Apple iOS 15 Version New Features For iPhone

Apple iOS 15 Version New Features For iPhone
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Apple has released iOS 15, the latest version of its mobile operating system. There is a slew of new features for your iPhone in this update, including an improved way to use Safari, a preconfigured mode that changes your home screen settings instantly, and huge improvements to FaceTime. Here's how you can download iOS 15.1, including all the new features.

What is the compatibility of your iPhone?

Older iPhones may not support iOS 15. The iPhone 6S (2015) or newer will make the cut if it's an iPhone 6S (2015) or newer. However, you should also know that some features, such as Portrait mode on FaceTime, Live Text, augmented reality directions in Maps, and spatial audio is only possible on iPhones with the A12 Bionic chipset or higher. For the update to work properly, you need an iPhone XS or higher.

Using portrait mode on FaceTime

Several major upgrades have been made to Apple's video-calling app, making it more comparable to videoconferencing services like Zoom and Google Meet. You can create multiperson chats using a grid view similar to Zoom's conference calls. You can also use the Portrait mode, which works like the one in the Camera app, blurring out your messy room in the background while keeping your face in focus.  As well as creating FaceTime links, you can add these to your calendar for others to use for video chats. Even users of Android phones or Windows laptops with the link can join these calls, which are still end-to-end encrypted.

A group video call sounds more natural with FaceTime's spatial audio. Sounds are spaced out based on where your friends are on the grid, so it feels as if you're all in the same room. The microphone now has two new features: Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum. If you use the former, the other person will only hear your voice because all background noise will be removed. When you use the latter, your surroundings will be recorded.

Focus is a new feature from Apple

Each part of your day should have its own profile: work time, lunchtime, and sleepy time.

Having endless notifications appear on your iPhone can be overwhelming. iOS 15 introduces some new ways to manage notifications and a new look for notifications.

A new Do Not Disturb mode silences all notifications, as well as contact photos for your messages and app notifications. When you have Do Not Disturb enabled in Messages, your friends and family will be notified just like they would in a status update when you do not want to be disturbed. Messages can still be sent through, just as when Do Not Disturb is enabled in Slack or other apps.

It's possible for you to view small notifications throughout the day, such as early in the morning or late at night, with the new Notification Summary feature. The app analyses your phone usage patterns to determine what notifications should be included in the summary and when they should be delivered to you. It is powered by on-device machine learning. There's no need to worry-your messages and missed phone calls won't fall into the Summary section. It's an opt-in feature as well. Check out the Scheduled Summary in Settings > Notifications.

You can now customize your iPhone's home screen to suit your mood based on the widgets on your home screen. The home screen will display apps and widgets related to the modes you choose (or create up to 10 Focuses). When the clock strikes 9 am, you can customize your home screen so that only work-related apps, widgets, and messages appear. A timer model can be timed to begin when you leave or enter a specific location or can be activated when you leave or enter a specific hour.

All your apps will remain accessible via the App Library, and you can turn off the "Focus" at any time. The Messages app currently allows your friends and family to view if you're in a Focus if you don't want to be disturbed, but with a Status API, any messaging app will be able to support this.

Improved Safari, Live Text, and Photo Memories

Live Text is one of iOS 15's coolest features, and it's a result of Apple's improvements in computer vision technology. You'll find a text icon on the bottom right of your camera app if you point it at anything with text. By doing so, you'll be able to copy and paste the text to another app without having to highlight it. Tap the text icon on the bottom right of images with text in your Photos library too-it works the same way. You can tap a phone number or an address in a photo that has Live Text because it turns it into a link. Numbers automatically appear in the dialer and addresses appear on Maps.

One of the strangest features of Apple Music is the integration with Photos. You'll find a new version of Memories in the Photos app's For You tab - this new feature offers a mini-movie with a relevant song selected automatically from Apple Music (but only if you subscribe to the service). While watching the movie, you can change the speed, switch songs, switch filters, or swap images. This feature is similar to one Google introduced in 2018, but Apple gives you far more control over the music integration.

One-handed use of Safari has been made easier. In order to maximize the space on your screen, the URL bar is now located at the bottom. There are your favorite websites, reading list, and content shared with you on the new tab page in Safari, similar to the interface on macOS or your iPad.Tabs can be grouped together and you can swipe through them. Safari extensions will also be available for iOS for the first time. Currently, only a few of the extensions that are available on a computer are available in the App Store.


When you FaceTime with anyone, you'll be able to share your screen, movies, music, and Fitness+ workouts with SharePlay in iOS 15.1. How about listening to a new album together? Using Apple Music is easy. Perhaps you would like to watch a movie while video chatting with your long-distance partner? No problem. While watching the movie on the big screen, you can AirPlay it to your TV.

Other developers can also add support for the new service, though providers such as Disney+, HBOMax, ESPN+, and TikTok have already signed on. Developers have a great deal of control over the implementation. As an example, if both video call users wish to view a movie on Disney+, Disney could offer a free trial, let anyone watch one free movie a month via SharePlay, or block access if neither party has an account. Developers decide.

Maps that are more detailed

Traveling is now possible with Apple Maps, the enhanced version released last year. iOS 15 adds more detail to Apple Maps. Commercial districts feature more street-level details, while cities have elevation information, and landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge have custom designs. In Maps, highway interchanges are now displayed in 3D, so you can see exactly which lane you need to be in as you drive. This feature will also be available in CarPlay later in 2021.

You can point your phone at buildings in front of you to have Apple's augmented reality point the way if you are taking public transportation. Maps will tell you when to get off, and once you get off the bus or outside the subway station, you will see where you need to go. It is similar to Google Maps' AR Live View.

Apple iOS device shared with you

Some apps now include a "Shared With You" section for certain items your friends share in Messages.

The new Shared With You section in the Photos app will display all images shared by someone on a trip that you were a part of.

You can find news articles sent to you in the Shared With You section of Apple News. If you didn't have time to look at what your friends or family members sent you earlier, this is another chance.

You can now share and find the content you share with others in Apple Photos, News, Podcasts, Safari, TV, and Music.


On an Apple phone, you can use Spotlight

Searching for contacts, celebrities, or movies will be a lot more detailed in Spotlight, the bar that appears when you swipe down on the home screen. As well as being able to search for your photos, you can download apps from it. By sliding down on the display, you can now access it right from your Lock Screen.

Health App

Health data can now be shared with family and caregivers through Apple's Health App. They can then easily keep track of metrics and receive notifications if anything unusual occurs. Another new feature is the Walking Steadiness metric, which analyses your fall risk automatically.

Vaccination records and Covid-19 test results can also be stored in the app you can access your medical record through a QR code or browser whenever you use the Health app, or you can download it from the location where you received your vaccinations. You will be able to view your vaccination card after adding your vaccination records to the Wallet app.


This new service is free for anyone already subscribed to iCloud. In addition to adding one-off burner emails when you sign up for services on the web, it also adds HomeKit Secure Video support and a feature called iCloud Private Relay that encrypts all data traveling through your device, somewhat like a virtual private network.

Addition of new features

Courtesy of Apple

In addition to these features, iOS 15 offers a lot more. These are some of the highlights.

iOS 15.1 allows for recording ProRes video on iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, which can be turned on by going to Settings > Camera > Formats > ProRes. Afterward, you can choose ProRes in the video tab in the camera app. The file size is much larger when using this format, but you have greater control when editing.

Occasionally, the iPhone 13 Pro camera keeps switching lenses as you get closer to a subject to enable macro mode. iOS 15.1 now enables you to disable Auto Macro (Settings > Camera > Auto Macro) in order to prevent this. For Macro to work, you must manually switch to the ultrawide camera and move close to the subject.

To transfer your data to a new iPhone when you run out of storage space, you can backup your data to iCloud.

Apple acquired Dark Sky last year, and it appears that the app is finally coming to iOS. The new Weather app features a more detailed design, a background that changes in accordance with current weather conditions, as well as access to high-resolution weather maps.

IMessage groups multiple photos (sent simultaneously) into a stack you can swipe through, rather than scrolling through one long message. Alternatively, you can tap on the collage icon to view them all at once.

You can look up information about landmarks, plants, pets, or books using Visual Look Up, just like you can with Google Lens.

It hides your IP address and location and prevents senders from knowing whether you opened an email.

iOS 15 makes talking to Siri more secure than ever because your audio is no longer sent to the cloud. With the help of Siri, you can set an alarm or enable Dark Mode without an internet connection, and it'll run much faster.

AirPods Pro and AirPods Max can now be found through the Find My app.

During this summer's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple demonstrated a majority of the new features available in iOS 15, but not all of them are available right away. This article lists a few of the delayed features.

Privacy Report for Applications

On iOS, you can access the Apple privacy report

You can see what apps have accessed your camera, microphone, location, and photos over the past seven days by going to Settings > Privacy > Recent App Activity. You can even see what third-party domains your data is being sent to, so you know where your data is going. However, the above pleasant interface is not available yet. At the moment, you can only open a downloadable report on a PC or Mac after 7 days.

Digital Wallet

Apple's Wallet app includes a driver's license

Apple continues to push for control over your physical wallet. In iOS 15, you can add additional keys in addition to those you could add last year. If you have a smart lock, an access card to gain access to your office, or a hotel room key, you can add it to your Apple Watch. Hyatt is rolling out this functionality to 1,000 properties globally, and yes, you will be able to enter your room by tapping your Apple Watch.

You can also add your driver's license to Wallet by scanning it with your iPhone's camera. Currently, Georgia and Arizona are among the states that offer this service. Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah will also have access to the service in the future. The airport will be one of the first places where you can use your digital ID. Apple says TSA checkpoints will be able to support the feature.

CSAM Detection

Apple phones detect CSAM

Children's safety features were originally planned for Messages and iCloud Photos in iOS 15. A child with an iPhone will see the blurred photo and get a warning if he or she views a sexually explicit iMessage. If the child views the photo, parents will receive an alert.

CSAMs (child sexual abuse materials) are also detected. Essentially, Apple can scan CSAM hashes in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for images uploaded to iCloud Photos on your iPhone or iPad. When the company detects a specific amount of CSAM images, Apple moderators will view these images and report them to the NCMEC. Nevertheless, Apple is delaying these new features due to privacy concerns.

iPadOS 15

Updated iPadOS features

Due to its DNA similarity with iOS, iPadOS 15 brings many of the same features as iOS. Apple didn't launch a standalone name in 2019 by accident. Listed below are a few iPad-specific features (plus two that apply to iOS as well).

Enhanced Multitasking

Multitasking got a small boost with the new Split View or Slide Over menu at the top of the screen, no swiping is required. You can view the home screen and open a new app by swiping down on the app. Swapping apps on the home screen is as simple as swiping down on the app. Putting multiple instances of an application on a shelf lets you cycle between them.

There are new keyboard shortcuts that enable you to make use of these new multitasking options without having to tap the iPad's screen.

Quick notes on iPad

Google Docs has been incorporated into the Notes app. In shared notes, you can now mention your contacts and they will get an alert. Tags for organizations are also available, and you can view exactly what has changed. Do you think this is a great fey making Notes system-wide, you can get to them from anywhere on your iPad. Anywhere on the iPad. Swipe in from the corner and you'll see a notepad similar to a Post-It that you can use to jot down quick notes.

A wide variety of gadgets

Visually, the most interesting feature is that widgets can be placed anywhere on the home screen, just like on an iPhone. You'll find larger widgets to make better use of the larger display, and Apple has even integrated the App Library so you don't have to deal with dozens of home pages. The App Library will be available on the dock of the iPad.

The Smarter Way to Translate

Language translations have been reworked. In the Translate app, you can translate a conversation in real-time without tapping a screen. In addition, translations are now available system-wide. To translate text, select the context menu and select Translate. iOS has a similar feature.

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