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The objective of this application is to allow users to read the information about the different kind of disease.

The information presented on the app is controled from the back-end panel, And admin of the app keep updating the prescription of each disease displayed into the app. Admin of the app can control the disease and also update the impact of the disease as well as symptoms etc.

Client Initial Requirements

Client came to us with an idea and basically he want to protect the people around Globe from various disease. The information that client have is a PREP information and client gather that information by research. Due to the importance of the information client has decided to charge some payment from the users, That is why in app payment gateway comes into the picture. The app also suppose to use Google Map services to display the traditional medicine centers on the map for the all the disease listed on the app.

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Application Features

Sign Up & Login feature Disease List on home screen

View information about a specific disease Google Map to view disease medical center location and contact

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Manage and Update Profile Multilingual App (4 Languages)

Location Oriented information Native Mobile App for iPhone & Android


The application is quite simple although it contain senstive information. The Google Map functionality was the only challanging part in that application.

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Admin Panel / API

Laravel IN JSON format using Laravel




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