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Teen Patti Game App
Teen Patti Game App


Teen Patti is an Indian casino card game popular worldwide and also known as Flush. The game is entertaining and played with a standard 52 deck of cards. The game's main objective is to make high-ranking hand combinations among all other players. In the game, only three cards are dealt face down, and the goal is to maximize the pot or prize pool to get the biggest win.

The game is mostly similar to the Poker and rummy games, in Teen Patti starts with placing a bet. In the Teen Patti game, the Ace holds the highest ranking card value and the two lowest. A player with the highest rank cardholder wins the game.

Client Requirements

Our clients have experienced that this new modern era is taking more interest in online games and, significantly, card games. So they decided to create a Teen Patti casino game which is currently way more popular than any card game. And also, our client observed that with a complete trending feature game gained a high engagement level. So, the client project requirement was to build a trending, feature-rich, and engaging Teen Patti game that delivers value and profitability to their business and users' unique game application.

To do that, they searched us, and we clearly understood our client's expectations and objectives. They told us they were looking for the best game development company. And so they contacted Orion InfoSolutions to build a robust and feature-rich Teen Patti game application with cross-platform support.

Teen Patti Game App
Teen Patti Game App

How To Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a very easy-to-understand game that contains fundamental card rules. The Teen Patti game starts when all players place initial bets in the pot limit. The round begins when the dealer deals three cards to each player face down. After dealing the cards to each player, they choose whether they want to play blind or seen. If a player is ready to show cards, then the high ranking cardholder wins, but if none wants to show their cards, they can go for an increased pot limit to win big in one go.

There are a few card combinations of Teen Patti games like:

Trio that contains three cards of the same rank or value.

Straight Flush, where the player has three cards in a sequence in a given suit.

Sequence or Straight when the player has three cards of any suit but in a sequence.

Color or Flush player has three cards of the same suit but not in a given sequence.

Pair or Two of a Kind is where a player has two same card values and a hand.

High Card, when the player has all three high cards, it doesn't matter which suit.

Features of Teen Patti Game Development

Teen Patti Game App

Best UX/UI Design

Our developed Teen Patti game is user-friendly and offers top-notch interface quality and user experience.

Trendy Game Modes

We incorporate the trendiest Teen Patti game modes like Classic Teen Patti, Multiplayer, and Play with friends.

Timely Updates

We ensure the game stays engaging and eliminates bugs, errors, and boredom by delivering timely updates to users.

RNG Certified Systems

Certified RNG system developed by our professionals fosters a random number generator so that the game stays fair.

Cross-Platform Support

Our programming tools, software, and technologies allow us to build solutions that opt for cross-platform compatibility.

Payment Gateways

The Teen Patti game we develop possesses advanced securities that increase users payment experience.

Anti-Cheat Detection

We hate cheaters who make other players' gaming experience worse; therefore, we integrate the best Anti Cheat Detection System.

Multiple Teen Patti Variations

We incorporate several popular Teen Patti game variations, such as Odd Sequence, Stud, and Pack Jack that makes game more interesting.

Real-time Upgrades

To make your game application completely fresh and bug-free, we offer timely updates, upgradation, and bug-fixing features.

Challenges In Teen Patti Game Development

The biggest challenge was, when the client handed us a list of all the rich features that needed to be added to the game. As a result, the cost exceeded the client's set budget limit. But the client still wanted the features; therefore, we decided to look around the features again and check if there was something that we could remove. Apart from that, the time the client offered us was nearly above our head. After so many meetings, it finally concluded from both sides.

In conclusion, the Orion InfoSolutions development team removed some unnecessary features and options and delivered their project on time. Plus, we successfully published their game during the current marketing time.

Teen Patti Game App
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