Best Cricket Sports Betting App in India 2022

Best Cricket Sports Betting App in India 2022


Are you looking for a cricket sports betting platform where you can earn real cash and also be able to play other games? Then you have come to the right place because, in this blog, I will tell you the best cricket sports betting apps currently popular in the app market.

As you know, IPL and other fantasy cricket games have created a new era of cricket format where players only hit non-stop, and fans cheer for their favorite teams. But now, the game is changing, and people can watch their favorite team matches on their smartphones with cricket sports apps. These apps have made a new digital presence in the online market that offers a complete sports package. In the sports betting app, you can watch live cricket matches and earn money by playing fantasy games or placing bets on live cricket matches. The craziness of fantasy sports apps among sports fans and bettors is increasing daily.

Fantasy sports apps are in high demand as they offer many benefits. But are they even trustable? I will say, yes, they are highly trustable, but still, there's a catch. In the app market, you will find dozens of cricket betting apps, all of which will tell you that they are the best and offer many great rewards. Therefore, before entering your personal information or doing any transaction in the app, you should always research or see their reputation, reviews, and rating online. Many grievers and hoggers are ready to steal your money the second you enter their platform.

Now you must be confused about these apps; therefore, we have made this article to guide you on which cricket betting apps are genuinely secured and the best platform to bet on. So, let's get on to the topic quickly.

What Is a Cricket Betting App?

The cricket betting app is one of the best platforms, with millions of fans in India. The fantasy sports apps took the whole game to the next level and created a new era of betting on live cricket. This is how fantasy sports games came into the cricket betting industry. Many fantasy sports apps are still on the rise around the world.

The users and followers of fantasy sports apps are growing massively. The popularity of fantasy cricket has been steadily increasing by 35-50% each year, and it is estimated that the fantasy cricket user base will increase by about 1000 million by 2025–2030. In the current scenario, more than 7.5 million sports fans are associated with the fantasy sports industry. So you can get an idea of ​​how much the fantasy gaming industry is gaining popularity in India.

This kind of rate of growth encourages sports betting app development companies to expand fantasy sports apps in our gaming industry. Several cricket betting website development companies have already taken this number to their advantage and are now at the top of the fantasy sports gaming industry. These cricket betting apps offer many benefits like legal betting, massive prize pools, live match streaming, etc. Also, they are the best platform for online money-making where people can play games and earn money without issues, as these apps are legal betting platforms in India.

What are the Benefits of Cricket Betting Apps in India?

As I mentioned earlier, having a cricket betting app offers many benefits, and their availability on every platform such as android, iOS and the web is the biggest. These Sports betting apps are free to download and give full security and trust as their popularity and reputation in the market are on the next level.

If you want to learn about various benefits of using cricket betting apps, you can read the below-mentioned information that will give you a quick look at the benefits. It will also explain why you should follow cricket betting apps. And some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Sports betting apps allow you to see live scores of the matches.
  • You can watch live streaming of the matches.
  • Helps you to place bets with complete match and player stats and details.
  • It offers massive prize pools, daily winnings, and much more.
  • Challenge other players to top the leaderboard.
  • It allows live streaming betting so that users can play bets while watching live matches.
  • Enhance the overall gaming experience of the users.

1. My11Circle - Cricket Betting App

My11Circle is one of the fastest-growing sports betting cricket apps in the past few years. The fantasy sports game app adds to the fun with over 9 million winners, daily prize pools, free contests to win daily awards, and top leaderboard contests and games for fun. This cricket sports betting app is something that you can't ignore. With many games available, you will be kept engaged and entertained. My11Circle is a new secured and trusted fantasy cricket app that helps you earn real money online safely.

2. CricPlay - Cricket Betting App

CricPlay is a free cricket sport betting android app in India, as players do not need to add a deposit. This app has all the major cricket leagues on the platform, such as Fantasy League, Challenger League, and many more. Above all, this app provides features like player replacement and captain changer. The other great feature is that the Super League format differentiates CricPlay from other fantasy sports apps in the fantasy sports game industry.

3. Gamezy - Cricket Betting App

If you are a pure cricket betting lover, I would recommend trying Gamezy, as it is India's most popular cricket betting app. Gamezy provides fantasy sports, rummy, poker, and some casual games. The app is free to download on Play Store and App Store and also available on the web. Various bonuses, rewards, and many payment methods make this app completely trustable and must have.

4. MPL - Cricket Betting App

MPL is one of India's most popular cricket betting apps that offers players the ability to play various online games for free, betting on fantasy games, team creation, latest sports news, and earn real cash. This platform offers more than 60 different online games to download free and play. The scoring system is simple, and the winner will decide according to the points. It provides many features like fast withdrawal options, fantasy games, and daily winnings.

5. MyTeam11 - Cricket Betting App

MyTeam11 is the most trusted fantasy cricket app where players can bet and play various games. This app has more than 18 million active users; apart from cricket, it also offers sports games like kabaddi, volleyball, football, basketball, etc. Like any other sports cricket betting app in India, it is also a great sports platform where you can create your dream team, earn points and win a massive prize pool daily.

6. Dream11 - Cricket Betting App

Dream11 is another great dedicated sports cricket betting app that is most popular among cricket fans and bettors. With various games, players will keep engaged with the app. Apart from cricket; this platform also provides various games to bet on. This app includes every feature that perfect sports betting should have; therefore, it is the most used and downloaded app in the Play Store.

Choose Your Favorite Sports Cricket Betting Apps by Keeping 5 Simple Things In Mind

With so many choices available in cricket betting apps, choosing the best can be overwhelming for you. But we will tell you how to choose the best sports betting app for betting. We have mentioned below 5 steps to help you find your choice of app to download on your device.

  1. Checking the Betting License of the company
  2. Banking methods offered by the mobile betting app
  3. Currencies offered by the mobile betting app
  4. Check if they provide 24/7 customer support
  5. And last but not least check what types of offers they provide

How To Download the Best Cricket Sports Betting Apps?

Downloading cricket betting apps will take only 4-5 minutes; you just need a good internet connection. If you want to download these apps, you need to search for them. You can select from our top list of cricket sports betting apps in India as well. So, the download procedure is not a science rocket; once you select your choice of app, go to their website and register your mail and username, etc.

After submitting your valid details, the download link will appear; you just have to download it on your phone and install it. To install the APK file, first, you must first permit installation from other sources in the settings. And after installing the app successfully, you just have to log in and start playing it. You can also download those apps from Play Store and App Store, if available. Here, you have successfully installed your choice of cricket sports betting app on your phone, now enjoy and play.

How to Develop Your Best Cricket Sports Betting App with Us?

We are a leading Mobile app development company proficiently in developing the best Cricket Sports betting Apps for every platform. If you have an idea and want to build your first cricket sports betting website or app and find a qualified company to work on your project, we can help you easily; you need to send your inquiry, submit your project details, and leave the rest to us. We can make your ideas a reality, hire us and get feature-rich and business-ready cricket sports betting solutions in no time.


To choose the best cricket betting apps, firstly, you should know about the various aspects of these apps; it will help you see which one is secure and trustable for betting and playing games. Therefore, putting your time into searching about them can increase your chance of finding the best sports betting app. If you don't focus on all the important factors, it will lead to great risk and troubles. So, by reading Orion InfoSolutions blog, you will get extensive knowledge, and it will help you to create a safe and secure future without any problems.



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