Top Features & Cost to Create a Teen Patti Game

Top Features & Cost to Create a Teen Patti Game


Mobile gaming has seen exponential growth in recent years and one genre that has captured the attention of millions is the Teen Patti game. Teen Patti is an Indian version of poker that has been a beloved game among Indians.

The popularity of Teen Patti games led to tremendous growth in its demand as a mobile app. Not only demand has increased but many gaming business owners think of Teen Patti gaming as a fantastic opportunity to earn massive revenue. If you are also part of the online gaming industry and want to grow your business effectively then developing a Teen Patti game would be a smart choice.

There are a lot of Teen Patti game apps available on the Play Store and App Store. However, only a few were able to gain acceptance from the public. You might ask why. What is the reason behind it? Here read more about the popularity of Teen Patti games in India.

To make a successful entry in the gaming industry you should first understand the market trends. This gives in-depth information about the market. Are you planning to invest in Teen Patti game app development for your online gaming business? Then you must be worried about the cost involved in the development of the Teen Patti game app.

We are here to provide guidance on developing a successful Teen Patti game. As a top-rated developer in the industry with years of experience crafting engaging titles, we understand the intricacies of building quality Teen Patti games. This article will outline the typical costs and features involved in creating a Teen Patti mobile or web-based application.

Before diving into the costs, let's review some notable Teen Patti game metrics:

  • The player community expanded 700% in 2020, indicating rising popularity.
  • Industry revenue has surpassed INR 500 million, demonstrating commercial success.
  • Teen Patti Gold achieved over 20 million installs with a daily user base of 1 million, showcasing strong engagement.

These figures are impressive and suggest a thriving market. The opportunity is evident for developing captivating Teen Patti titles. Let's now examine the development process and associated expenses. Exploring areas like design, programming and marketing will provide insight into typical costs. Are you ready to learn more about creating a Teen Patti game?

Advantages of Teen Patti Game Development for Your Business

Teen Patti is a highly popular game, especially in India and one who understands it can boost their business revenue effectively. There are a number of advantages to creating a Teen Patti game to grow your business. Let’s look at a few advantages of developing a Teen Patti game in 2023:

A Popular Segment

There is no denying that Teen Patti is tremendously one of the most popular games among card games. You can boost your gaming platform and gain a large amount of user base.

Simple Design

Teen Patti is no highly graphic-intensive game and doesn’t require any high-end device to play. Teen Patti mobile app possesses a basic design that cuts down major costs as compared to graphic-intensive games.

Proven Monetization Model

There are many proven revenue generation models which you can use to monetize your Teen Patti game business and start earning effectively. Some monetization models are in-app purchases, ads, etc. You can enable virtual currency and in-app betting options, this makes it easier for you to generate revenue from the game.


Teen Patti is popular and every day thousands of users join the Teen Patti platform, this shows its longevity. Teen Patti is a never-ending real money game that currently millions of users and operators are leveraging tremendous growth.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Teen Patti Game Development

If you are really serious about doing a gaming business via launching a Teen Patti game app then you should because the profitability is high and it's never going to end. However, you need to consider development costs as it is the most important part of your Teen Patti game. There are several development cost factors that you need to be aware of. Let's understand the factors influencing your Teen Patti game development budget.

Development Team Location

The cost of Teen Patti depends on many factors and the development team location is the most considerable factor among them. If you select an Indian-based mobile game development company then the cost will be much more budget-friendly than outsourcing a UK or USA-based company. Therefore, it’s better to make a wise choice when opting for a game development team for your Teen Patti game project.

Feature Integration

More advanced features increase the cost of your Teen Patti game development. You can calculate the cost by analyzing your desired feature for the Teen Patti game.

UI/UX Designing

A highly interactive app design attracts users but it comes with a heavy cost. An experienced UI/UX designer can give you what can attract a large number of users to your platform.


Developing the game for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. simultaneously will increase the cost compared to a single platform release. Additional resources are required for user interface optimization, platform-specific implementations, separate app store launches, etc.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Thorough testing is essential to ensure bugs are eliminated and gameplay is balanced and fair. However, it increases costs. More rigorous testing protocols are advisable for real-money gambling games.

Game Complexity

A more complex Teen Patti game with advanced features like multiplayer modes, in-app purchases, leaderboards, etc. will naturally cost more to develop than a simple single-player version. The more complex the game mechanics and additional elements, the higher the development expenses.

Licensing and Legal Costs

To ensure a safe and secure approach where no one can copy or utilize the original content, music, sounds, artwork, design, or navigation panel of the game, licensing is paramount. The legal expenses tied to copyright and intellectual property must be considered when licensing a game app, as these help protect the app from unauthorized use of its elements.

Marketing and Promotions

Once the development of a Teen Patti game is complete, consideration must then be given to marketing and distribution costs in order to promote and launch the game to players. Strategic and effective marketing and promotional efforts are important to reach a large audience. The game's popularity and user base can be increased through the implementation of these tactics.

Social media ad campaigns, paid advertising, influencer marketing, and social media promotions have the potential to pique users' curiosity about the new game app. This increased interest may allow the game app to acquire a more substantial player community.

Moving on, let's address your primary question.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Teen Patti Game App?

Developing a Teen Patti game is not rocket science, however, it might be challenging to develop a proper game strategy and plan your budget without compromising the quality and main functionality.

The good thing is that you can simplify the job and manage your finances with an idea of the cost of Teen Patti.

Moreover, you already know the factors that increase your Android & iOS Teen Patti game development cost. So, you can strategize accordingly to reduce your expenses by focusing on game development services.

Approximately, Teen Patti game app development can cost you around $5,000 to $30,000 which also depends on the various factors which we have mentioned above. If you include more advanced features, and functionalities and use a modern approach for your Teen Patti game, then it will cost you around $25,000 to $45,000 or even more.

Features of Teen Patti Game

Selecting the optimal features for a Teen Patti application such as incorporating different sets of Teen Patti rules and sequences is one of the most challenging aspects of development. While some developers may be tempted to emulate high-profile Teen Patti games on the market, directly replicating another's features is not advisable. Rather than enhancing gameplay, copied elements risk bogging down the user experience and performance if not implemented carefully.

It is also important to avoid incorporating extraneous features just for the sake of appearing cutting-edge. Additional development work translates to increased costs. The wiser approach is discerning features aligned with current Teen Patti trends, in a way that distinguishes your app through fresh, engaging content. Staying relevant without needless bloat ensures a smoother development process and a stronger product.

Here are some of the must-have features that should be included in your Teen Patti game —-

Live game chat: The live chat is a social feature that allows players to strategize in real-time or playfully taunt opponents between the hands of Teen Patti.

First-person perspective: Gamers feel fully immersed in seeing gameplay unfold through their avatar's eyes to get a true sense of the high-stakes action.

Custom characters: Crafting a unique digital identity strengthens player investment in their in-game persona and journey. Customization fosters community.

Uncapped betting: Bold risk-takers can really make their mark by going all in during intense showdowns with no betting ceiling.

Fixed limit tables: Steady climbers can slowly but surely increase their stack size by consistently winning small pots within clear boundaries.

Daily freebie: A small courtesy gift keeps the app top of mind and motivates return visits, whether it's used for practice or a chance to strike it rich.

Intuitive layout: Sleek design ensures smooth navigation across all ages and experience levels so everyone can immerse in virtual card games without friction.

Social sharing: Spreading excitement about big wins or close calls expands the potential player pool and turns the game into a true social experience.

Cinematic animation: Strategic spots of animation during pivotal moments like the river card draw ramp up suspense and drama.

How to Develop a Teen Patti Game?

The development of Teen Patti games is no hefty task, however, integrating features and functionalities can be a time taking. To develop a Teen Patti game there are a lot of things that you need to consider. There is a process of Teen Patti game app development that goes step by step.

So let’s look at the steps a development team would take to develop an inclusive game app like Teen Patti —-

Step 1 —- Audience Research

The first step in the development journey is researching your market trends and target users. If you are thinking of developing and launching a Teen Patti game app you must know who your target audience is.

Remember, not every person plays Teen Patti, therefore, make sure you do thorough research on the audience and bring out the information about age group users who are more into card games like Teen Patti. To know more about your audience, research is the only solution to avoid any type of failure.

Step 2 —- Strategy Building (Planning)

Once you know what your targeted audience wants, you can develop a strong strategy. To create such a strategy, fail-proof planning is a must. This can be done by making a blueprint of the mobile gaming industry trends and audience requirements.

Step 3 —- Feature Analysis

Now bring your complete research to the table and decide on which feature is more beneficial and can be integrated into the Teen Patti game.

Preparing the feature list will speed up the development process of the Teen Patti app.

Step 4 —- Hiring Teen Patti Game Development Company

Once you have chalked out all of the requirements for developing your Teen Patti game, hire a well-experienced card game development company. Such companies possess top-class game developers with a good amount of experience.

Hiring a Teen Patti game development team can also help reduce the overall development cost as all the resources will be theirs. The development team will work on your Teen Patti game according to your business requirements.

Step 5 —- Starting Development Process

After hiring a game development studio, it’s time to start the process of development. In this stage, the development team will start prototyping and seek more suggestions from your side.

Make sure you have made a complete list of features and functionalities for your Teen Patti game. Your inputs will be considered as your requirements and the development team will work on implementing them.

Step 6 —- QA Testing

The development process is nearly at its end. Now QA testers will look into your final product to find any kind of issues or errors in features and functionalities.

This process will remove any dots that could lead your product to a failed start in front of your users. The primary job of QA testers is to address any sort of errors to make the app completely functional.

Step 7 —- Market Release

Congratulations! Finally, you have developed your Teen Patti game app successfully. But what next? Does your job end here? I would say, no.

You can publish your Teen Patti game app on the Google Play Store or if you have developed an iOS app then you can choose Apple App Store. However, both platforms contain specific guidelines for publishing apps and games. Therefore, comply with those guidelines and leverage the best marketing features to make your app accessible to billions of users.

Also, promote your app via running ads on different platforms and attract a larger user base to your Teen Patti game app.

Final Words

The popularity of Teen Patti game applications has increased due to technological advancements in augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence programming languages, chatbots, and other features. Therefore, investing in this profitable industry could result in significant financial gains for your online gaming business.

As you may have guessed, developing a Teen Patti card game is not a simple task. It requires partnering with an experienced mobile game development company that can deliver trustworthy, reliable and high-quality Teen Patti titles.

Let’s plan your feature-packed Teen Patti game app with our team of professionals.

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