How Much Does It Cost to Develop App Like TripAdvisor?

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop App Like TripAdvisor?


There are many app solutions for travel booking, and TripAdvisor is one of the biggest. Of course, you'll want to develop something new and substantial for tourists, but how do you know it will be a potential investment for your business?

When developing a solid travel app, you must have a firm grasp of gateways, airlines, accommodation facilities, entertainment reservations, car rentals and wholesale rate reservations.

According to a travel booking survey, 80% of people like to plan their trips online. The reach of the digital era has made our life easier. Most people love doing travels, going places, and collecting memories.

Countless travel booking mobile apps are available for those who love travelling and want to book their tickets without going outside.

These apps have millions of reviews, information and feedback from nearly all global locations. These apps help people to plan their travels with efficiency.

If you plan to develop a mobile travel app like TripAdvisor, we have made this blog just for you that includes complete detailed information about the cost of developing an app like TripAdvisor.

The most important thing is to understand that this travel industry is too big, and you are not the only one who wants to build a travelling app. Therefore, Hiring a mobile app developer from an on demand hotel booking app development company will be smart.

So before knowing about how much a travel booking app like TripAdvisor costs, let's get in-depth knowledge of what exactly a TripAdvisor app is?

What Is a TripAdvisor App?

So basically, TripAdvisor is a travel booking app that contains all the essential things to make it a full travel planner package solution. Moreover, the app has all popular and decent hotel lists from around the globe, ticket booking, restaurants, rentals, trip planners, budget-friendly packages, and much more.

But what makes it better than others? Okay, let me tell you.

Making a travel app like TripAdvisor is not a big deal. What most matters is what you are willing to offer your customers through your app.

TripAdvisor app offers many features to its customers, such as holiday packages, coupons, best budget hotels, restaurants with ratings and reviews, fast ticket bookings, fast payment options, easy cancellation with no extra charges, etc.

Let’s see some TripAdvisor statistics from globally.

What do TripAdvisor App Statistics Say?

  • 72% of customers always consult reviews before planning their visit, eating, or staying.
  • The TripAdvisor app has more than 702 million ratings and reviews of hotels, restaurants, homestays, and rentals.
  • TripAdvisor has more than 7 million hotels, restaurants, and homestay locations across the globe.
  • Being one of the biggest travelling apps, TripAdvisor has nearly 500 million monthly active users.
  • The company has generated revenue of $1.62 billion worldwide so far.

Now, you must think of apps like TripAdvisor being more important and useful than how the TripAdvisor company makes money. To understand this, you need to see what features this app provides its users.

As I mentioned, developing an app doesn’t make your reputation good. It all depends on your services and your interaction with your potential customers.

Features are the top most important factor for your travelling app like TripAdvisor to increase leads and users.

TripAdvisor has many essential features that make this app different from others. This app has everything from providing the best offers to cost-friendly packages. Suppose you are planning to develop a travelling app like TripAdvisor. In that case, you must consider all of these important factors to develop good Android and iOS apps that add profit to your business.

You can approach the mobile app development company and ask them to help with your project instead of taking all the burden on yourself. However, developing a successful app requires full development teams dedicatedly to working for you on your projects.

So where were we? Yes, features.

Now let’s get on with the features of the travelling app.

The Important Features of Traveling Apps Like TripAdvisor

In this modern world, people expect great service from you. In other words, if you give service to your customers, they expect the things from you that can make their work too easy. Similarly, a travelling app should be compatible with providing great features to your potential users. A top-end feature contains all of the basic and advanced functions that are helpful for users to use apps seamlessly.

When you develop a travelling app like TripAdvisor, researching the market and audience is a must.

A travel booking app is one of the popular solutions for travel lovers. Everything can happen with an on-demand travel app like TripAdvisor, from booking a hotel to renting a cab. However, to develop feature-rich and fully-functional travel booking android apps, you need proper guidance that only professional hotel booking app development companies can provide.

Here, we have mentioned some important features of a travelling app like TripAdvisor to understand better what you need to add to your app to make it a successful revenue model for your business.


Users often get confused when they first enter the app and see the difficult registration process. For example - When an app needs certain information to be filled by users, and it takes lots of time, or sometimes some apps take the user to another page on the browser, it frustrates the user and leaves that app for good.

Therefore, providing a simple sign-up process will keep users engaged with the app, and they will not leave your app. You can ask your travelling app development team to create a simple, fast login page that will effectively run on every device.

The registration page should include their Facebook, Google, or Gmail accounts for the fast login process that takes less time.


A personal user dashboard is a useful and necessary feature that allows users to see every essential information. The dashboard feature contains user information like history, profile, and activities. In the profile, they can easily edit and update their profiles. The TripAdvisor app also has this feature along with its website.

Using a UI/UX system to design your app dashboard should be user-interactive according to the user's convenience.

Adding user convenience features will always be beneficial for your app as users face no problems while using the app; hence will increase its reach and add revenue to your account. It is also a TripAdvisor revenue generator model.


Search is a very effective feature that enables users to find hotels or restaurants through a search bar. Since the app is all about searching and booking, this feature stands at the top.

By using search, users can find different places around the globe. Adding famous places will let users choose the best places for travelling. Another great benefit you can provide your users is adding filters with search options.

It will be a very helpful feature for users when they search for a product by adding rating and review filters. Users can easily choose the best hotels or restaurants by their ratings and reviews. It can enhance their travel planning experience.


This is another great feature that every travelling app like TripAdvisor should have. Geolocation provides users with a navigation map to find the best routes, nearby places, or local restaurants.

The motive for adding this feature to your app is to give a better user travelling experience. You can add this feature by hiring a custom mobile app development company.


Users often travel to places with good reputations and reviews; therefore, they add hotels, places, and restaurant ratings and reviews systems so that users can write their experiences about places they have visited.

It helps other travellers to see those ratings and reviews and then choose the best places according to the rating and reviews of places.

You can ask your iPhone or Android app development company to add this feature to your travel booking app like TripAdvisor.


Forum pages include every user's queries, their experience, blogs, tour app details, and much more. Adding this feature will keep your users engaged with your app.

Therefore, adding this feature is necessary for your travelling app like TripAdvisor. As I mentioned earlier, this feature is available in the TripAdvisor app.


Notifications are an important feature when you're building a travel booking app. They are essential for promotion, reach, and reminders to users. You can also use notifications to stop your customers from churning.

It should give you notifications like booking confirmation, reminder and promotional notification. This is also an important feature of the TripAdvisor business to generate revenue models.

This will help promote your app and is a good strategy for the travelling app like the TripAdvisor business model.

What Are the Key Benefits of Developing an App Like TripAdvisor?

Developing a travel app like TripAdvisor can give you many benefits. A travel app works differently for various businesses. For example, if you are running a travel agency, you will need an app that helps you reach more customers and know about your facilities. A travel app will increase your number of users, ultimately increasing your bookings and earnings.

Here are some great benefits of a travel app like TripAdvisor-

  • Offer Discounts to Loyal Customers
  • Earn Loyalty Rewards
  • Increase Your Reach for Better Results
  • Offer Personalized Services
  • Extend your Bookings and Reservations
  • 24/7 Support and Maintenance
  • Budget-Friendly Holiday Packages

What Is the Cost of Developing a Travel Booking App Like TripAdvisor?

Now after understanding the importance of a travel booking app importance and its features, we can move on to our main concern of what is the cost of developing a mobile travel app.

So, to know the estimated cost of the app development, you need to understand that the features mentioned above are not free. Each of these features affects your travel app development cost. But also these features will increase your reach, customers, and revenue.

As I mentioned earlier, by hiring an iOS and Android app development company, You can ask them, for your app development, what they will charge you for these features.

As far as cost concerns you, let us give some short idea of the cost of your app. Developing an app like TripAdvisor takes nearly 4 to 5 months, and the estimated cost varies according to the region of the app development company. But in India, it costs between $20000 to $25000 to develop Android and iOS apps, including every service your app will provide. Of course, the cost of developing a travel app like TripAdvisor also depends on the other factors mentioned below.

The development cost of travel booking app:

  1. The first and most important factor is your app features; the more features and fully functional apps you develop, the more it will increase the cost. Therefore, adding only important features is what we recommend.
  1. The developer's location also plays a crucial part in the app development cost. So, compare their prices and services to others.
  1. The other factor is app size, time and materials. The more resources and time it will take to develop your travel booking app; the more the cost will increase.
  1. Last but not least, your app platform also plays a big role in terms of the cost of the app. That's why by researching, analyzing, targeting, and knowing which platform has more prospects, you can target your app for the particular platform.


The development of an app like TripAdvisor takes lots of time and effort. It will take many resources and money; therefore, we will recommend you hire a Mobile app development company. By hiring them, you can save a vast amount of time, resources, and money.

Add only profitable features and focus on providing the best user experience. You can hire mobile app developers on a part-time, full-time, and hybrid basis as per your needs.

You can approach us if you need help developing your project or the best consultancy.

To know more, contact our experts!