How to Develop a Mobile Laundry App Like LaundryHeap?

How to Develop a Mobile Laundry App Like LaundryHeap?


After the success of the food delivery and taxi booking app industry, many professionals are enlarging their business foot by entering the modernized Laundry industry for even more profitability opportunities.

The online laundry business has grown dramatically in recent years, pushing major business owners to leverage its fruitful profitability. The demand for laundry apps is nearly on top of the mountain peak.

Per the reports of verified market research, the global online on-demand laundry market in 2019 was approximately $18,700 million. And in 2021, the market value of the online laundry business was approximately $17.85 billion. The expected value of the online laundry business will reach over $27.63 billion by the end of 2030.

The on-demand laundry apps offer their customers many benefits and features; therefore, they have gained tremendous growth and popularity. The online laundry app allows its customers to do their laundry smartly. With the help of laundry apps, you can schedule laundry services in your suitable time zone. In this blog, we will discuss the development of a Mobile Laundry App Like Laundryheap.

How Does Online On-Demand Laundryheap Laundry App Work For Businesses?

The online Laundryheap laundry app has rich features and functionalities that help customers find the best laundry services around them. By using the Laundryheap laundry app, users can easily make all their clothes washed up and dry cleaned in just a few hours.

A delivery man will pick up customer orders and similarly will drop the order at the user's location. On Demand Laundry app development can be done for iOS and Android platforms. Here are following work-flow of an Uber-like laundry app:

- To use the Laundryheap laundry app, users must login and fill out essential information about their address, contact numbers, and personal details.

- Users can choose laundry service providers based on their nearby location according to service provider ratings and reviews.

- After choosing the laundry services and provider, you can add specific information about your laundry needs so that the laundry service provider will also know your requirements.

- Users can choose delivery options per their requirements; however, laundry apps provide them with delivery options in which they can select manual delivery and hire delivery partners to deliver their laundry at their scheduled time.

- After a user raises a request for laundry service, it's in the admin's hands that they accept the user's request or decline it.

- If the laundry service slot is open or available, admins will instantly approve users' requests and assign delivery partners for the user's orders to pick up from their location at the scheduled time.

- After assigning the delivery partner, a delivery guy will securely pick up the laundry from the customer location and deliver them to the laundry service location.

- The pickup guy will deliver the clothes back to the customer after completing the laundry service.

When you develop a laundry app like Laundryheap, there are three main stakeholders:

  • A laundry app for users
  • An admin app for the operator
  • A driver app for the delivery person

All these apps serve different types of features and functionalities.

If you are looking for a full-fledged laundry app containing all these three apps, approach a well-experienced mobile app development company. They possess every type of technical expertise and resources to build complete end-to-end applications.

Types of On-Demand Laundry Apps like Laundryheap For Different kind Of Businesses

There are three business revenue models around which you can integrate your business idea for a laundry app like Laundryheap.

Aggregator Laundry App

The owners of the laundry shop do not use the aggregator laundry app. Nevertheless, they look forward to creating a platform where they can bring in launderers and customers together and provide services.

In aggregator laundry app development cost, the only role yours is to list the various laundry outlets and shops on your on-demand laundry application. All the payment, pickup orders and delivery of the order will be handled directly between the launderer and the customer.

Laundry On-Site App

Laundry On-site is an on-demand laundry solution where thousands of laundry shops are listed, and activities like pick up and drop off will also be available. It is a laundry application where the platform manages the delivery services, and the service on-site is provided by multiple launderers listed in the app.

Dedicated Laundry App

Dedicated laundry apps are built for specific laundry business’s needs. Usually, these laundry businesses have multiple shops all around the area or cities, and to provide better quality services for broader activities, they use dedicated laundry apps stating the available services and prices.

On-Demand Features of Laundry App Like Laundryheap

A laundry app is a one-stop shop for all your laundry services and needs; therefore, your app should possess features that no other laundry businesses are offering to customers. Here are the following features of those apps:

Laundry App For Users

User Login

A laundry app should first have a login section in which users can login into the app to access their profile, services, etc.


The profile section allows users to manage and see laundry service providers' complete profiles like names, photos, services, addresses, contact details, and more.

Smart Search & Categories

Users can use the smart search option to search the service they are interested in or search by service categories according to their needs.


Users can search the nearby laundry service providers on a map and find the nearest laundry service location with available scheduled dates and times.

Service Options

This feature allows users to choose various laundry services listed by laundry service providers. Users can choose those services as per their laundry requirements. For instance, if a customer wants something specific, like synthetic clothes for the laundry, then the customer can choose synthetic laundry services.

Pick & Delivery Schedule

Users can easily select an order pick-up time that is more convenient for them. And similarly, it goes to a delivery schedule where users can manually select order delivery time at their convenience.

Service Cost

This feature is one of the most demanded features by customers. It will show the service charge and complete cost of laundry services. This way, the whole cost system will be transparent, and users can choose the laundry service according to their cost. Also, it will show users' delivery partner charges with tax, including.

Real-time Tracking

With a real-time tracking system, users can track the laundry orders they have placed. Here admin will have the option of changing the time estimation so that users will stay up-to-date with their order status.

Payment Gateway

If you are building an iOS and Android laundry app, you need to provide different types of payment options to the customers. This will save the customers' time and make their laundry life easier.

Feedback and Ratings

Allow your users to choose only the best real-time feedback and ratings are the features you should include in your laundry application. This way, users can see which laundry businesses are providing quality services, and the bookie encourages them to leave a genuine experience review or feedback from the services they chose. With the help of ratings, users can categorize high-rating laundry businesses.


This is an additional and must-include feature for the laundry app business. This feature is like a calendar and book appointment in which users can decide a date and time and prebook the laundry services so that they will conveniently do their other work.

Order cancellation

For users, this feature is essential. If users are somehow not at home or cannot provide laundry, they can cancel their order for the time being. For this feature you can tell your mobile app development company to add this feature.

Push Notification

Send your customers a push notification or alert about their laundry services, like a weekly wash-up reminder, real-time order status, order cancellation, etc. It helps you keep engaging your users on your platform.

Customer Deal

Provide your customers with an unpredictable laundry persona by offering timely deals on festivals or regular deals that give them a reason to use your app consistently.

Laundry App For Admins

Admin Login

Via the admin login feature, the admin can login into the admin panel with an admin login id and passwords. After login into the app, the admin can access all the business laundry app functionalities without permission.


After login into the app admin will access the entire driver person's and customer's data. The app operator will get all the essential data through the admin panel, such as the number of drivers connected with the service, their license details, etc. In future, if the driver's license expires, the admin can inform drivers about it via an alert message. Admin can access the customer data like the number of clothes, specific instructions about clothing dry cleaning, etc.

Order History

This is crucial if you want to attract loyal customers and turn them into regular users. Admin can manage customers' order sections to know which customers use their apps regularly. It will help you create customized deals for your loyal customers and make them feel special.


Analytics is a key feature for the admin side. It allows the admin to see the application's complete real-time progress report. It helps the admin create a different strategy to make the app more engaging and enables them to add more features, functionalities, new custom looks, and much more. Analytics helps admins see how their app is performing in the market.


A calendar and reminder will help the admin send real-time push notifications to the users. Admin can send users an alert about their laundry orders and ongoing deals. It also helps admin maintain, plan and complete their task.

Laundry App For Delivery Partner


The delivery guy who will pick up your laundry order must register in their app first. They can sign up for easy access to the Laundry app by filling out a simple form and entering essential details. They can also use a social account for the sign-up.

Map or Location

This is the most important aspect for the pickup person or delivery person. It displays the exact location of the subscriber. With the help of this feature, the delivery person can easily trace the customers' location to pick up their laundry.


With the help of this feature, the delivery man can keep an eye on his earnings daily. This feature can display comprehensive reports of daily work and helps delivery persons monitor their work earnings.

Pickup and Drop

The pickup person's / delivery man's laundry mobile app includes a feature that allows them to accept pickup and drop requests. To build your laundry app, approach a well-experienced laundry app development company.

Benefits of Developing a Laundry App Like Laundryheap For Your Business

Increase Revenue

The online laundry business is rising like the sun, bringing more profitable opportunities for new enterprises. Many laundry apps are available in the market, and few of them have reached great heights. This is a billion-dollar industry, and as per expert reports, it will grow even more. This can help you gain new customers and increase revenue in less time.

Enhance Management

Handling a laundry business requires so many resources, team expanding, and putting them together to run the business structure is so much hassling work. But with an online laundry app, you can make your business run on automation without complication.

It will automatically handle your laundry business infrastructure and free you from all the hassling work. From managing the delivery person to building an enhanced customer laundry experience, payment processing, and service distribution, an on-demand laundry app like Laundryheap can do it all for you.

Business Expansion

With an online laundry application, you can get access to millions of customers from all around the world. You can expand your business expertise and area in other places by offering your online laundry services on the border locations.

Better Customer Connection

If you are already running a laundry business, ask yourself how many customers you have made so far? And how many new customers from wider areas you have at the current time. You might have thought about it.

When you develop your laundry app for your business, think of targeting the right audiences. With appropriate marketing, an on-demand app can help gain huge customers, increasing sales. Understanding customer demand is first in business, so mobile apps can help in analyzing demand and implementing it helps to engage with more users. 

Brand Awareness

Developing an on-demand laundry app like Laundryheap helps your business grow even faster. You can increase your business reputation and brand awareness by marketing your laundry business app in the market. It will help others know about your business and help you turn them into buyers.

Marketing your laundry app will open new paths and opportunities for you to enlarge your business expertise. The more you market your app, the more you increase your brand awareness.

Earning Opportunities From Laundry App Development Like Laundryheap

There are many revenue-generating opportunities available for online laundry businesses from laundry apps. You can turn your laundry app into a revenue model with the right implementation, strategy, and approach. Here are the following earning opportunities from laundry applications: 

Paid Listing

For the online laundry business, this is the most grateful revenue model that enables laundry business owners to generate high revenue in less time. This business model especially works with aggregator laundry businesses. In this model, businesses can allow other laundry owners to list their businesses by paying a certain amount that you can decide.

The apps charge money from the listed laundries to place them at the top of the sections, as the laundry service business listed on the app's homepage has more chances to get more profit. This is the primary source of income for online laundry apps.


This is also a money-making strategy found in aggregator business model-based apps. The apps create an association with local laundry businesses and provide them with a wide scope of doing business and some services like pickup, delivery and support.

The apps charge a commission in return for the services provided. The app charges this commission for every single order the laundry business receives from the app.


Ads are a very valuable source of earning for online apps. An online laundry app can earn more by advertising similar and relevant goods and services on its platform.

For example, promoting clothing wash-up soaps, laundry detergents and stain removal products can be an ideal source of business revenue earning.


Mobile apps have so much potential to make people's lives easier than before. A laundry business is nowhere less in terms of profitability; thereby, having a laundry app is a great opening for wide leverage. Developing a mobile laundry app like Laundryheap is profitable for you and your business. The development cost of laundry apps like Laundryheap is around $5,000 to $10,000, with standard features and functionalities. However, if you want to impact this industry, you should go with the full-fledged laundry app that will cost $15,000 to $30,000.

Make your dream come true and start your already-running laundry business with more opportunities. We are a leading on-demand laundry app development company that develops industry-ready solutions for small to large-scale businesses. If you have any project ideas, bring them to us, and we will make them live in no time. Contact us for a more in-depth costing model and laundry app features integrations.

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