Bitcoin Wallet Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Bitcoin Wallet Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Nowadays, cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, is the hottest topic. Nevertheless, there are still some questions to answer… like how and where to store bitcoins? Also, we can’t see or touch the funds, which is onerous.


With time, Bitcoin has become one of the best cryptocurrencies thanks to its demand, price, and benefits. This has boosted the value of Bitcoin mobile apps. Each investor is looking for a new crypto coin, and businesses are releasing their own. The biggest and most popular digital currency has grown to become the most demanded. There has been an increase in interest in this issue throughout the world. A majority of people consider Bitcoin to be a cryptocurrency, however, they are unaware of its true nature. Presently, digital currencies are booming at high speed, and investors around the world are using them to make money and trade.

We’re all curious about how it works, isn’t it? Is it a good investment?

So, in light of that, here we will provide a brief introduction to Bitcoin mobile applications, and how they can be developed. Everybody produces cryptocurrency, creates new cryptocurrencies, and rules the market. Due to the advanced security feature of the crypto-coin, which uses a 256-bit SSL layer, it is highly advanced and insurmountable. In the business world, bitcoins are recognized as being the most popular application platform and were developed in 2013 as well as the most innovative invention. A Bitcoin Mobile App may seem like a daunting task for someone who hasn’t yet reached his full potential can revolutionize the world when the time comes. It’s important to be familiar with the initials – “Cryptocurrency” – to get a handle on what the development will be like and how much it will cost.

Make Sure Your Bitcoin App Is Safe Before Investing

Due to Tesla and Coinbase-related events, Bitcoin (BTC) was valued at over 60,000 USD both in February 2021 and April 2021. Announcing the acquisition of 1.5 billion US dollars by Tesla.

The price of Bitcoin is different all over the world even though it can be traded on independent channels.

In December 2020, Bitcoin mobile apps reached 63 million users, with no signs that any slowdown is in the cards

Bitcoin mobile apps consist of the following features:

  • Include your bitcoin private keys
  • Allows you to send and receive bitcoins in different ways
  • You can check your cryptocurrency balance by clicking on the link

It is an application that facilitates the sending, receiving, and storing of digital currencies. It uses public and private keys to facilitate Bitcoin transactions. Many people think this is a kind of mobile app that stores money. In reality, it is nothing more than just a record of transactions that are stored on a Blockchain, since it is a digital currency.

What Do You Need To Know?

Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology so there is no central authority or bank to oversee the system; in fact, even the transaction processing and emission is a collaborative effort by all participants in the network.

Bitcoin offers possibilities never before possible through any previous payment system because of its unique attributes.

Despite this, bitcoin payments are becoming increasingly popular among businesses!

Surely you want to know how?

Is it possible to make money off of mobile apps?

In support of its monetization strategy, there are a variety of reasons:

Multiple Signatures:

For bitcoin to become a leading payment system, it needs to accommodate multi-signature options. For example, it may be necessary for many members of an established firm’s board of directors to approve payments.

Communicating everyday actions will be easy with this method.

Paying internationally faster:

It is relatively simple and easy to transfer bitcoins overseas. The transfer was delayed and held up by intermediary banks, but there were no additional fees.


There is no reversal with bitcoin payments, defining the element of protection clearly

In addition, it is possible to withdraw checks as well. With an advantage like this, you can dive into the details of how to make a bitcoin mobile app without worrying about anything else. There’s more!

Transparency in Finance:

Regardless of whether you develop iOS or Android apps, Bitcoin offers unparalleled levels of transparency

PCI Standards Not Required:

Your Bitcoin mobile app and billing request must have the utmost security. It is not necessary for you to collect personal information from your clients, as it is with credit cards.

As a final point, Bitcoin application development is a wonderful marketing tool. There is a pretty straightforward explanation for this: accepting Bitcoin payments can bring in a lot of new customers. A long tradition of successful online business has developed around new payment methods.

However, you cannot receive, send, or spend cryptocurrency without a cryptocurrency mobile app / Bitcoin Mobile App.

Bitcoin Mobile Apps Feature Three Major Sections

It is primarily based on the features and functionalities that it would integrate with that would determine how much the Bitcoin app development cost is.

Having a look at this feature list will give you an easier time of choosing what you want to integrate with your application, and what you don’t.

User Panel

Bitcoin will be sold and bought using this application.

Transactions Panel

A mobile app address is the most influential factor when determining the cost of developing a blockchain app. Users can send and receive Bitcoins using this. For verifying transactions, each mobile app has an address or pin.


User Status

This page provides users information such as account verification details, time and date of registration, and details regarding selected memberships.

Push Notifications

Users are notified when a new request is made, money is transferred or received, and the status of the transaction.

Admin Panel

An admin panel is an important component of Bitcoin developer, so which features it includes determines the cost. Admins and users alike can easily operate Bitcoin applications that our Bitcoin app developers design.

Login and dashboard

With the Administrator’s credentials, he/she will be able to access all the user information, such as the user’s address, account registration date, account status, etc.

Manage users

By logging in with its login credentials, the admin can view how many users have registered, how many purchases the users have made, and how much they have earned so far.

Analyzing and managing content

Admins can provide information like FAQs, Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, Contact Us forms, etc., through this section.

Changing the setting

By changing the administrator’s settings, all of the Bitcoin information can be changed, including the current exchange rate, maximum and minimum transactions.

Managing transactions

Users can monitor all Bitcoin transactions. The data noted include the transaction ID, the amount, and the date and time of the transaction. 

Manage the withdrawal request:

The Administrator can track all withdrawals made by the users, as well as store the withdrawn amount for future reference.

Request a pin reset

A reset request is made by a user and the Admin views and manages it. A reset pin can be given to the user by the administrator.

Managing memberships  

Under this category, users can manage all the membership packages they have purchased. As well as managing and storing the package prices and benefits. 


Advance Features

Successful apps have features and functionality.

Your App will be more interesting to users if it offers more features. The following features should be included in our application:

QR Code Scan

By using the camera to scan QR codes, it saves time by allowing users to scan everything. This is what is chosen by most users as the best feature. Our transactions can be made easily with just a scan.

Push Notifications

All mobile app today use Push Notifications. Apps related to accounts and transactions benefit greatly from push notifications. If a price drops or increases suddenly, app developers can notify the user. By providing push notifications, you can ensure more user engagement and allow users to stay up-to-date.

Auto-Cancellation of the Payments Made Twice

Mobile Bitcoin apps benefit greatly from auto cancellation. It is common for double payments to occur in transactions, especially. due to this, our system automatically deletes duplicate payment requests. This attribute enables users to deal with duplicate transaction requests when mistakes are present while making payment transfers.

Optional Logout

The Bitcoin Mobile App has an optional logout option for users who log out of their mobile app. As soon as the timer runs out, the session will be automatically ended. It is not necessary to worry about users who logged out of your mobile app in this case.

Two-Step Verification | Billing & Invoicing

A mobile app is responsible for billing and invoicing in Bitcoin. We are asked to enter an OTP when we pay, and once we do we can continue to make payment. If we have this code, we can make our payment successfully, says the company.

Bitcoin Wallet Mobile App Development Process

With the aforementioned features, constructing a Bitcoin Wallet Mobile App definitely requires a lot of brainstorming; therefore, all the standardized approaches should be carried out before beginning to build the Bitcoin Mobile App.

To come up with a highly sophisticated and highly functional mobile app, a huge amount of effort must be put into planning the app. In order to develop a quality Bitcoin Mobile App, it is imperative to consider the following points:

Analysis & Planning: An app’s building blocks are often known as its basic steps. During this step, the basic requirements are outlined as well as the specifications. An important part of this step is integrating the features as well as the documentation.

UI/ UX Design: Based on the requirements and key features of the design, the standards are established. All the graphical features embedded in the app need to be stitched to the functionality and features of the app on the front end.

App Development: As a significant milestone, all the design and documentation features are being developed, and they are made operable using the concerned technologies. This step includes all the development-related activities, from platform selection to feature integration.

Quality Assurance/Testing: Finally, the app undergoes testing to identify bugs after all development activities are completed. Verifying all the associated bugs must be done using standardized tools and stringent measures must be taken to fix them.

Deployment and Support: As soon as the app proves itself to be a clear winner in accordance with the testing guidelines, it is enrolled to be deployed on the respective App Store. It goes without saying that an app that has been refined from the phases above will surely stand out as the true winner on the grounds of performance and quality. So, finding a good Mobile App Development Company such as Orion Infosolutions that can develop innovative mobile apps to stay ahead of the competition is important for making your enterprise competitive in this hyper-competitive environment.

It is equally important for a well-defined team structure to be aligned with the development process. When it comes to Bitcoin app development, our team offers a transparent structure that allows you to see everything that’s happening.

Developing Bitcoin Wallet Mobile Apps Requires a Team

You need a highly responsive app to flourish, and you’ll need a team of experts, experienced developers, and talented designers. Bitcoin mobile app development is done by a team of expert developers. The following are some essential members for developing a bitcoin wallet mobile app.

  • Project Developer
  • Android Developer
  • iOS developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Backend Developer
  • Tester / QA

Tech Stack for Bitcoin Wallet Mobile Apps



Android, iOS

Mobile Platform

IBM, Cisco, Spark, Hadoop

Real-Time Analytics

MongoDB, Postgres, HBase


e-mobile app, Paypal, GooglePay


Twillio, Neximo

Voice and SMS, Twilia


Azure, Google, AWS



Bitcoin Wallet App Development Cost Estimation

Orion InfoSolutions is a company providing various IT Services to the world, developing Bitcoin Apps at a fair price for their features, ranging from $2000-$5000. The hourly rate for hiring their developer will be between $20 – $30. Prices are determined according to each feature based on a client’s requirements. In recent years, Orion InfoSolutions, a leading Bitcoin app development company, has focused on a variety of Bitcoin-related services.


You might want to make money through Bitcoin exchange operations if you have a successful business. You will need a more customized cryptocurrency mobile app in that case, which satisfies all your industry-specific needs.

For this reason, it is recommended to hire an Android and iPhone app development company that leaves no stone unturned. In addition to developing Bitcoin mobile app apps from scratch, developers are experienced in the era during which they were developed. So for Bitcoin Mobile App Development, it is highly recommended to hire an experienced team of experts or a specialized company such as Orion InfoSolutions that specializes in crypto mobile app development, which is both an efficient and economical alternatives.