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Rummy Gameis a casino card game played with two decks of cards. The game can be played with 2 or 4 players. The game's main objective is that players make a valid declaration by picking and discarding the two piles from the given. The game is not completely based on luck. To play Rummy, you need to know all the basic rules. In the Rummy, your presence of mind and skill come in handy, but also concentration is a key part that plays an important role throughout the game.

Rummy is a very popular game in worldwide casinos. The game starts when the dealer deals 13 cards to each player. The card sequence goes from low to high Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K. In the Rummy, J, Q, and K are the highest rank cards. The player has to make a minimum of two valid sequences of the cards to win the game. The game is legal worldwide and can be played online on smartphones via the Rummy app or browsers.

Client Requirements

Rummy games are highly addictive and popular. Many people spend a lot of time and money playing Rummy games. Our client understands the popularity of games as it helps you connect with people worldwide who share your love and passion for games. The client wanted to develop an interactive Rummy game to bring back memories and reduce the burden. Because these days, people mostly stay indoors and do not consider any mind activities with fun like playing card games in the olden days. The importance of such games is to improve decision-making skills effectively, plus it develops our brain capabilities.

Thus, the client decided to develop the card game in a digital format with an attractive design. To make the game more engaging and fun, the client wanted to add an online multiplayer mode in which players can invite friends or families to chill with them. Therefore they hired Orion InfoSolutions to build the Rummy mobile app. We understood their business requirements clearly, providing them with the best development structure, game designers, programmers, etc.

Orion InfoSolutions has developed the best rummy game app where enthusiastic players from all over the world compete with each other. Players playing online rummy games to win money are often experts or intend to make their game perfect. You can play a rummy game online and win money, and it's completely legal.

Rummy Game

Features Of The Rummy Game App Development That We Included

Interactive UI & UX Design

The Rummy game is built with a top-quality user interface that enhances the user gaming experience. Our mobile game developers provide comprehensive 2D/ 3D animations and graphics.

Multiple Payment Gateways

At Orion InfoSolutions, we give quality and rich gaming experiences by making user payment-related solutions flawless. We integrate multiple payment options in the rummy game app that supports Paytm, PayPal, Online Banking, Credit, Debit cards, and many other third-party payment solutions.

Real-time Chat Option

We provide users with real-time chat options in the rummy game where they can send a live text to other players. It blows away all the boredom while playing the game and enables a lively gaming environment. You can send other players emoji’s and funny stickers in the chat option.

Play with Computer

This is a very simple method. To play Rummy, you need a friend and can play it easily using computer intelligence mode.

Local Rummy Mode

Local Mode allows you to play Rummy with friends and family via invite options like Facebook or WhatsApp. And without the game host's permission, no other player can join the lobby.

Multiplayer Worldwide Mode

Multiplayer worldwide mode allows 2 to 6 people from any part of the world to play Rummy games with much higher stakes.

Social Media Integration

Orion InfoSolutions connects Rummy game app development with the most trendy and used social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. This allows users to share their gaming experience, invite their other social friends, post their winning moments, etc.

Latest Technology Incorporation

At Orion InfoSolutions, our rummy game developers use their top-notch expertise in the latest technologies and tools, which help develop interactive and robust rummy game applications that deliver an enrich-quality experience.

Multi-language Support

Our top experienced developers make the game understandable for all users; therefore, they provide an in-game multi-language support option that allows users to choose their native language to maximize fun mode.

Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Our professionals offer one of the best deals and loyalty rewards to users who consistently play on your application.

Admin Panel Features

At Orion InfoSolutions, our team holds complete advanced tech knowledge and experience, and the Rummy game we developed was built with robust technologies and programmed in flexible game engines.

App Management & Settings

Admin has full access to app settings and management. They can control every section of the app, like user login, two-factor authentication, passwords, languages, game tutorials, sound options, game notifications, etc

User Management

App users can log in and out, and the admin will have their preview login id and passwords saved for fast login.

Payment & Wallet Management

This admin panel feature will let you know how many players have purchased and redeemed coins.

Chips Management

Manage the in-game currency (Chips) purchased or redeemed by users; you will know what they earned during the process.

Tournament Management

Manage rummy tournaments, set rewards, and know how many registered users are. You can make the tournament entry free or charge a certain in-game currency (Chips) to join the tournament room.

Leaderboard Management

Reward your app's most skillful rummy players by adding their names to the top leaderboard. This makes users feel special, and they will get more engaged with your rummy game app.

Smart/Push Notification

Manage all the notifications the user receives through push notifications, such as upcoming tournaments, updates, reminders, etc. You can also use smart notifications to prompt users to play the game now.

Match History

Match history allows users to have detailed game records of all the matches that they have played recently. Therefore, they will have a proper game record of all the wins and losses.


Dealing With Security Concerns

Our client's main concern was ensuring the user's personal information. The Rummy app that we built requires users to provide important and personal details from time to time. Thus, we were responsible for ensuring users' data and information security. Therefore, we used encrypted methods that helped us make sure of if there was any unauthorized access taking place or not. Also, we used advanced technologies to maximize the security aspects.

Orion InfoSolutions built the most robust and interactive rummy game app and helped clients run the game on-site without complications. We delivered their project on time and successfully met the market time. The client was satisfied with the service we offered to them. So team effort finally paid off.

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