Booksy Salon App Development Cost & Features

Booksy Salon App Development Cost & Features
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Are you looking to create a Salon booking app for your business needs? Then you’ve come to the right place as we are today going to learn about a unique type of app but highly in demand by the industry, the Booksy Salon app. Through this comprehensive blog, you will know the cost of developing a Salon booking app like Booksy and what features Booksy offers its customers. So before our minds go fuzzy, let’s get into this topic.

Today’s modernized digital world has every solution for every need. For instance, if you want to order food and have it delivered to your location; many food delivery apps are available. If you want to book a taxi without going anywhere, hundreds of apps are available on the internet. So with just one click on your phone app, your required services will be delivered to your doorstep without complications.

Nowadays, people have a very less patience level in terms of waiting; they want their problems solved instantly. And Salons or parlors are one of those things. Salon is a necessity for majorly every person in the world. If a person wants a haircut, he will need a salon for that and similarly for body care.

Salon is a one-stop shop for every body-care needs. As a result, there is a great demand for online salon booking apps in which people don’t have to wait in line or wander here and there to find good-rated salons. Instead, you can book appointments with the app, find high-rated salons around your locations, and look for the services you require.

You must have heard about the Booksy Salon app, a worldwide popular hair and body care service provider. They allow you to discover and book beauty and wellness professionals around you. Here, let’s learn about the Booksy Salon booking app development cost and features.

What Is Booksy?

Booksy is your one-stop shop for all your beauty, hair stylists, barbers, salons, and spa care services booking solutions. It offers appointment scheduling, calendar management, online and offline payments and marketing management tools, and much more within one app.

Booksy provides two services: Booksy app for clients and Booksy Biz for businesses. Booksy Biz allows users to manage appointments, customer communications, and payments, while Booksy enables customers to book online sessions based on provider availability and desired dates. In addition, Point-of-Sale (POS) feature allows users to manage the inventory and sale of services, packages, and products.

Booksy also has built-in payment processing, allowing customers to pay using their mobile phones. Users can track customer payments, revenue, and profits in real-time. Marketing management tools enable users to run customer acquisition campaigns using multiple channels such as email, text messaging, mobile push messaging, and social media.

Booksy is a full-fledged and rich-feature booking app that offers many quality services to its customers. The company was founded in 2014, and its 2022 revenue is around $28.4 million and booking over 1 million appointments monthly. These numbers can overwhelm you and entice you to make yourself and your business part of this industry, and why not? Apps like Booksy have gained tremendous popularity and growth. So now you might be thinking about how booking apps like Booksy grows their business.

How Does Booksy Make Money?-Business Revenue Model

Booksy provides salon businesses with a new way to manage and grow their expertise. It is a free service for customers; they can access various booking services like hairstyling, barbers, nearby salons, spas, and much more.

Booksy offers leading payment options for salon service providers that are supportable all around the world. Booksy is mainly proficient for professionals looking to expand their business and substantially grow. For the industry, they offer flexible and cost-effective pricing models in which users can access many lucrative features and business-boosting tools.

Booksy Biz has a variety of subscription models that suit all types of Salon businesses. In the Booksy subscription model, users can access features such as calendar & appointments, business management, payment processing, marketing tools, bottom line protection, and a responsive platform by paying $29.99/per month+tax.

If you want to expand your staff members even more, Booksy provides you with the top professionals. You can add additional staff members for $20+tax per member. The extra cost is only applied for upto the first 14 staffers or more; you’ll pay $309.99 per month. And after the 14 members exceed, there will be no additional cost charge.

Booksy also offers advanced marketing tools to manage and grow your business effectively. With Booksy boost, you can attract a wide range of customers to your business. It prompts businesses and increases reach for better user retention. In addition, it charges a one-time commission fee for each business customer through Booksy.

The platform charges a 30% fee from the first service a new client receives: the minimum commission is $10, and the maximum commission is $100. A business will never be charged more than this, even if 30% of its service exceeds this amount.

Booksy is full of business opportunities and is one of the world's most profitable companies. With the rapid growth in just a few years, their revenue has dramatically increased by 1500% and their employee size by 500%.

Must-Have Features For Your Salon Booking App Like Booksy

Booksy is the most profitable and popular online salon booking app today. It provides so many lucrative features for business and customers that every salon professionals want to move their business to the Booksy platform. However, if you are also looking to develop an app like Booksy to grow your business, you must include the features that the Booksy app provides.

Booksy has two separate apps for customers and businesses: Booksy and Booksy Biz. Let us know about the main features of both these apps.

Booksy For Customer

User Profile

Users can see the complete profile of the Salon, such as the photos, contact details, location, services they offer, reviews, family and friends, gift cards, account settings, payment information, and more.

Smart Search

Users can use a smart search bar for the services they are interested in by searching or browsing the categories listed on the app's main screen.

Personal Recommendations

Booksy provides personalized recommendations based on the user's preferences, location and past appointments in the Explore section of the app.

Geolocation (Map)

Users can search for nearby businesses on a map and find the nearest salon location with available appointment dates and all.

Calendar & Appointments

This is the main feature of the Booksy app, where users can view available time slots for a specific service and book an appointment instantly. The scheduled meeting will also appear in their Google Calendar.

Preferred Services and Businesses

Users can view the places they have already visited and plan to visit on the app's main screen.

Purchase Gift Card

Users can receive gift cards or buy for another user and find them in the Gift Cards section in their profile.

Feedback & Ratings

The bookie encourages customers to leave reviews or feedback to make the process easier for them to find and choose a business. In addition, users can view reviews and ratings of each business listed on the platform.

Payment Process

Users can pay for services directly through the Booksy application using credit cards, mobile wallets, cheques, cash, gift cards, subscriptions and packages.

Referral Program

Booksy rewards users for inviting friends and businesses to its platform.

Integration of Social Media Channels

Businesses can add the Booksy button to their Instagram and Google Business social media profiles. They will redirect the user to Booksy and allow them to book an appointment instantly.

Push Notifications

Users receive notifications about new special offers from nearby businesses and reminders for upcoming appointments.

Find Deals

Booksy also provides users with the best deals and services around them.

Booksy Biz For Business

Business Profile

Businesses can provide genuine details such as photos, descriptions and a list of services they provide to their potential customers. The business profile also includes the closest available time slot for the Salon services.

Payment Processing

Booksy provides flexible payment processing options to meet your business needs on the go, in person, or even when a person doesn’t show up. Cash, credit card, or in-person payments are streamlined payment selections of the Booksy app.

Calendar and Appointment Management

A calendar shows all appointments and free slots and allows business owners or managers to focus on business. And also offer certain services like 24/7 self-service booking, automatic notifications or reminders, easy-to-use customer apps integrated with Google, Instagram, etc., social media channels, and streamlined booking with add-on and combo services.

Marketing Tools

The most effective and popular feature of Booksy is that it has been loved by thousands of businesses from all around the world. Booksy marketing tool is a lifesaver for new startups who want to grow their business more effectively. Booksy marketing tools help import, invite customers, mail, and social media template designing, propaganda, message blast, and collect and share customer reviews for businesses.

Business Bottom Protection

Booksy provides Bottom Line Protection Line, which is a business protection program. It allows businesses to protect themselves from customers who don’t show up on their pre-booked appointment time by taking prepayment (A certain amount will be deducted from users when booking the appointment) and setting a cancellation policy.

Apart from these features, there are some other features as well that are called Booksy Biz Pro. Booksy Biz Pro is for those who want to leverage more advanced features of Booksy for their businesses. It gives complete access to advanced features from your tablet or computer. This feature includes:

  • Shifts, Commissions, and Tips
  • Stock-Level Inventory Management
  • Complete Checkout Process Solution
  • Data-Driven Stats and Reports
  • Retail products
  • Packages
  • Memberships
  • Advanced Gift Card Options

Booksy and Booksy Biz are the most comprehensive features that increase its market value and goodwill. It is a great online solution for booking and business management.

7 Steps To Build An Appointment Booking App Like Booksy

Step 1. Define the Business Goals of Your Salon App

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve already got a good idea about needing a Salon app like Booksy for your business. However, to make your Salon business entry flawless, you have to consider a few questions about your Salon business. 

As I mentioned above, consider asking yourself these questions, what are your goals behind developing a booking software application for your business? Whatever the plans may be, you want to be a part of this big industry or take advantage of these apps' profitability to grow your business.

Still confused! You already know the benefits of booking applications. But some are new here and want to know how they should define their objectives. You need to clarify your business requirements and revenue model for new startups or well-established entrepreneurs.

However, you need to create your Salon services to be unique and tailored to your target audience, market and region. Or, you may want to build an app for other types of businesses and not specifically a mobile salon app.

If you are a business or brand looking to improve your branding values, make sure you have fan engagement elements in your Salon app service business. Defining a clear goal behind starting a booking and appointment business will help you choose the right partner for Salon app development like Booksy.

Step 2. Spend More Time Researching Your Market

Salon apps like Booksy are power-packed with full, rich features, so you must determine your USP (Unique Selling Point) and plan your Salon app development accordingly. And you can do this by spending more time discovering or researching your market and understanding what this new modern generation can expect from you. Salon apps like Booksy are already at the top of the mountain, but you can also touch the hills by strengthening your side.

To strengthen your side, you must create technical documentation describing every aspect of your future product. It will help your team members and stakeholders to be on the same page. This way, you will define your unique selling point, and it will also help you address your competitors in your domain.

Step 3. Finalize the Features

Booksy is a full-fledged application with effective and core features that make it unique from others in the market. Therefore you also have to decide on the features for your Salon app. It is essential to integrate must-have features to stand out Salon apps.

If you want to compete in today’s market, where everyone is serving something new and more lucrative services to their customers, you should consider adding more advanced core features to your Salon app. Making your move differently enables you to stay ahead of your competition.

Step 4. Develop the Software

Now it's time to develop your Salon app. Suppose you decide to follow Booksy's model. In that case, you'll need two apps, one for customers and another for businesses, and an admin panel to manage users, receive payments from subscriptions, and manage your app content.

You can prioritise features and create MVPs first to speed up development and release your app sooner. This will allow you to continue developing based on real user feedback.

Note if you choose native technologies, you will need to build a custom iOS and Android app for both end-users and businesses. On the other hand, if you want to develop your salon app cost-effectively, I recommend using cross-platform technologies like Flutter, React Native or Xamarin. That way, you'll build an app for businesses and end-users that will work on both platforms.

While your Salon booking app is in the development phase, you can strengthen your market presence by marketing your future product. The best way to sell your product is by contacting various businesses and notifying them about upcoming opportunities. This way, you'll have a certain amount of business and customer base before the product goes live in the market.

You can also launch promo campaigns using the Lean Startup methodology while your development team takes care of all the technical aspects. These marketing planning and campaigns will hype your potential audiences, building and gaining more reliability from them.

Step 5. Approach Proficient App Development Company

It is a crucial step while planning your Salon app development because the success of your Salon app depends on how well and efficiently it will work for users. To ensure that you provide a unique and convenient solution to the users, you must choose an expert app development company with diverse experience in online Salon booking app development. They know every industry well and work with professional teams and the latest technologies on their premises.

Their experience will help you get the app with the modern and advanced features and functionalities you expect. Moreover, look for a mobile app development company with great experience and teams of proficient designers. This will save you time and money in finding separate UI and UX designers. The company you hired will handle everything from development to app design.

Step 6. Publish Your App In the App Market and Track Your App Progress

Once your Salon app is finally developed and tested completely, and you've got your first users, it's time to track metrics. Integrate analytics in advance to see your users' behaviour, conference rates, and revenue.

Encourage users to provide valuable and informative feedback so that you can use it to develop your app services and grow your business substantially. This means you have spent most of the time tracking your app progress and delivering those analytics to the team to create a more effective strategy.

Step 7. Maintain Your App Health

Just like humans sometimes get sick and stop working properly, they eat medicine to get better as fast as possible. Similarly, your developed app needs proper attention and care so that it does not stop working. You’ll need to maintain your app functionality by providing timely updates, bug fixes, new features, and sometimes a fresh look.

This helps your app and your users stay active. After releasing your app in the market, your main goal is to make your product completely bug and error-free so that your users don’t face any issues while using the app functions. It is an essential step to keep your user connected with your services.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Salon App Like Booksy?

Developing a Salon app like Booksy is difficult when you don’t know about or have enough knowledge of the development or programming tools. It requires dedicated resources and a skilled team with extensive knowledge of various programming tools and platforms.

I recommend leaving this part to the mobile app development company or experienced and knowledgeable developers. Mobile app development companies possess great technical expertise and resources to help you make your dream project a reality.

So now the final question is how much it costs to develop a salon app like Booksy. The final price depends on a few factors to give you an insightful look at cost. Here is a brief look at the factors affecting the cost:

App features and functionalities

  • App complexity and size
  • The number of resources
  • Operating system (Android, iOS and Web-based app)
  • The complex UI and UX design
  • The App Development Company Reputation
  • App Testing and QA

On average, the cost of salon booking app development with standard features and functionalities is around $5,000 to $10,000. And the result is that Salon booking apps with complete rich-feature and advanced functionalities will cost between $15,000 to $40,000.

Don't Wait; get Your Idea Developed In No Time.

Salon and styling are a never-ending industry, and mainly every person in the world goes to a salon to makeover their look. Many professionals are making a profit for businesses by investing in salon booking apps. No drawback gives negative points to these opportunities. 

This blog will give you the most in-depth knowledge about the Booksy salon app and how it earned tremendous growth in just a few years. So many businesses are leveraging The Salon app profitability; now it's time to make your business run on the success path with the Salon app. 

If you are looking for one for your business, get in touch with a salon booking app Development Company for the right industry guidance and a great app development environment. 

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