What is App and Types of Mobile Applications

What is App and Types of Mobile Applications


Nowadays, mobile phones are essential and cannot be replaced with any other device. And demand for smartphones is increasing, and there has been a rapid increase in the growth of Smartphone users in the past few years, so more and more interactive applications to be run on devices are needed.

Mobile Apps are beneficial, and users can access them quickly and interact with their applications. An App is software used to perform specific functions on devices like smartphones, desktops,s, and tablets. Apps have to be downloaded from the App Stores. These Apps are used in our day-to-day life, such as booking online tickets, ordering food online, paying bills, making online reservations, playing games, Social Media interaction, etc., anytime, anywhere.

The mobile applications market is growing day by day, and many people use smartphones daily. Different types of applications are made to run on different platforms like Web-Based Apps, Mobile Apps, etc. Some of the applications are made to run on all platforms known to be Hybrid Apps. For Example, Facebook is an app that can be run on smartphones and desktops. But some Apps are made to be run on smartphones only, like on Android and iOS platforms.

Types of Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications are of types: Native Apps, Web-based Apps, and Hybrid Apps.

Native Apps

Native Apps are designed for specific platforms like Android, IOS, and Windows. These apps can run on mobile devices only. Users can quickly access and easily operate the functions. These are built using programming languages such as Objective C, Swift, and Java.

The main advantage is high performance and provides an excellent experience to users. Users can download it from Apps stores, and also updates are available.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps are built using web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for performing on multiple platforms. It contains features of both Native and Web Apps. The apps are wrapped in native app code, and data can be accessed from the server only. Most Hybrid App Development companies develop a hybrid app because Hybrid apps are fast, easy, low maintenance, and have access to multi-platforms; the cost is low as only a single code is needed to run the apps. But as compared to native apps, hybrid apps lack performance and speed. Also, don’t provide a user-friendly experience due to cross-platform.

Web-Based Apps

Web-Based Apps are not real apps; they are websites that behave like native apps and use browsers to run an app. Apps are built using HTML and designed especially for the small screens, and no need to download from the App stores. The apps are responsive as when opened on mobile, it will show in mobile view. It can work on any device with a browser with an internet connection. The main drawback is poor performance when an internet connection is not available.

Future of Mobile Applications

With the increase in Smartphone users, devices are becoming cheap and affordable to many Smartphone users. So there is an increase in the development of interactive mobile apps. Apps are easily accessible through mobile as compared to other devices. The mobile app provides a good user experience and easy access. More and more applications are developing and growing in the mobile app market. Shortly, more interactive and user-friendly applications will be launched like gaming apps are getting very popular day by day and continue to be increasing.


These apps keep engaging people and interacting with the new and upcoming latest trends. In the near future, apps like wearable and cloud-based apps will be in demand and rapid growth in the mobile apps industry.

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