Which Mobile App Platform is Best for Your Business?

Which Mobile App Platform is Best for Your Business?


Mobile is at an advanced stage at present. As world direction changing phones are launching like the iPhone X. Gadgets like iPhone is changing the whole world, now we can do anything by using smartphone like this. Due to advancement in a phone, more advanced App is also demanding and its craze is increasing. Now Apps are available on multi-platform where a user can download easily and use them. Platforms like Android, IOS, Windows, and blackberry but the most famous platform is android that is offered by Google and IOS that of offered by Apple.

Google and Apple both are veteran and tech giant companies that are making changes in the whole world by inventing new technology that is making people’s life so comfortable and cozier. The Application is changing the whole scenario in the tech world, they are producing more Applications to change a person’s life and in every app, they are introducing new functions and features that can help to live your life in an easy way. It is totally transforming the whole world. We can make our own App according to our desired functions.

Many companies are developing their Apps so you can know about them and can explore them. For developing your own App, you have multiple platforms where you can launch your Application. They are

Android App Platform

Android is developed by Google and getting Android App is very easy, just check out the Google App store and download it from there. It is very easy to use. Here we can develop and design our own App that will consist of our desired functions. Android is the most demanding in all worlds because it is totally free and user-friendly. Its user interface is so awesome and people love it. The Google App store is most used in the world due to having Android operating system in all mobile so they use its Applications and it is quite easy to use them and they are totally user-oriented Apps so they are in more demand, it covers approximate 40-50% market share of Apps.

Google is too advanced and creative, its creativity is that Google App store is having the most App compared to any other App store. Due to having an easily accessible and people-loving interface, it is mostly used worldwide. You can get all kinds of Applications here easily.

iOS App Platform

The Apple App store is the second largest App store that is used worldwide and it is too much secure and security is the main concern here. More than 200 billion App from the Apple App store has been downloaded till now and it is not having a user-friendly interface due to its security causes. Apple counts the second number after Google. Apple uses the IOS operating system and its security is too much higher.

Both Apple and Google share 70-80% market share of the total Application market. IOS is a well-known face and it is demanding for its extremely advanced features that you will not get on any other platform. If we are making our App in IOS operating system then it will be highly secure than any other platform.

Windows App Platform

Windows Application is basically used in windows phones and its market share is very low. It is low in uses comparatives to Android and IOS. Windows runs on the windows platform and due to not having any special effect and user response it is not used widely. Android and IOS are people's first choices. Windows platform in mobile used by some company and there is not too much famous and due to not having any special features and attractions it is in less use. It comes after Android and IOS.

Native App Platform

Native is an alternate of Android and IOS. If we want that your application should be run on both platforms, then we use Native App there because it runs on both platforms. Same Applications will run on both. It is its specialty and Native is the best option to run your Apps on both platforms and it will reduce our cost and times both. At present, people are moving to native because it is easy to use and all platforms can use this so it is becoming people's first choice.

Hybrid App Platform

Hybrid is an Application development platform where we can run phone gap and ionic App both. Ionic is an alternative to PhoneGap and Ionic. If we use a hybrid Application development then it will also reduce cost and time like a native App. Both native and hybrid are like an alternative, where we can develop our single App and it will run on multiple platforms so its demand is also increasing. In which we are not required to develop our App for different platforms. Our single App will work on all platforms.

So this type for developing our App we have multiple options and according to our choice and requirement, we can choose our platform. All platforms are best, but we have to opt for one to make our lives Apps. If we want our App on a single platform then we should use Android or IOS and if we want to make live our Apps on multiple platforms, then we should use native or hybrid App.


Applications are the best medium to explore your business or creativity. This is the best medium by using this we can reach out to all because in an advanced and modern technology-oriented world all uses Application so it is easy to promote your ideas through mobile Apps.