How Much Does It Cost To Build Travel App

How Much Does It Cost To Build Travel App

In the 20th century, travel app development goes all along with superior counts! Whether you pick the smartphone and open the app to find some great places, hotels, flights, dinners, etc. It is just like magic which has a spell to satisfy your utility.

Finding top-niche great places for summer vacation chill out with friends in the night, stay in a hotel, popping somewhere with family, and make yourself adjust into the adventure zone. The travel industry and traveling mobile applications sort things fastly and rapidly.

Hey! Why you won’t develop your own travel application, I mean it can be a great business idea too!

I know it is a deep downing business idea, but, millions of people’s searches for the best travel application in the market imagine you on the #1 list. Too great!

There are hot & chill applications available to the users which regardless teach them and route them for finding the best at a cheap price. Everything is under the foot; you will go to find a deadly travel application (free) with tons of numeric features for support and easy navigation.

Here are some pop-corn travel apps, intensifying traveling experiences smarter, cooler, and richer:

Trip Planning Apps – Google Trip, Trip Planner, Tripit, etc.

Hotel/Flight/Train Booking Apps – Trivago, MMT,, etc.

Location Tracking Apps – TMT, Google Maps, Polar Steps

Language Translating Apps – Google Translator, All Translator, etc.

Nowadays, people on social media get hit by travel mobile applications in terms of styles, holidays, vacations, and more. Don’t you believe that 75% of the tribe (peoples) update their pics and videos on social media for vacation, trip planning, summer holidays, adventure, and more?

Here I pointed out some best travel app features that give an answer to the question – Why do people/businesses/corporate need travel mobile applications? Or even though it helps you to attract customers (eventually)!

Let’s go…

Unbeatable Features of Travel App Development – Need To Be Study in 2019!

When I talked to the people about how much travel mobile applications help you?

1.1 General Features of Mobile Travel Application

1. Tracking

It is a conscious feature that travel applications must have, in defense of this, and mean user searches for the location either for planning a trip or searching instantly for on-the-go.

If this (tracking services) is missing from the list, it drops all, or the travel application is empty without this.

2. Forecasting

The best way to put your apps in front of the customers is with future predictions. Climatic and weather forecasting feature in travel application helps peoples to design/plan/action to go for trip say (yes/no).

Getting a future update of the location/place/site helps you to judge the atmosphere of the pointed trip.

3. Push Notification

With the help of AI technology, people get breath-relieving updates instantly (doesn’t) matter where you are. Notification plays a vital role to move to decision-making or getting updates.

News, Accidents, coverage, stories, great places to chill out – these types of internment notifications helps peoples to hold travel application for long-terms.

4. Social Sharing

People are more addicted to sharing posts like pics, videos, short stories on social media with exciting locations, hotels, and great places. With the help of a travel application, you can chill and freak out directly with social touch instantly.

Refer to friends; ask for help, suggestions from social media help people to plan a useful trip.

5. Translator

Taking about languages or religious systems, your app should compatible with all kinds of languages. The all-in-one function performs and gives a good impact on the customers.

Services like language translation help more wisely to know the places exactly and other stuff too.

1.2 Advance Feature of Mobile Travel Application

1. Strong Payment Gateway

Strong enough with un-dead security help to make travel applications richer and strong. Allowing users to make and accept payment with mobile payment services is the best feature of travel apps, like its substitute having.

However, plastic money and net banking help people to contribute towards digitalization and (making the economy) strong and faster. A strong payment interface like PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and so on makes transactions even smoother.

2. Miscellaneous Booking Facility

Booking facilities like hotel bookings, flight bookings, cars bookings, and trains booking so on services on-the-go must-have in your travel application like – MakeMyTrip, Trivago, and have.

Integrating with booking services effectively is the main source to succeed your app in the market along all.

3. Smart Booking Services

Modern-day peoples are more educative as the percentile increases constantly. They behave, compare, and understand the things after comparison.

So, what I mean to say is that smart booking in travel apps is must essential features should be ad while developing mobile-based travel application. Smart booking services like performing multiple functions such as price comparison, review statics, categorization, sorting, set reminders, timely notify, and others are the most popular way to make your travel application more addictive and killing.

4. Discounts and Offers

Don’t you think that the modern world market is only based on discounts, offers, and attractions?

I mean, I plan trips, book flights, even most of the time ordering food from mobile-only when I get discounts or bumper prizes.

I know it mouth-watering services, millions of enterprises adopt to increase their sales, earn profit along with extent customer-relationship.

5. Feedback System/ Handle Grievance

The craziest and superior way, hold for a second, and emphasize what your customers demand or query for!

An application like Google Maps and TMT focus more towards customer relationship and handle their grievance from time to time. So, if you are a start-up and thinking – how to extend the relationship with customers, the best part is, go with time to time feedback and grievance handling online.

Wow! Hold for a second (look down) what a notch design it is! Do you even imagine, at what level of percentile U.S Travel mobile apps talking by the people there!

Moving forward I think you are crazier to know more about travel mobile app development. So, I present you with the delicious head with some magic words!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Travelling Mobile Apps (Other Guides Don’t Talk About)

It is cool climatic outside – I think I will plan to go somewhere (you probably too)!

I read many blogs outsides the market, going above even articles (offline & online), magazines, and statistics. All same stuff talks about some advantages and disadvantages of traveling.

None of them have the guts to talk about unlike! But I do…!

Hold this blog and keep scrolling to find the Unlisted (even yet) pros and cons of travel mobile apps in the 20th century in standing presents. The below imparted pros and cons of specific travel mobile apps have been segmented from the above list (which I have mentioned earlier).

2.1 Tripit (Trip Planning App)

Tripit #1 on the Google Play App Store, which serves services internationally is a trip planner all-around less than one roof travel mobile application that allows you to book, schedule, track, find what you need on the go (before and after).


I think for many users Tripit is a winner for their trip plan! What I say about its advantages – convenient, easy to plan, on-the-go service, easy booking, check seats, reserve seats, track while you go or else.

But, I will tell its unique advantage; it has one that you just need to email a reservation to ( and it will automatically add to your agenda in the app. Simple and Convenient!


There is only one drawback is that Tripit does not recognize a reservation you did not make. Although it counts as a security option too!

Remark: As it is standing #1 list of the Play Store, and its better + updating services hold the many travelers (me too)! So, it is best for trip planners.

2.2 (Booking App)

In terms of Booking flights, trains, buses, etc ‘’ is one of the million choice travel apps by people in the Play Store. It’s feasible services like; find and book hotels, motels, exploring amazing travel deals, and so on.


Apart from miscellaneous offers and facilities, the unique advantages peoples get is that – less paperwork and on-the-go services which save a large amount of time and book in an easy way.


Just only ones that they should improve their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is that means customer services are slightly below expectation level.

Remark: It is good, it is considerable for those who stay or adventure all outside the home.

2.3 Google Map Go (Location Tracking App)

More friendly, convenient, and easy to find and locate! Google Maps is much easier for the people on the way for tracking, finding, locating, and sharing real-time data to the friends where ever you are.


The best part to talk about its advantage is that even you are looking for some start-ups or small kind places, businesses, restaurants, homes, etc. the result is slightly 90% correct.


The bad thing about this application is sometimes it gets confused to show the real facts and just close explicitly.

Remark: Popular, Traveller friend, and real-time measures. I like this!

2.4 Google Translator (Language Translator Apps)

One of my favorite app for enriching the overseas traveling experiences, Google translator is simply converting text into the commanded language you choose, even with the help of AI you can use the function text-to-speech out.


What I personally felt about this local and travel guide is that it is profound, feasible, easy to use, and another functionality service.


The one basic drawback of Google translator is that it has no active function that can correct grammatical mistakes.

Remark: 200+ million people use this travel guide application. So as I am too!

It is time to talk about what I am basically emphasis to write this blog! Cost-Cost-Cost!

I guess so!

I eventually search for the cost to develop a travel application! And, I found the answer but not in the way I like, you like or users like!

Don’t you ever try to search how much does it cost to build a travel app like Tripit? Google Trip? MMT?

Well, I am going to reveal the cost right here, right now… to be with my blog!

Well, there are topping-mixing choices available in the App Store, but which I felt personally awesome for traveling experience – I suggest MMT, Tripit,, Google Maps, and Google Translator.

I don’t think so, much greater apps footed in the market accept the above one!

Well, It is hard to know the exact price of the app you were looking for? Like the case, it happened to me!

Although, there are other alternatives available to get the estimates to know. But I think it does not give a satisfactory result. Even when I estimate price on ‘App Cost Calculator’ it goes much out from the budgeted cost! But still, it is good for knowing this kind of stuff!

The basic answer is to know the price of the application will or where the cost is that – do the comparison! Like I did

And, I know a lot of people saying that the cost of app development highly depends on the app features and functionality they want! (It is true)!

But, it still misses out on the cost (you) and (I) want to know?

In one of the most view articles, I answered that the cost of great/moderate/small app development highly depends on the culture/technologies/size/hourly rate of the company.

And, it is true! Even you can estimate and figure out the cost of app development easily.

So, moving forward I am going to tell you the names with the cost of popular traveling mobile applications contributing highly to the economy (plus) simplifying the people life.

Let’s get dig!

3.1. Make My Trip (MMT)

In-App-Features to breakdown to Calculate Cost:

App Platform – Android/IOS ($1,000 – $6,000)

Log In Access/Security – Yes ($500 – $1,500)

Admin Feature – Yes ($600 – $3,000)

In-App Purchase – No

Rate and Review – Yes ($500 – $1,000)

Website Access – Yes ($700 – $2,000)

Third-Party – No

UI Design – Excellent ($500 – $4,000)

If you will break down these estimations (purely) the minimum to maximum cost will take you to develop an app like MMT with these above features about ($3,700 – $17,500) respectively.

[Note: The decrement and increment of the app development cost may additional depends on your app features and ideas you want to add like third-party integration, more security options, more admin features, etc.]

Here you can determine the cost of the similar travel application via (opening) points from which I have been taken!

I use different kinds of app cost calculators like venture pact, build fire, and estimate app in order to estimate the cost for you! But remember none of them going to tell you an exact price (homogenous).

You can try it; it is free of cost and #1-#2-#3 position on the Google Rank!

You can use these tools to know any kind of app (you haunt for)! To know how much Tripit,, and TMT cost you, simply use these tools.

The cost which I presented to you is differentiated by varied ‘App Cost Calculator’ >>> so I examine deeply and write those cost estimates on (averages basis) and don’t forget it also fluctuates from small sizes to the large business sizes too.

Continue this topic a little for ahead…!

I think the factors of cost determinants are not sub-contractile based on company size, development charges, location, culture, competition, laws, developers' skills, and demand!

What you think!

Well, I think it is more out of the box!

Can’t-miss technologies (either)! I mean I research on it.

Mobile App Development Cost In India Breakdown On Technologies

There is a hype said by a lot of people about the cost to develop an app in India or somewhere!

If this sounds well matches with you! Continue to read this blog and forget to share this.

Do you know?

The first mobile application was developed in 1994 even there was no App Store available! Since the long journey covered yet, millions of changes happened by side.

If talking about the technologies, big companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple are some brand new hall of the names sitting top of the seat and leading in the invention of technologies ahead.

If you think to develop an app for any kind of platform or technology, and thus it will cost you the same! Let me remind you, you are out of the pocket…!

The decision related to opts technologies and develop on that is crucial brainstorm. The price varies and it highly affects the development time and client cost too!

If you are planning to develop an app with and cost margin in your hand, then I think, India will be a much better option than (others) to get high-quality work at a low cost.

I mean you can save thousand dollars here!

So, get yourself dive here…!

I know without research and having knowledge of the Indian Companies! (Hmmm)

Is that on your mind…!

Orion InfoSolutions is a certified and award-winning mobile app development, web design, game app solution, and software development company in India along with sales verticals at USA and Germany locations.

Having gold charm 5+ years of experience we passionately have 1100+ happy clients scattered around the world. We have 45+ numbers of serious, professional, and skilled developer teams that constantly stay stick to delivering on-demand solutions.

For business and non-business professions, our business verticals lie to solve any ideal industries like, education, healthcare, business, entertainment, lifestyle, agriculture, medical, etc. with 100% satisfaction results (which is our words of mouth).

Our smart mobile app developers have quality beverages that are persistent in developing an application with the motive to create tech-friendly applications. Walk with trending technologies, we lofty works on demanding technologies like, React Native, Angular Js, Ionic, PhoneGap, Opencart, Joomla, and much more.

4.1 Our App Development Solutions Cost Is The Best Friend For Your Project!

1. Analysis & Brainstorm

Planning and identifying the approach with the team is our remarkable sign for the app development process.

2. Turn Around Time

Estimate the clock speed movement with the project completion time. It is effective and efficient in the process.

3. Documentation

Write down the important and useful stuff which ultimately helps in the app development process.

4. Prototype

Make a rough glimpse of your brilliant application for making the application awesome.

5. Development

Bring all business resources into the common direction with proper management and effective coordination.

6. Deployment

Put down the action of all business resources in order to complete the project within the meantime.

7. Testing

Ensuring the overall quality of the project before handover to the clients is what we love to do.

8. Support

We offer a 24*7 agile maintain and support system to the clients in order to feel free to contact us.

5.3 Our Payment Mechanism Simplifies Your Investment

“We bring smiles to the clients and strengthen our relationship with them for long-last results”

Our simple and user convenience payment methods simplify clients to manage with each aspect they want! Along with smiles, we bring smart work in front of the clients and deliver 100% secured applications.

1. Our Payment Process:

After analyzing the client request and ideas of the project support by its features and functionality, we simply ask them to deposit 10% – 15% of the total amount of estimates as an initial.

Further, the payment of the remaining parts is divided into various milestones (on the basis of the project score).

2. Our Payment Method:

It is simple as we made for you; pay with PayPal or Direct Bank Deposit!! Secure and Simple

According to Wikipedia – “PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like cheques and money orders”.

PayPal – A simple way to Pay for services you get! 100% protected and certified.

Final Thought!

It is easy to end up things in the end!

But, it is not the end; it is your fresh start you can do.

Nowadays, business gets stronger and stronger with the help of IT Professionals. Helping in improving the economy, people’s lifestyles, growing business, generating employment, and much more.

With the help of mobile app development, it holds a billion-dollar presence smartly! It’s your time too!

Work with great professionals and bring high prosperity!

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