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We recently had the opportunity to work with a client who wanted to bring the classic Indian board game of Carrom to mobile and PC platforms using the Unity game engine. Carrom is a tabletop game where players use coins or markers to strike discs into pockets on the board. Our goal was to develop an engaging 3D Carrom game that captured the fun and strategy of the original while making it accessible to new audiences on different devices.

Client Requirements

The client specified they wanted a 3D Carrom game that could be played against AI opponents or other users online. Key requirements included realistic physics-based gameplay, customizable boards and pieces, multiplayer functionality, optional tutorials, and analytics tracking player engagement over time. The game also needed to be optimized to run smoothly on a variety of mobile and PC hardware.

Carrom Game

Game Features

To meet the client's needs, we implemented the following features in our Unity-built Carrom game:

Carrom Game

3D interactive boards with customizable textures, colors, and material properties

Physically accurate coin and striker pieces that react realistically to force

AI opponents with adjustable difficulty levels for single-player gameplay

Online multiplayer mode with matchmaking, leaderboards, and chat functionality

Tutorial levels to teach game mechanics and strategies to new players

Analytics dashboard to track KPIs like DAU, WAU, retention, and time spent playing

Optimized graphics, physics, and networking for cross-platform performance

Development Challenges We Faced

One of the biggest challenges was getting the coin physics just right so players could reliably control shots while still maintaining an element of unpredictability, as in the real game. We also ran into issues optimizing the networking for low-latency multiplayer across different hardware. Testing and debugging the physics and networking together required extensive iteration. Overall, achieving a seamless blend of classic gameplay mechanics within an interactive 3D environment took significant tuning and polish.

Outcome & Success

In the end, we were able to deliver an immersive and engaging digital version of Carrom that stayed true to the spirit of the original. Players of all skill levels can now enjoy the strategy and fun of Carrom anywhere, anytime, on their preferred devices. The client was very pleased with the final product, and analytics showed strong player retention over time. This unique project allowed us to flex our skills in game development, simulation, and optimization to bring a classic board game into the digital world

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