3 Phase of Mobile App Development

3 Phase of Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are everywhere and it simplifying our social, technological, and business lifecycle in a foremost way…!

So, the mobile app development company has different quilts to deal with and develop awesome mobile apps in a strategic manner.

Mobile app development is a piping hot topic in the IT industry. Every software developer is tried to develop a UI-friendly application for the mobile user.

Well, people who use Mobile app some time they feel in virtual reality and attachment to the mobile app through other sophisticated apps.

Nowadays, making a mobile application isn’t a hard nut to crack…!

However, creating a successful mobile application is a process, which required high planning and systematic operation with proper inflow structure, which is quite helpful in affecting a large number of the app market.

Making/Developing mobile applications becomes as simple as ‘twisting the key to open lock’.

But in a pure manner, (Developing application) is really time-consuming job along with the utilization of personal skills.

Want to know, in what circumstances, schedule, and environment mobile application development process goes.

Just stay connected and enjoy…!

Today, in this Blog I will go to outline some Phases of Mobile App Development that help to know how mobile applications are developed and in what suitable manner it should be developed.

Let’s start…!

Success Story Behind – Developing a Successful Mobile Application!

1. Planning

If you want to develop any type of app you need to start with proper planning. Planning is very important to do any work. In mobile app development, we know that every task begins with a plan. Planning is the first step in mobile app development. In planning, it includes some vital aspects too (look down)…!

• Research – Without analysis and research a mobile app plan is incomplete and we can’t design any application. Mobile is a social networking device; developers start to frame out some ideas for mobile app development that behave research part.

• Scope – After the research, it’s easy to know the area of the scope of a mobile application. The developers try to develop a mobile app according to the statistic of research. This helps to eliminate future errors of any activity.

• Architecture – It is important to set the architecture of mobile programs or how a mobile app run and execute, it helps experts to carry further process in a systematic manner like debugging and updating the app, etc. Mobile app architecture is a technique to develop a fully structured mobile application.

2. Design

The mobile app should be eye-catchy!

There is a flutter of well UI and smooth interface applications live in the markets which are insanely developed by cognitive and smart mobile app development companies.

Mobile app designs are growing just like web design, in between both of them there’s an unchanging situation nowadays. If you want to try to make a design for a mobile app, you must have the knowledge to start and process to design the eye-catchy user interface.

Designing is not only one word or one task, it includes various agile scenarios which is most important for an effective UI design.

• Prototype – Every mobile app needs a similar object for modification, this object is called a prototype. The prototype pattern especially helps in to develop a preliminary version of a mobile application. Drawing patterns, help to make higher use of the composite and decorator design to build an actual one.

• Frames – Before moving to code, the developer needs to design the visual presentation of the working area of an application. To set a frame of application is quite difficult because every device has its own screen size or screen ratio. So, it wouldn’t be a normal and simple job.

• Designing – The UI/UX Design team needs to set the design of an application. It’s important to keep UI smooth and flexible. Designing the project or application can be completed within a single afternoon or can take a team a whole lot of hours.

3. Development

The development phase is the last phasing of application development and it generally starts quite earlier. After preparing the design or structure of an app, the development phase can proceed successfully. In the development process, there are sub-phases develop, Populate, testing (which is discussed below).

• Develop – The designer uses the fixed architecture or prototype for the application development. In the developing phase both the parts (front-end and Back-end) are done in a proper manner.

• Populate – First, no one can’t do it alone. It’s a probably heavy task. Mobile applications are built in the parts like front-end & back-end as we discuss in the above point. After organizing the semi-finished parts, which means successfully populating, developers move on to another level.

• Testing – Beta testing is the last step part of mobile app development. Before launching, the testing team needs to cover all the necessary facts of the application.


In the field of Mobile Application development following phases can help you to clear all the confusion about any type of Mobile Application like Android, iOS, windows, etc.

In this blog, we try to give a proper guideline about mobile Application development.

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You can able to learn the proper procedure of mobile app development…! (Click and go)…!

Every application is different and every possible situation can’t possibly cover, but I hope me able to talk about every angle of mobile application development.

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