How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Website like Gumtree?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Website like Gumtree?


Classified apps have gained a lot of traction on the web in recent years. From the comfort of their homes, people can easily market or sell their products online with these apps.

Gumtree is one of the most popular and unique classified apps on the market, thanks to its unique features. The site offers a wide variety of classified ads within the UK and other countries, such as Singapore, Australia, and so on.

Gumtree will help app users find whatever they need, whether it's a car, home, job, or stereo. An audit in 2010 found that the site received 14.8 million unique visitors every month, making it the largest local community platform in the UK as of November 2010.

With Gumtree Australia, you have access to the largest classifieds network in the UK, Singapore, South America, and Australia. A classified application similar to Gumtree can reap maximum success for anyone who develops it. 

What is Gumtree?

A British classified advertisement and community website based in Richmond, London,, known as Gumtree, was founded in Hotham House in 2003. Based on the product category and geographic market, classified ads are either free or paid. The UK's largest local community classifieds website received 15 million unique visitors per month in 2010 and was one of the top 30 sites in the country based on a traffic audit.

The History of Gumtree

Michael Pennington, Simon Crookall, and others founded Gumtree in March 2000 as a local London classified ads and social network site to help individuals planning to move, or who have just moved to London, get started finding housing, employment services, and making new friends. In Australia and New Zealand, the gum tree is called the eucalyptus tree and in South Africa, it is called a gum tree. This term is used to link the three communities (even though the gum tree in South Africa is different from the types found in both countries). A real community was also reflected in its roots and branches, according to the founders.

You have three sources of income if you are creating an app like Gumtree:

  • Advertisement revenues.
  • Commissions from listings.
  • Special features for premium accounts.

Gumtree's Secret Sauce for Success

  • No fees- Gumtree listings are totally free and you don't need to pay a penny from your pocket. Due to the fact that many classified websites now charge for listing and selling, this has gained the attention of sellers.
  • PayPal is not required - unlike other classified websites, Gumtree does not require users to have a PayPal account to complete payment transactions. The purpose of this aspect is to make your website more appealing, so make sure that it is included if you are planning to create a website like Gumtree.
  • Streamlined listing process - websites such as eBay, Craiglist, and others have complicated listing processes. However, Gumtree does not have this problem. To sell a product, simply upload a photo. You can enter your description and upload the picture once you've posted the ad.
  • Easy communication between buyer and seller - According to research, 45% of returns can be prevented by allowing buyer and seller to communicate. Gumtree provides buyers and sellers with a proper channel of communication and will support them in communicating freely across the Internet.

Gumtree Core Features

Develop an app like Gumtree by focusing on delivering top-notch features that users will enjoy. The following are some features that you can include in your own classified’s app like Gumtree.

Gumtree-like apps should include these features

1. Offer thousands of ads for users to browse

Providing your app users with the ability to explore thousands of ads with just a few taps is an essential feature you should include in your classified app. Thousands of different deals and classifieds of products are available to them to purchase any item in their local area regardless of the type of goods or services they're looking for.

You can also provide various car, truck, auto, and property deals with superior picture quality so that buyers can easily find any item of their choice without much hassle. It is also a good idea to provide detailed information about products along with high-quality photos, in order to help buyers, make a better buying decision.

2. Searching capabilities

Search functionality is the second most important feature that you should include in your app, which makes it easier for users to search for their desired product.

By using this feature, users can search for specific products or enter phrases without having to scroll or navigate the entire application.

With it, users can easily and quickly search for products in different categories. There are thousands of products on your site, so scrolling through each one can be quite a task, so a search option can help your users.

3. Selling and purchasing is faster and easier

The ease of selling and purchasing products or services is crucial to the success of your business. Ensure that your users don't encounter any problems when posting or purchasing an ad or item.

Take the Gumtree app, for example. The app makes posting ads a lot easier. With its enhanced application, people can post an ad within minutes. So, you can also think about it and make it easier for you to sell and buy items.

4. Messaging within the app

It's exactly what it sounds like: in-app messages. This message will be automatically sent to an app user when they are actively using the app.

This will allow buyers and sellers to communicate more efficiently since when a message is sent between them, the recipient will receive an alert. It is possible for them to exchange messages about prices, products, etc. They are able to communicate easily using the application.

5. Share ads on social networking sites

Integrating social media into your classified application can improve its functionality, which is why it is crucial. From the mobile app, users can share different classifieds, such as job postings, offers, and property listings.

Social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others can be used to share classifieds and ads. Additionally, you can let them send advertisements or messages directly to their friends and families by sharing a link with them.

6. Preferences management

Your app needs to let users manage their favorite picks and preferences, as this is one of the most important features.

If your users find an interesting product but are in a hurry, they can save the ad to their favorites so they can review it later.

With the ability to save any classified, ad, or product and sync them with the website, customers will never miss a deal again.

Introducing Orion Infosolutions' Buy-Sell Marketplace like Gumtree

You can get more user actions from a perfectly classified website. You must know what makes Gumtree so great.

  • Performance guaranteed - users choose sites based primarily on their performance. Build a better website with the right technology stack.
  • The sign-up process should be as simple as possible - never let your users get frustrated during the registration process. Allow them to log in within seconds without any hassles by making it as simple as possible.
  • System for receiving feedback - users should feel comfortable sharing their thoughts about your product and service. Make sure your feedback system is reliable.
  • Integration with social networks - this feature will boost the platform's visibility. The platform also simplifies login, since users can use their social accounts to log in.
  • One-click contacting - any app user will expect the ability to contact a businessperson instantly within the platform. Offering this will enhance the credibility of your platform.
  • Analytics - implementing analytics on your site will allow you to see what your users do on your site. Your marketing strategy will be better framed if you track their activity.

What will the cost of marketplace mobile app development be in 2022?

Consider these factors when answering this question:

  • The complexity of the application
  • Features and functionalities
  • Platform to use
  • Location of the marketplace app development company
  • Technology stack  

Our team can provide a detailed quotation for the development of marketplace mobile apps. Please contact us for assistance.

  • App Platform:

In the initial stage, you should decide which platform you want to use since developing both platforms takes time.

At the beginning, it's best to go with the Android/IOS platform. Once you have successfully developed an Android app for gumtree, then you are ready for the iOS platform.

  • App Design:

An attractive design is a key to creating your own app like Gumtree that engages users and keeps them.

Although the best design will cost more, we can greatly reduce the cost by using best design practices. Gumtree clone apps are among the expertise of Orion Infosolutions.

  • App size:

A mobile app's size depends on its functionality, its user database, and its features. It is important for apps such as Gumtree to be scalable so that they can maintain their efficiency even as users increase.

  • App developers:

As well as the developers' geographic location, the cost of classified app Gumtree varies. The level of experience and expertise of the developers is most important. India is a much cheaper place to develop an app like Gumtree compared with the US.

Project Manager.

UI/UX designers.

Android developers.

IOS developers.

Backend developers.

Quality engineers.

Developers will charge different prices depending on where they are located.

Geographical differences in developer costs

India – $15 to $85/hour.

Australia – $55 to $160/hour.

Eastern Europe – $25 to $170/hour.

USA/Canada-based dev teams – $70 to $350/hour.

Eastern Europe – $30 to $250/hour.

Good. Here is the conclusion about how much does an app like Gumtree costs. Depending on the client's requirements, the cost of making a classified app similar to Gumtree will vary.

Without knowing the exact requirements, it is impossible to estimate the time and cost required to develop the application.

We can provide you with the precise cost of developing your classified app if you provide us with your requirements. In India, the US, and the UK, Orion Infosolutions is the top mobile app development company. You won't have to pay anything for a consultation with one of our mobile app developers.


The process of developing a marketplace app isn't hard, but it isn't child's play either. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how classified app development works and how to ask the right questions. 

You have to determine which functionalities will make your app stand out in a very competitive market. Therefore, hiring a top marketplace app development company is very important. Marketplace apps are developed by companies with many experts onboard to ensure everything is done perfectly and on time. 

Getting in touch with us is the best way to find a top mobile app development company. Your ideas will become a reality with us.

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