Mobile Game Development – 10 Big & Unsound Myths of Mobile Game Development.

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Nobody can say that games are only for Younger’s. It has a big place of every age group.

The very first mobile game has been developed around 1995. Since from that, the mobile game becomes a huge platform for entertainment and as well as for business.

Isn’t it true…!

Well, mobile games have earned a wider reputation and there is no doubt it has a wider and big scope too.

As from the point of developers, it has a fantastic platform to raise their name and fame and get above standard life living. And, from the customer approach, it is just platform for entertainments, shooting, winning, killing and victory (that’s all)

You will be surprised to know that, from the age of 2013 to the successful completion journey in 2017, the mobile game development company has earned billion dollar revenue (according to the certified statistics)…!

Look down…!


I know (I am too in shock)

But, this is 2018 what happens to the gaming industry? What do you think? Are they get perfection or they get imperfection?

What do you think? (Hmmm)

Well, my opinion, the gaming industry as well for raising profit (plus) economy rate too.

Well, some researchers said that the revenue of mobile game industry will not go to take pause for a second; it has a fuel jet inspection that leverages enterprises to earn much higher than (as compared to 2017).

But one thing is for sure, developing the mobile game is not like ‘2-minute Maggi recipe’…!

It is a hard and time-consuming job to develop and test game…!

Did you play, ‘Asphalt 9 legend’ in your superior smartphone?

I mentioned this game as for an example to give you knowledge about the development process.

The Asphalt 9 – legend, proudly takes more than 1 year to develop…!

This is not a joke (it really happens)

By assuming that, the gaming industry is a really marvelous platform for developers and for industries also.

But there is some meaningful reason, flies in the global market which I am going to mention in this blog.

So, keep in touch and don’t jump with this…!

Today in this blog, I am gonna to tell you about some unsound myths (rumors) about mobile game development.

Let’s start…!

What Are The Restraining Forces Submerging the Gaming Industry in 2018?

1. Developing Game is Easy

developing game is easy

Survey says People who like do programming in game or we can say, people who develop a game application, they know that they can’t just copy-paste as one source code to other. This is a misconception/myth of ‘lazy developer’.

2. All Game Developer is Rich

all game developer is rich

You must have played games on mobile you can justify them I mean every game has different specifications. We read about the game that cost millions to make. So we can’t compare every developer salary or area of knowledge. This myth is stayed annoyed, it is can’t be justified.

3. Realistic Graphics mean a better game

realistic graphics mean a better game

As we all know about that graphics can attract people and if we talk about realistic (related to real life entity) graphic or people relate with the game that is not sufficient to be known as the name as a better game.

There are much game has been outsourced in the Google App Store, that literally has earned a wider scope in just low graphic (in modern days).

4. Game development doesn’t care about Bugs

game development dont care about bugs

It is a big myth that a game developer doesn’t care about the bugs or errors in the game. Even that it has compiled very carefully, the developer checks every condition on the game for betting errors and make one popular and imaginable game for a long-last year.

5. One Game, One Year

one game,one year

I am agreeing with these statements, but for some reason (I feel)…!

That is also a big myth in the area of game development. Big companies like Unreal Engine, Unity; trying to make an everyday update or testing on their games.

But thanks to the technology, it makes simpler. The big games take time to develop but in some regard, there is the well-named game out in the market in less period of time.

6. Game developers are loaded

game developers are loaded

We generally saw the news that millions of units sold of a game and the business of the gaming company are huge and it’s not easy to think game makers are rich. Except all, you are working for a game studio, your income has in good number but maybe it’s not comfortable.

7. A user always know what’s best for a game

user always know what best for a game

The gameplay is defined by their passion- who use to play the game that will find it out inside and out, and have very good feeling about logics should use in the game. But, due to this feeling and assortments, user’s feels that they are the master of the game, but initially, it is not true.

8. Need Specific degree

need specific degree

It is also added in the myth list that developers need a degree to become professional game developers. But in my opinion, it is annoying.

The person who knows the basic level of coding, he/she can easily manage to develop and code a beautiful game.

9. No Job in Game Industry

There are no jobs or a few jobs around the same thing when we talk about the mobile game industry. That’s true always seems people cry about how there are no job but there are always jobs if you are looking for them. Just once you need to explore the opportunities in a suitable manner.

10. Developer do, for his profit

developer do for his profit

It’s trying that creates a design decision which is made that do in fact hinge on maximizing value but no profits. From developer experience-we never felt as though any employer of mine out to get as much money as possible from their game user.

Regard to this, these are the unsound myths that users or developers around the world use to say and submerging the game development company.


Mobile game development is a fast-growing industry compare to other industry

In fact, developers who develop game really need appreciation for their work in the gaming industry. If you need a developer who has the requisite skills to transform your idea into a lucrative game business, you can explore the talent hunt from the Orion infosolutions hub.

Mark my word stay out of myth (rumors) about game development they are like fire in the mountain.

I hope you are able to learn what exactly I mean to explain on this blog…!

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