7 Ways to Create Your Perfect SEO Strategy in 2018

7 Ways to Create Your Perfect SEO Strategy in 2018

SEO [Search Engine Optimization] is counted most important digital marketing strategy. For this, we need a perfect strategy that can boost our services in a better way. If you are familiar with digital marketing then Search engine marketing is also familiar slang. For business growth and prosperity, a perfect strategy is needed that can boost our business services. If we don’t apply the proper method then our business will be out of the competition.

To stand out in competition, our business needs SEO services that can increase its online demand. SEO is an organic way that takes time and we have to apply the right process for it. We have to regularly work for it so it can drive according to us. For the execution right business strategy, we have to follow the latest trends.

Google also updated its algorithm to serve best results to their users. According to Google, they make minor changes approximate every day, and sometimes we also see major updates that are the cause of big changes. We can count Panda, Pigeon, Penguin and AMP, and many more. For best results always follow Google updates.

Our website should follow Google rules and regulations. SEO is a game changer practice that serves you the chance to rank services and if your services are getting high rank then your business will surely prosper and you will lead your business in a good way.

In this blog, we will guide you regarding SEO that how we can improve our business, and how we can generate a lead with the help of SEO. When we apply all strategies properly then we can improve our brand, search ranking, increase traffic and website performance in an easy approach. Here, we will count all the factors that are important to us.

Focus on Voice

In 2016, Google states that more than 20% of search queries are generated by mobile voice search. These numbers are increased due to services like Siri, Google assistance, Cortana, and amazons Alexa. All these services make you able to do a search via voice. As technology is gaining more hike and we are looking more advancement in it then people prefer to search their query via voice command.

Search Engine Optimization

For getting more responses, we have to focus on voice search because if we will count it then we will also get that 20% query for our business and it will surely help us to enrich our business. To implement this strategy we have to use long-tail keywords in our content so it can be counted in voice search.

We should also focus on the syntax that is used by us in regular language and it will help us to target voice commands. At the time, in near future approximate all queries will be done by the user through voice search. Voice search is demanding too much and after focusing on it, we can get better results.


Mobile searches are increasing with time and it already gains lead than desktop. People are preferring mobile over desktop. Mobile has become the first choice for users. Google also counts mobile trends and involves it in showing search results. Approximate all search engines are giving more value to mobile.

Google also serves us quality results by calculating a mobile version of the website and if your website is working well on mobile then you will get more value. If our pages load on mobile fast and pages are responsive then your ranking will improve a lot.

SEO Optimization

Always pay heed to mobile devices to get better visibility on search engine results. In digital marketing, mobile devices are counting in priority.


We can say that snippet is a short description of your content that is used by Google to know about the content. Google count is very serious. Recently Google increases its size from 170 characters to 300 characters. So, we are having a good chance to show more about our content.

Generally, snippets are a short summary of our content. If our snippets are unique then it will get more organic results. 10% organic traffic is taken by snippets. That’s why we also focus on Meta description. When crawlers crawl a webpage then at first it goes to Meta title and description.

Google decided to search results according to the snippets like if you are searching to buy anything then it will show you an e-commerce website and if you are looking for research then it will show media pages. So, all these things are decided according to the Meta. So, always write your snippet according to the content and keywords.


When we search any query in the search bar then the result is calculated by AI [Artificial Intelligence] and smart assistant. Machine leanings use too much in Google to serve best results to their users. Google always want to serve more and more fine results to their user so they can get what they are looking for. When we make any kind of search then it also counts our location, intends, trends, and more than 200 factors for calculating results.

Keywords are the most important aspects of search and SEO. All things depend upon it. Always count long-tail keywords in content and its density must be 1% to 3%. Our keywords should be looking like organic and it should not be stuffed by us. According to Google Norms and regulations, we should mention keywords in our content.

User Experience

User experience is counted as the most important factor. When your website is loading easily on both mobile and web then users will be more interested in your services. All your website functions must work properly. According to a survey if your website I taking more than 3 seconds to load then more than 40% of users will turn away from your website.

So, load time is always counted. That’s why Google releases its recent algorithm as AMP [Accelerate Mobile Page]. If we apply AMP on our website then our page will load faster than a non-AMP website. So, we can use AMP to load our website fast.

Many websites take too much time to load and it is a demerit of that website. It affects the website too much. When we will open this kind of website then it will take more time and users will suddenly bounce back from it and this type our bounce rate will increase and our search ranking will be down. Because user engagement is considered as a better sign for your rank.

If the user is spending more time on your website that means they are impressed with your services and Google counts it and it helps to improve our ranking. If our website is slow then with time its ranking will be down and your website will get low traffic.

Expand Your Horizon

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are having high dominance in the IT industry. When people launch their services online then they always try to make their services high rank in this search engine. The industry is changing and counting advancements in their services like Voice search and Artificial Intelligence. Google is counted top search engine and many more competitors of it working in it.

Another service like Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant is in too much demand. If you are trying to expand your business then also cover all other services where you will get more explanation. For making our services richer we have to follow up on all services that can help us to boost our services.

Content Quality

In SEO content is king. Content is more valuable than anything else. Quality and relevancy is the most affecting factor. If we are using high-quality content with relevancy then we will surely count a big boost in our services. Our content always focused on the user and not on the machine. Our content should be able to well research. Research-based content pays us more. Bad and low-quality content will always count as the negative factor for us.

Our content should have long tails keywords, voice-based, Artificial Intelligence, and research-based. In Content, keywords density should be counted by us.

So, these types of all of the given factors are counted in the best SEO strategy. If we will follow all the above tricks then surely we will be able to boost our services via organic SEO. We have to focus on content and backlink that is of high priority. SEO is a vast field but if we will apply the best techniques then we will get the best results.

SEO is an organic way to increase SERP rank and it will stay long last. Organic SEO always gives us better results than paid. If we will run paid Champaign then it will give results but only for a short time whenever it runs. But in organic SEO, we get the best results that run long last. In SEO, we improve the rank of our website or webpage by following a tactic.

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