How Much Does The 2019 App Will Cost?

How Much Does The 2019 App Will Cost?

Figuring out how much does it cost to make an app in 2019?

Here it is what do you exactly want and not only this; take a brief discovery to know how you will effectively make choice to build a perfect app for your business.

App development cost is a really gigantic and time-consuming job to estimate! In 2018 approximately 50% of users searched on Google for app development cost breakdown.

I have read many blogs, short blogs, articles, guest posts, and many more to gather information on how much app production is exactly cost. I like one that has mentioned – ‘there is no one such good answer has been delivering yet’.

So I am in! Tap the below button to get started with pricing and choices need to study with me.

Here what you will go to read further is totally systemized so (don’t) even try to skip any part or jump over here. Read in chronological order!

If you are a reader, any passer, or a person who literally wants to develop an app, then arrange your stuff very well and mark down the importance you found in this blog, and discuss with an expert in the end.

Well, the development of any app or requirement starts with an idea. After it, you start to evaluate the market for alternatives from which you can save money and get your app developed well. Right

Then let me start with your choice…!

1. Did You Make A Right Choice? Find Here

In a survey, I found that more than half of 50% of people failed to choose the right decision. The decision is related to alternatives from which you can develop an app better at a low cost.

In the real world, there are apparently three choices you need to choose if this goes well then your lot of shit (money) will save!

Here you can make a good decision after reading this tabular:

Choice of Freelancer may not be a good option for consideration as it was hard to be relying on. The services you paid for and in-return less deliver with a low scope are measured in this area.

Choice of Offshore is considered the average decision. Most 30% of people contact app development companies for the best estimation and work.

Choice of Premium is really best but it cost high (sometimes), the services you get are very well considered and enough to get a better and robust application.

I hope you make a good choice!

The next job is really complicated than this you need to be professional in this area and need a tight study to leverage good results.

Here I am talking about ‘cost’, ‘price’, and ‘expenses’…

Do you make any study? No! Give yourself a good reason…

2. Shit About Cost! Take A Survey

If you read about marketing (which I totally like) you probably heard well enough about ‘low cost, high productivity.

I know you want the same! Make a chart on your plain paper and mark down excellent, intermediate, and beginner companies according to the geographic location.

Yeh! I know what you think

The result is very surprising you can check clearly that there is a big difference in cost-side you can measure.

Contact in North America will raise your cost high above your expectation level. As it is a developing country it is natural to charge $50 – $250 there. On the other hand, if you look at Eastern Europe and Western Europe there is a possibility in the reduction of cost as follows $20 – $170. While Asia is a totally cost-effective approach for outsourcing and app development with an hourly rate of $10 – $80. That’s why gulf countries prefer the Indian market for app production.

If you have a shoestring budget and looking down to cut the fills and make an app with reasonable quality then you can look for the lower price as well.

However, if your budget is marked well and would like to get an app developed via techy complexity I prefer to contact the brand company as the price ladder will raise high well.

Dive to the next edge called work will take out your brain in the table! Sound funny, but it is not…

3. Know About Target. Whom You Are Targeting?

Most businesses play well and others don’t. What causes behind this? Is this problem facing you?

‘Customer is king-pin of the market’ I know you heard it. If you’re hard work involves customers and you are focused on your customers – man you just earned golden success than others dare to do. This is why some businesses failed in the sound target.

In the case of app development, every single app is made and marketed considering the view of customers. In the case of an e-commerce app or web if you failed to target your audience then your app is worthless to stay long in the market.

You will knockout from the market soon without confirmation! So, decide and target your customers well than your competitor.

4. Where Did You’re Application Fall In? Confused?

Next, you need to be categorizing yourself or in simple words ask questions to yourself.

What type of application do you want? Do you need the single or cross-platform app? Will, it be good to be developing a free app, paid app, or e-commerce?

These questions cannot be judged suddenly (do research) otherwise talk to an expert.

4.1 What Type of Application?

Choice of an application can knock costs high or low! There are three types of applications that covered the cost.

Native Application

Native apps are rich in performance and deliver an outstanding experience to the users. These apps build for a specific platform like IOS and Android.

Hybrid Application

This type of application relaxes developers' time and easy to develop the app. They are easy to manage and develop. However, you can grant user experience at a high level.

Web Application

Web apps are computer programs that are used in a web browser to perform several tasks over the internet. And, 80% of smartphone users prefer mobile apps over websites.

4.2 Did You Want a Single or Cross-Platform App?

Android and IOS have to take a much serious lead in the market, and for your reference, Android has 30% more users than IOS. If you target only a single platform, it is May possible you have a low number of consumers (but) it is alright to build for a single platform as there is wider scope in Android.

For cost precautions, yes you will find a big difference on single as well as cross-platform apps. It can be truly said that cost can increase in the case of the single/individual platform, but if you consider cross-platform then one app can run on any device, and hence you can save big costs here.

The advantage of developing a cross-platform mobile app:

Reusable Code – It simplifies the task of the developer in the corner of codes and eliminates repetitive tasks. Evacuate writing a fresh piece of code for the individual platform, developers can directly reuse the codes anytime and merge/use them into a different platform.

Cost-Effective – No doubt as compared to a single platform, cross-platform takes less time to initiate development at a low cost.

Fast Development – Get the app developed faster and easier with simple and manageable codes for once at all. Publish app faster than lighter in the right time.

Easy Deployment – From planning to the deployment phase, cross-platform app perform well with dynamic UI design and integration. The client can get a much effective result in the case of cross-platform app development.

Flexibility – It is lovable! The single code base runs for all help in agile maintain of application in uniformity way. It increases the feeling and experience.

4.3 Is it Paid apps, Free apps, or E-commerce?

Make it easy for you to choose and understand. You can earn money from apps that have in-built features like a pop-up advertisement or something else. This is the brand high technique used by many fortunate firms or companies.

If you think to do so>>>go ahead. Well, there are other sources available to earn money from the application.

You can publish ‘paid apps’ like Need for Speed but is very important to set pricing according to the consumer expenditure in mind.

‘Free apps’ literally make money from various sources such as advertisement, sponsorship, and email marketing.

‘E-commerce apps’ make their way very simple, they sell and buy the product and make money.

5. Nature Of App Development Process – Cost Lay Down!

The lifecycle of an application is consciously dependent on the nature/type/adoption of the development process/procedure/method.

In an article, I read that ‘the process from which the app born also your cost is a walk by side’ How?

Probably your cost is somewhere invested, and most important is, is it worth it or not. Actually what I want to tell you is that app development takes time and your hourly rate is measured according to that. It is important to know their app development process in order to estimate cost.

Generally, business carries ab agile methodology process nowadays, which brings hundreds of advantages to the business as well as consumers.


Time to be noting my lord! It is very important to know the sequence of clock-ticking time required to develop an app for a specific platform.

Like in a survey, Android application takes 20% more time than iOS applications. So, if you’re considering building an android app or iOS app (make a time plan) for that.

I know it is a part of the developer’s job, but is it you actually think?

I mean you can also analyze the time required to build a single app if you know the app development process (if any).

Let cover up an instance to know wisely!

Suppose you are a client and I am the business owner, you have an idea based on an application aim to nurture your business for a specific platform like IOS and Android. OK!

You come to me and ask the convert my idea into reality. I understand your idea, research on it, make a plan, ask with my barnstormers, and initialize the development phase along with the testing result and hand-over to you.

So, now think what will be the possible time to get your app back to you! Hmmm

Yeh! I know it will be a couple of weeks. How much? Is the actual question

• Actually, a good company takes a single day to understand your idea. But in terms of average count, it would be 2-5 days.

• Moving to the research side, the expert tries to find out the best possible way to make the idea into reality requiring a minimum of 1 week, and on an average basis, it could be 2-3 weeks.

• Making a plan and writing in documentation necessarily takes 1 week.

• Glimpse to make the app into rough plain paper would take time by a manager within a single week.

• Implementing all assets in the development phase roughly takes more time usually a scrap app will take 2-3 weeks of development and the medium app will take 5-7 weeks and the high app will take beyond a month.

• Testing is about to involve hard work of a couple of days usually expresses in the middle of 1-3 days.

• After successful testing and follow-up, it is one day's work to deliver the app to the owner.

[Remember Android application will take more time than iOS application, the percentage increase in time is about 15-20%]

7. HTML Ballpark Estimates For App Development

What are your ballpark estimates for mobile app development? This high-medium-low ballpark is suggested to give you a basic idea of the costs you indeed for.

Depending on your current need and your choice for development can fluctuate cost and behave differently as well.

You may end up paying higher or paying lesser, at your will, you could self analyze your expenditure capacity through my HTML ballpark estimates:

• Look for Premium App Development Company for cost ballpark can be anywhere $500K to $1million.

• Cost ballpark for mid-size Offshore App Development Company can be anywhere from $150K to $400K.

• Freelance people stand out the cost anywhere from $10K to 30K.

8. Do You Use Any Online App Cost Calculator To Figure Estimates?

The use of online calculators helps you to determine costs to get a scrapped idea of expenditure. However, the online app cost calculator premise of certain standards.

They have a fixed pattern of structure and features asked for and the cost made according to the choices. In case you skip some part or don’t know what to ask about it, it doesn’t mean you cut down the cost. It may take higher although.

And in an alternate case, if you were unaware of certain features and the list you want for, you may leave the feature out of the box and correspondence estimate amount cause high.

9. Need Help? Talk To An Expert, Get Valuable Insight

I know you are in big doubt right now!

Talking to an expert who may have in-depth technical as well as business working knowledge is a good point to consider.

It is like to come closer with a finger that uses most of the time and has grasped to point something out fabulous.

Isn’t it!

An expert works on various types of projects under circumstances that help them to increase their efficiency unit and made him/her expert in their field. You have a spotlight opportunity to grab those skills in your budget.

10. Orion Infosolutions Achieve Milestone Success In-App Development

Mobile apps become an integral part of human life. 80% of users worldwide use a smartphone and open the app for utility satisfaction. If you are running a business (big or small) you bound yourself with an application for growth and survival factor.

Yes! You are right

Nowadays business has to shake hand with an app development company for higher productivity and convenience.

Orion InfoSolutions helped dozens of enterprises, firms, companies, organizations, and sectors such as education, entertainment, games, travel, e-commerce, etc. Till now they have competed with other giant tech and moved ahead with low-cost services and satisfaction agendas.

If you’re marking up or seek for the best app development company, you can find us on Design Rush and can explore the best hall of the fame shine app development companies for the exciting result.

Don’t forget to check!

11. Orion Infosolutions Successive Rate Based On Services

They have a better taste to deliver outstanding results than any other!

After a tough survey, we come to the point to know the success rate (expressed in percentage) of Orion infosolutions is good to consider for the development of the project.

Before looking to the survey, look at the factors used to conduct the survey:

(I) Client Testimonials

(II) Service Time

(III) Development Time

(IV) Internal Management

(V) Expertise in homework


The cost of app development is a monster-mouth factor lay on the development hourly rate.

Such a pleasure offer you can use and can cut down cost. Only here

Whether you want to want to develop a complex application or a simple application, Orion expert and their hourly development rate (both) is the best for your convenience.

13. Total App Development Cost Expressed In Percentile! Easy To Figure-It-Out

Orion delivers smiles to the client’s other dares to do!

Their payment is simple as they make you happy. They take 15% – 20% of the total amount as up-front work, and further, the amount is divided into milestone project score basis. Like for example:

STAGE I (Designing) – 10% to 20%

STAGE II (Development) – 10% to 20%

STAGE III (Testing) – (15% to 20%)

STAGE IV (Deployment) – (Balancing Fig)

14. Is It Sound Budgeted To You? Talk To An Expert Now

After understanding the cost factors and deep pricing study, I am sure you come to a good conclusion.

An expert can tell you the best estimate for all remaining factors to consider. He will not only scrap you but also help in planning, organizing controlling, and directing your project in a cost-effective way.

For good work, you can rely on Orion Infosolutions experts for any type of service with core customer satisfaction and other stuff.

In the end! Thanks for your time and patience in reading this blog

Thumbs up and share to explore the world!