps growing every day. In addition to free and cash rummy game development, there are also tournaments that keep players entertained for hours on end.