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2*6 Matrix - Matrix will complete from left to right and top to bottom. The ID will upgrade automatically as well as manually also.

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MBD 100
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Global Pool (2*3 Auto Matrix) - When the 2*6 matrix is complete, The ID comes in this structure. where the matrix complete automatically.

If you manually upgrade your ID to the first level of the Global Pool, you will get the top position in the Global pool. No matter who joins the system before or after.

Round - When the Global Pool Matrix is complete the ID will move to the second / third / fourth round and the system will go on like this forever. If you manually upgrade your ID for the next round you will get the top position in the next round.

Jackpot Fund - When 50 BUSD is deposited in the Jackpot Fund. This will be distributed among those who have upgraded their ID to the first level of the Global Pool on FIFO based. So manually upgrade your ID to the first level in the Global Pool and take more benefits.

Client Initial Requirements

Client want to develop tron bases smart contract but due to high changes in TRX price and high fee in trationsaction of Tron network we suggested to client to develop the contract in BUSD with binance smart chain as we developed the contract in binance smartchain first time so it was very big challenge for us to switch from ETH blockchain to Binance smart chain.

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Website Features

Busd Based World's First Project Running On Bnb Blockchain Smart Contract

  • 1. Joining From 5 Busd Stable Coin. So No Need To Worry About High Volatile Crypto Market.
  • 2. 100% Refferal Income
  • 3.No Time Limit To Upgrade Your Id.
  • 4. Id Upgrade Automatically As Well Manually Also.
  • 5. No Need To Withdraw. Fund Credit To Your Wallet Instantly.
  • 6. Global Pool (2x3 Matrix) 61 Busd Auto Pool Matrix.
  • 7. System Running Round After Round For Lifetime.
  • 8. If Your Id Entered In Global Pool. Gas Fee Charged Only Once For Lifetime.
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The most challanging part in this project is to update the lowest bid amount instantly whether other users are using the same auction to submit bids. Since the platform updates the lowest bids instantly to help other auctionears to not loose the chance of winning the item.

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