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Color Prediction Game
Color Prediction Game


Color Prediction Game is a betting game where players place bets on the colors. The player predicts the right colors or combination of colors and places bets. If a player's predicted color shows in the result, they win; if not, they lose all bet amounts. Color Prediction is a game of chance; that's why people love playing it.

Color Prediction is best for those who love playing games but want to earn real money. The game is completely online so that players can play it on their smartphones or browsers. Players will need a good internet connection to play the game.

Client Requirements

Our client observed that the betting industry is growing rapidly, and people are showing great interest in betting game apps where the winning payout is high or good. So they did complete research on the industry and concluded. They decided we would develop a Color Prediction game application with unique features and high rewards. But they needed the most important part: an experienced and technology knowledge team. So in search of that, they contacted Orion InfoSolutions to do this job for them. We offered them a highly experienced team and understood their requirements.

Color Prediction Game

Features of Color Prediction Game App Development

Easy Login Options

Wasting time on the login page to enter the game drives users away from you; therefore, by keeping that in mind, we created a simple login and fast login option through a mobile number by entering OTP.

Multiple Payment Methods

Our professionals offer various payment gateway integrations that allow users to make or withdraw payments without complication. The two-factor authentication secures users' login details and payment systems.

UI/UX Design

We have experienced mobile game and app developers who understand that the users' gaming experience matters greatly. As a result, we develop solutions that enhance the gaming experience with eye catchy app interface and user experience.

Real-time Chat

To let users always engage with the app, we integrate a real-time chat option through which players can easily chat with other opponents or with friends while playing the game. That removes all the boredom from that game.

Invite & Win

Players can invite others to join the app; in return, they will be offered great rewards. Players will earn some in-game rewards from each player invited by referral code that they can use to play the game.

Color Prediction Tournaments

The Color Prediction game app solution offered by Orion InfoSolutions comes with tournament features that keep the game alive. Daily new tournaments make the game completely fresh and active for users.

Payment Security

Our experienced team of professionals integrates the latest security systems in the solution that makes the payment experience good and secures users' personal information and card details.

Anti-cheat System

We integrate a top-notch anti-cheat system that frees a game from frauds or hacks. Our anti-cheat system can instantly detect any suspicious activity and automatically bans them.

Admin Panel Features

Admin App Control and Management

A complete management system from which the admin can easily manage the whole app functions without needing a different app.

User Content Management

The admin has complete right/control to manage users' profiles, which includes usernames, passwords, profile photos, and email.

Push/Smart Notification

Send your users an engaging push notification, so they know it's time to play a game. Also, you can send them smart notifications about new upcoming events, updates, or even winner announcements.

Payment & Wallet Management

The payment & wallet management will inform the admin how much users have purchased, spent, or redeemed in-game currency.


Responsive UI Design

Creating a fully responsive application with an attractive and fresh user interface is a difficult task; As a result, the app can also be quite heavy and laggy. Therefore our team decided that it has only one solution: a proficient game engine. So we chose Unity to build a responsive UI game application without complication.

To Make a Game Animation and Graphics Interactive

Building a simple app with low-quality graphics doesn't make sense in this modern technology world where mobile phones are powerful enough to handle any graphical interface. Using advanced tools, we developed the Andar Bahar game, unique with some 3D graphics and attractive animations. And the final result was very satisfying and ultimately paid off.

Creating a Secure Path for Payment Transferring

Payment transferring was a big task as our client wanted the best payment methods that no other third or fourth party could include. But our programmers took this challenge and built the payment API that sends a secure OTP to the user, and after entering it, payment can only be made. Apart from those, no one can interconnect in the payment process due to encrypted functions.

The Final Outcome

After a complete team effort, Orion InfoSolutions was able to build the Andar Bahar game application as our client requested. Without compromising on graphics, animations and UI, we finally created a responsive mobile application and secure payment solutions. Our client was thrilled with the final outcome of their project, and so were we.

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