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MarryApp is the new wedding community App. Find the best Services for your wedding, manage your Guest and keep.

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The overview of the application is to allow users to post a wedding event and invite the friends And family members to join the wedding and make the suggestions for the to do placed using Google Map.

The user who has joined can make suggestions of wedding location, photograpgy, Flower decor, car decor, music band etc totally there were 18 types of suggestions could be Made and apart from that users are able to chat and able to post photos on a wedding photo wall.

Client Initial Requirements

Initially client came to us with such a briliant idea. The actual idea was to reduce the efforts of event Organiser by bringing users to create an event and inviting friends to attand the event and make to do Suggestions.

The Application will be use to create Event To-Do List that contains an initial screen with greetings and sign up functionality. Users are able to sign up on the application by their existing social account after confirming from the client. Once the user sign up he/she is able to explore by clicking start button. The start button takes user to their dashboard which carries the user’s events details which he/she joined in MyEvent section and events which are active in Event section. Here users can create their own events as well.

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Application Features

  • Sign Up & Login feature with social media.
  • Create wedding
  • Invite Users
  • Make suggestions of to do list
  • Update event join status
  • Event Photowall to post photos of the event
  • Chat feature to allow all guest to chat together
  • Post own events
  • Multilingual App


The most chanllanging part in the project was the suggestion part, that part basically have 3 types of Suggestions. Suggestion could be made using Google Map, Manually entering location details and exiting Database.

The new suggestions for the wedding goes into app database, that other user can select one To make as a suggestions. That part the key part of the app.

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Admin Panel / API

Laravel IN JSON format using Laravel




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