Top 10 Amazing Features of Ludo King

Top 10 Amazing Features of Ludo King
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Ludo king introduced the release of brief ludo mode for quicker enticing reports. Ludo king additionally has released 5 & six players’ online characteristics. The above capabilities were the most sought features with the aid of ludo king customers, who desired to hook up with extra buddies online over-fits.

The six-player features become, to begin with, released inside the offline multiplayer mode. Ludo king brings “short ludo,” a gaming mode that allows the players to rapidly end the sport in a shorter time frame than traditional modes. The classic ludo king sport takes around 15 to 40 minutes, while the quick ludo mode takes around five minutes.

It may be played simultaneously as touring, in short breaks, or every time for a few briefs, exciting recreation excitements and amusing. The quick ludo shall provide quicker, enticing stories with greater thrills and excitement.

Ludo King Statistics

Ludo game like “ludo king” has crossed many milestones over five years because of 2016. Ludo King, India’s first gaming app to move one hundred million downloads, has hit yet another milestone this December 20. Ludo king app crossed 500 million downloads worldwide, making it the maximum famous Indian gaming app to embark on the big league of cellular gaming. Moreover, Ludo King ranked because the number one downloaded sport on app shop India in 2020 and hit a hat-trick to be most of the top-most downloaded games on Google play save seeing that 2018.

Over the past nine months, Ludo King noticed its lively daily users (daus) growth from 15 million to 32 million daily, while its month-to-month average customers (Maus) rose from one hundred ten to 142 million. Ludo King is presently performed in 30 international locations and is available in 14 languages. The most desired modes in the gameplay are online & play with pals. Ludo King has garnered personal attention and interest with its new capabilities and gaming themes. In the course of the lockdown, 320 million humans became ludo king to spend time with a circle of relatives and connect to buddies and strangers globally. The gaming massive added new features like voice chat and mask mode that contributed to crossing this milestone.

Ludo King is a recreation that may be set up on the mobiles by downloading the app from the respective shops. It turned into created by India studio gametion technologies Pvt ltd totally in. This sport will be performed on android, ios or maybe windows cell sort of systems as well. From young adults to adults, all people like to play those types of video games on their mobiles, and for this reason, the game has been downloaded more than a million instances, and subsequently, the wide variety of active users also are in hundreds of thousands. It is also discovered that the game players are in the end increasing day by day.

Technologies in the era have even delivered a less complicated way to play a recreation on cell. The way to play the ludo king mobile game?

1. You want to download the app from the play store and set it up for your cell.

2. As quickly as the game is mounted, you could open and then check in as a visitor or even favour joining through Facebook and playing with your buddies.

3. If you would like to play the sport along with your Facebook pals, you could keep it; else you could sign in as a guest. For playing with friends or your family individuals, you can register as a visitor.

4. Now, if you sign up as a visitor, you may choose the united states of America of house and choose a dummy profile image after which preserve to the subsequent step.

5. You can choose to play the game, in my opinion, or with pals.

6. For playing with pals who are not near, you can click on play with friends’

7. Now, you need to choose any colour to differentiate yourself amongst different contributors.

8. Next, you will locate create or join if you are starting up the sport; then, you can click on create to generate a room code. An access amount as per your want – a minimal one hundred can be set.

With the assist of the room code, your buddies can join. If you want to enrol in the sport, then without a doubt, you may click on the join button and proceed further by way of entering the code provided using your pal.

9. After everybody joins the sport you could begin to play. 10. You can get the faucet at the “cube” icon so that it rolls over whilst you get your flip. You could even message in your buddies or partners with whom you are playing the game by tapping the chat bubble that would be a gift on the top of the avatar.

10 In case you want to play the sport with the own family individuals who are residing with you within the same residence, you may select play and skip alternative. This feature can be used if the participant wants to play the sport in offline mode.

As in step with the gamers want, it is easy to choose to play personally or through making groups wherein each group would encompass individuals. Let us now take a look at the primary elements of the ludo king gaming app:


The app may be very lots simple, and from installation to playing, every step is simple, and as a result, the users can certainly access the app without any hurdles. The software isn’t perplexing. User-interface (UI) and consumer-revel in (UX) elements are impressive. That is why the players love the constant performance of the app.

The designs, appearance and experience, and snapshots, every detail is to be considered and to accept importance as those factors play an essential position if an app desires to be a hit. The song which is integrated within the app is likewise imposing. Every step in the game has one-of-a-kind sounds that draw the gamers.

Numerous Structures:

The app capabilities seamlessly on each form of platform. Meanwhile, the game can be endured or performed from every other device connected via the same profile.

Invite and Earn:

This option enables the gamers to play with greater interest as through this feature, it is easy to earn points/rewards by referring the app to his/her pals.

Various Modes To Play:

There are numerous modes of playing, and the person can choose the mode he is interested in. The player can play the sport solo, skip and play mode, play with computer mode and play with pals’ mode.


There are many topics which the participant can choose, including nature, marble, and so forth. In step with the subject selection, the layout of the dice additionally changes, which creates a hobby for the players.


The sport can be performed by choosing up the desired language.


The players can textual content or chat and bring what he/she wishes to say. It can keep one from undesirable disturbances, inclusive of disputes and so forth.

Missions and Tournaments:

The missions which might be included in the sport are surely interesting for any participant. The missions whilst finished, the player receives factors at the side of codes so that he/she will unbolt the attributes. You will be a part of the Ludo game development, or he/she can send an invite to play with others by paying an entry charge. Whilst the participant wins the match, one can get hold of thrilling rewards and themes.

Bonus and Numerous Video Games:

These bonuses are provided daily, wherein it could be applied to buy themes by using the players. Inside the app itself, you may discover many greater games, including snake and ladder and sudoku, making the app more engaging. Admin interface – capabilities could include all the maximum crucial managerial activities which might be essential.

Things to recollect even as constructing an app much like ludo:

1. Systems:

Suppose the app is built on diverse structures inclusive of ios, android, home windows, etc. The participant can play from any form of tool. Move-platform apps are the best ones, and it’s miles really helpful to decide upon them. Moreover, the UI and UX elements have to be designed in an associated manner so that the performance stays constant on all sorts of gadgets.

2. Design:

The design detail is extensive, and hence the developer must see to it that a suitable design is chosen and wonderful graphics must be integrated so that the layout of the app is fascinating.

3. Utility length:

The dimensions of the software might be large or small, primarily based on the attributes and functionalities incorporated. Undesirable factors can be eliminated.

4. Checking out:

It’s miles one of the most prominent levels because if trying out is not done properly, the app may not carry out properly, and users won’t love it. Right checking out in all attitude points should be examined if you want to construct a hit gaming app.


As discussed, the ludo king app by Ludo game development company is being utilized by many game enthusiasts to laugh, and the proportion of gamers who’re showing interest in playing this kind of sport is mainly Indians.

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