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Dragon Tiger Game App

Dragon Tiger Game App advantages and latest features

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Dragon Tiger Game App
Dragon Tiger Game App


Dragon Tiger is an online casino card game that contains some of the parts of Baccarat. The game is originally from Cambodia and has become one of the most popular casino games in the world. Because of its simplicity and speed of play, the game is in high demand by many online casino platforms.

The game is played with a 52 cards deck where a minimum of two players can play simultaneously. The game rules are way more straightforward than any casino card game. Many game tricks and strategies can increase the chances of winning even more.

Clients Requirements

Our client had a clear idea about the profitability of the gaming industry. They observed that casino games are gaining popularity, but they lack some essential key features and functionalities. So they devised an idea for their new game project (Dragon Tiger card game). They wanted to include all new features and designs that enable their users to enjoy something fresh and different.

To fulfill this need, they were looking for a professional mobile app development company that could easily understand their project requirements. So they approached Orion InfoSolutions to build a robust and interactive Dragon Tiger game application enhanced with rich features and design.

Dragon Tiger Game App
Dragon Tiger Game App

How To Play Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is a very engaging and attractive game with millions of followers worldwide. The game has simple gameplay with great winning odds. Also, it has two betting sides: Dragon and Tiger. So in the Dragon Tiger, the cards' value is a little different, and the sequence is A, which holds the lowest value and then 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K which holds the highest card value in the play.

The game starts with placing initial bets on the sides. Two cards are dealt on each side, and the side that gets a high-value card wins the game. And if in a Tie case, both players will lose half of their bet amounts. There are so many side bets that players can use to increase their winnings.

Feature of the Dragon Tiger Game

Support of Cryptocurrency

The game we develop is built with Blockchain technology that supports various digital currencies such as Cryptocurrency.

Robust UI/UX Design

Our professionals build game applications that are strong and user-friendly, enhanced with top-quality user interface and user experience.

Multiplayer Classic Game

The classic multiplayer option allows players to invite their friends and families to the table with a specific access code to enter the lobby.

Latest Technology Incorporated

At Orion InfoSolutions, we use advanced tools, frameworks, game engines, and technologies that build robust and interactive solutions.

Different Payment Gateways

Our proficient Dragon Tiger software developers provide fast, easy, and secure payment options that support third-party payments.

HD Video Streaming

The Dragon Tiger game we develop provides HD live video streaming and gives users an immersive live gaming experience.

Real-Time Chat

The Dragon Tiger game we develop has a real-time chat system that allows users and dealers to communicate with each other easily.

Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Our Dragon Tiger experts have great deals, loyalty coupons, and free rewards that allow users to engage more in the game.

Admin Panel Features

Dashboard Control

From the Dashboard, the admin can control, view, edit, change, delete pages, manage and change templates without letting the user know.

Payment & Wallet Management

Admin has access to manage the payment and wallet process so that it informs them about how many coins have been purchased so far.

Smart Notification

To allow users to always keep up to date with new upcoming events, programs, or updates, the admin can send smart notifications.

Chips Management

Management of the Chips purchased by users or redeemed and what they have earned through it. Admin can manage by admin panel.

User Management

Admin can manage user profiles, check user activity, remove them and much more through the administration panel.

Loyalty Programs Management

The admin panel also allows administrators to create loyalty and rewards programs for consistent users who have been using the app for a long time.

Extensive Customization

To increase game credibility, our developers provide rich quality and unique customization options that make the game fresh.

Dragon Tiger Game App


The Dragon Tiger casino business was scaling at the speed of a horse, and our client wanted to take advantage of that. They wanted to integrate critical features and functionalities that no one offered. Also, the client wanted to make a lightweight and instant mobile responsive application so that users can enjoy their time with the Dragon Tiger casino game quickly.

But it was only possible to create an app with the latest technologies and APIs integrations. Broken coordination, low technical expertise, and a shortage of teams can't deliver anything on time.

So Orion InfoSolutions helped clients to fulfill their requirements. We provided them with the best and most highly experienced teams and proficient development infrastructure to integrate top features and develop the game on time with complete satisfaction.

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