PhoneGap Easy Way to Cross Platform Development

PhoneGap Easy Way to Cross Platform Development


People will go for cross-platform applications when it comes to Mobile App Development. PhoneGap is one of the most popular frameworks for building a cross-platform app and uses web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In recent years, a cross-platform app has arisen, including some of the native features. PhoneGap has been downloaded over million times and is used by many developers.

Thousands of apps have been built and accessed through App Stores. Having inbuilt functionalities and additional plugins makes it easier and more convenient to use. PhoneGap is open source and freely available, and users can easily access it.

Orion Infosolutions PhoneGap Development Company offers many innovative ideas and provides you with the best cross-platform apps that will save a lot of time and money. Some of the tools will make the mobile app easier to access and enable you to add more plugins that are compatible with your device.

PhoneGap framework comes with Xamarin, which lets developers control native control of iOS, Android, and Windows Phone subsets. Also, Xamarin has better security features for storing data and provides better performance.

Best Features of PhoneGap


With the PhoneGap framework, you get the best platform for free. The PhoneGap compiles new codes and modules available for free because of its Open Source License. And easy to install and manage.

Easy Development

PhoneGap works on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, the most common browser which does not require any additional plugins. Hence the owners can own a tech team and get it developed smartly as they only require web technologies to develop; no extra efforts are needed.

Easy Access to Plugins

PhoneGap provides additional plugins which are very useful and easy to install and access. Plugins are very important as they save money and make an effortless design on time with satisfactory user results. One can access the plugin by installing them, which is very convenient to use.

Trouble-Free Coding

PhoneGap development is a cross-platform app with single code accessibility and can run on multiple devices. Developers do not need to put extra effort into coding, and development is very easy and quick.

Cloud Service Support

PhoneGap supports cloud-based services as one can access the data from the server and only need an internet connection. Installation is easy and provides cloud-based direct access services. All the data is stored on the server securely and provides speedy access.

Well Packed Libraries

PhoneGap comes packed with many libraries, which makes the development of apps easier since libraries help to map different functionalities into the apps. This also saves development time and is very cost-effective.

Extendable app

PhoneGap provides flexibility to extend the app for further usage easily. It provides the app with the accessibility to extend and maintain the same functionality. PhoneGap has so many inbuilt functions, but one can easily add some functionalities to it to provide better performance.


PhoneGap is one of the best frameworks used among cross-platform mobile apps. PhoneGap Provide support to build native features and access the functionalities. There is a rise in cross-platform app development as the technology can access the native app features, including in-built features like Geo-location, notification, contact, camera, and storage.

The framework comes with additional features and provides better security for data. PhoneGap app development helps mobile app developers easily create cross-platform apps for various mobile platforms. The best PhoneGap apps developed help consumers and enterprise users improve their efficiency and productivity.

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