Android Instant Apps: A Complete Walkthrough on How to Create, Run, Debug, Deploy and Use.

Android instant apps

Hey… since many of voyage years has been passed, and we are still connected with the smartphone technology. Every year we got a chance to bind with somewhat and something trending.

But, what we can say about Google Instant Applications?


Google Instant Application or Android Instant Application is a comfort free service application basically designs to minimize the burden of usage of the application.

Not understand…! I make it simple…

Globally ‘Google’ leverages the new wonderful features for the Android called Instant Apps. Instant Applications allows you to access cloud-based variant of the application on your enable Android Smartphone without downloading or installing them, you can leverage the service of the instant application via on Google Play Store.

Android Instant Application not only provides comforts and enjoyment to the customers but also giving various enhances services to the business industry too.

Now you are assuming what type of services?

As Android Instant Application dominates the various Android application development company at the fingertip, the competition is not just arising but it killing the market as well too.

As a customer point-of-view, Instant Application is like a robot (simple, instructive, and comfortable).

Doesn’t it sound overwhelmed!

Today, I this blog I will brief you out about ‘How to create, Run, Debug, Deploy, and Use Instant Application’.

So let get started with ‘Create’.



To create instant apps, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Launch Android Studio and create a new project.
  2. In the create Android Project Window do the following operations
  • In the application name box write – My First Instant Application
  • In the company domain box write –
  • Enter Package name –
  • Hit Next
  1. Next, in the Target Android Device window, do the following:
  • First, select your device
  • Under the minimum SDK disk, checkmark Android Instant App Support
  • Then, click Next
  1. In the Customize Instant App Support window, leave the default setting same, and click Next
  2. In the Add an Activity to Mobile window, select Empty Activity. And Click Next.

  3. In the Configure Activity window, do the following operation:
  • In the Instant App URL host box enter –
  • In the same box enter – /hello

  • Keep the default values of the other settings.
  • Click Finish

To run your Instant apps follow below instruction:

  1. Click the instantapp module in the project window and then select > Run > Run Instantapp
  2. Next, select your test device or emulator where you’d like to run the app from Select Deployment Target Window



You might encounter some errors while initiating this phase.

The most common issue faced by many android application development company is that “Load URL in the browser instead of instant apps”.

So to fix this issue, you can Google it and watch complete walkthrough fixing.



To deploy your application follow these instruction carefully:

  1. In Android Studio, select Build > Generate Signed APK
  2. And choose the instantapp module. And, then Click Next

Hey…well set….! Good

Now if you want to ‘USE’ Android Instant Application. Not just this any of them…please do same as i noted: –

But before this operation first you need to enable Android Instant Application on your Smartphone.

  1. Hit the Setting button form your Smartphone.
  2. Click Google under the personal category.
  3. Select the Instant Apps under the Service category.
  4. Enable the toggle on the top-right of the screen.
  5. After reading all terms and condition finally click on YES.


How to enable android apps

Surprised by what Android Instant Apps can do! You can hire android developer for your business development at affordable cost.


It is not as tough as you thought; it is simply because ‘Android Instant Apps’ is simple, fast, and time-saver.

  1. Search on Google Play Store for any ‘INSTANT APPS’ from your Android Smartphone.
  2. Find numerous applications but click on one that shows ‘INSTANT’.
  3. Then simply click on ‘OPEN APP’.


I hope you like this article about on “Android Instant Apps”. This will helps many seekers who want to develop, run, debug, deploy, and use Instant Apps.

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