How to Develop an App Like TikTok- Cost and Features

How to Develop an App Like TikTok- Cost and Features


TikTok’s popularity has swept the country, and it is unstoppable. There is little possibility that the app will lose its luster unless users continue to use it permanently. When it comes to TikTok, there is a very slim possibility that you are not already acquainted with it. If you fall into such a group, you can discover it on Chinese music video outlets. They use the app to make a short music video, which they then share with their friends.

A Brief Description of TikTok

Developer: ByteDance, creator of TikTok

Founder and Chief Executive Officer: Vanessa Pappas

Date of founding: 2016

Corporate Headquarters: Culver City, CA

Estimated value: $60 billion

TikTok users recommend it as an excellent source of amusement and enjoyment for their friends and families. Also, owing to TikTok’s sharing function, you can see its content on all platforms, and when you like something, you see it on all platforms, which is why TikTok has over 800 million active monthly users, up 300 million from January 2019.

Despite TikTok’s popularity today, there are some outliers, so let’s take a look at what the app is all about. has made it easier than ever to create, broadcast, and share videos. Users might utilize lip-sync to make hilarious or entertaining films, or to dance to music. The app had more than 100 million users up till 2018.

TikTok was once an independent app, but in 2018, it was bought by Bytedance, and all of its users were moved. TikTok’s success stems from its feature that allows users to lip-sync to songs and dance to videos, as well as create their own videos. Because of this independence, TikTok’s owner, Zhang Yiming, has become 16 billionaires and the 13th richest person in China.

What Exactly Is The Tiktok App?

TikTok allows users to make short videos and share them online using the app’s unique effects and filters. It is appropriate for people who wish to share 3-15 second videos. These short videos can be used for dance, humor, entertainment, or to convey a message. The TikTok app exists primarily for amusement purposes. Your skill must be shown to the rest of the world.

This app quickly became popular due to its features:

  • Social media sharing of videos
  • Capturing images at high speed
  • Streaming music videos
  • Awe-inspiring filters and effects
  • Editor’s picks for your daily music library

That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

By reaching this section of this article, you must be interested in finding out how much it costs to develop a TikTok-like app. The expenditures are determined by a variety of factors, like the features in the app, the technologies employed, and the resources required for an app such as TikTok. In this way, you may get an idea of the cost of developing an app, although the final cost may still depend on the platform on which you develop the app and on the amount of functionality that you intend to add to it.

How Does Tik Tok Work?

TikTok offers a range of videos that automatically play for its users. With just a swipe, they can be accessed. The default view is divided into two parts: your following account and the “For You” or Explore section. Content related to your behavior is generated by the “For You” page, which analyzes how you interact with videos, view video details, search history, and so on. Moreover, as part of the registration process, the user provides information about their app preferences.

Users receive personalized recommendations as a result. So TikTok provides a fun and immersive experience for everyone! Having this feature as part of a blueprint is vital for an application like TikTok.

Which 5 Steps Should You Follow To Make An App Like Tiktok?

Getting better results from a video-sharing TikTok business requires you to maximize your TikTok opportunity App Development investments. The following factors are important to consider when creating an app like TikTok.

1) Find Your Target Audience

Identify the target audience for your app and look at the markets for similar apps like TikTok as you develop it. Understand what your target audience needs to develop an app that is better than the existing ones and will attract more customers. You must note everything before developing a TikTok app, including the average age of people in each region and the most common devices they use.

The target audience, however, is the most important element to consider. You need to know more about your target audience to achieve your objective. For that, you need to research:

Demographic profile — Knowing the average age, location, type of device, and income of your users will help you to develop an effective marketing campaign. Finding out how frequent their Internet connection is would be helpful.

Behavioral trends — Every app will be unique, but there are some trends that you can incorporate with your future apps. In addition, users are fewer likely to download something, have less tolerance for slow loading times, and value the app’s utility more than security.

You should create a buyer persona, a concrete image of your ideal user if you want to create a better product that responds to your users’ wants and needs.

2) Team up with Someone Who Can Build the App

To create a social app, you need an expert team. Making sure you hire the right developers is crucial to the success of your app, quite literally.

A company can always outsource its mobile app development needs if it does not have the right developers in-house. You can find remarkable talent to create powerful social media apps by outsourcing your project. It’s much more cost-effective.

Your team should fully understand your target audience, business model, your priorities, and monetization strategy. Your mobile app developers and other key stakeholders should participate in the discovery phase to design your app concept, determine features and roles, choose the technology stack, and estimate costs.

3) Study the Top Features of Apps Like TikTok

The wheel does not need to be reinvented. Before you redesign an app, you need to understand its primary features. Our experts at Orion Infosolution can prepare your blueprint in no time so you can get your app up and running! When talking about your app needs with Indian TikTok-like developers, make sure to consider the following:

Sign Up and Login Page

You have to include a login and registration page in your TikTok-like app. Keep the sign-up form short enough so that users won’t be scared off. Capture the maximum amount of information possible. With the mobile app, you can link to social media accounts, like Facebook, Instagram, etc. if you want to skip the dedicated page. If you would like to sign up by phone or email, you can manage your account through those two methods.

An easy-to-use interface

You need to look for a business that can replicate the simple and pleasing user interface present in apps like TikTok. You must ensure that the fluidity of your app UI is the same on Android and iOS devices. To attract users’ attention, users are typically redirected to the top-performing video after logging in or signing up. As the videos are displayed in full-screen mode, it makes no sense to add clunky buttons to the user interface. You should be able to navigate and interact with videos by simply swiping or tapping.

Low cognitive load

TikTok takes the route of negligible cognitive load when it comes to video creation. Keep the process simple so that your everyday user can focus on it despite a great deal of distraction. Reduce the amount of brainpower the user needs to use this app. Let the user discover what’s more by sharing just enough information to describe the utility.

Simple Video Upload

Users understandably do not want to go through hoops before they can submit their films. If the uploading procedure is lengthy and complicated, the app will be discouraged from being utilized. As a result, while developing an app, you must guarantee that the process of shooting and uploading videos is simplified and simple.

Video Editing for posts

Users must have the option of doing all modifications within the app itself rather than relying on third-party applications. The editing capabilities and functionality will differ depending on the estimated TikTok-like app development cost and your matching budget. Begin with the basics, such as video trimming, screen flipping, and video playing rates. You may add more substance to these features over time, such as boomerangs, zoom, reverse, flash, slow-motion, and so on.

Effects and filters

Snapchat was perhaps one of the first apps to demonstrate how effective filters can be in the social media arena. When creating an app, keep in mind the effects and filters that users may apply to their videos. Depending on the app development cost, your app can have a choice of high-quality features. Almost all of Orion Infosolution’s applications are available for purchase. The video effects are diverse, ranging from monochrome to vignettes to sound analysis and manipulation. Using the AR toolkit, users may apply cosmetics to their faces, expand or reduce them, change the color of their eyes and hair, and do other things.

Comments and Reactions

The number of “Hearts” a video receives determines its popularity. When determining how to build an application like TikTok, the reactions of the creator and users are critical. Users appreciate such content, as evidenced by their heart rate. As a result, your mobile app must provide consumers with comparable content depending on the algorithm. The amount of hearts a video receives from its author determines its popularity. If they have comparable demographics, it should display in their explore area. Comments can also reflect the amount of involvement.

Quick & Accurate Navigation

Use the normal swipe and tap motions to explore an app. It is ideal to keep the UI as simple as possible, with simply a few sharing and settings buttons. To avoid a learning curve, the navigation system should employ a layout akin to TikTok. You should also include a typical ‘Getting Started’ introduction to ensure that the user’s requirements are satisfied.

Real-Time Streaming

TikTok users may use live streaming to monetize their videos and stream live videos. Because of the limits of TikTok’s capabilities, it became a paid service. TikTok creators can access these capabilities after they have a sufficient number of followers. As a result, app users are drawn to intriguing content. TikTok’s income grows as a result of live broadcasting, as loyal viewers reward content producers by purchasing and repurchasing.

Offloading and dividing chores into bite-sized chunks

You don’t have to do much when it comes to TikTok. When viewed in a broad stroke, the process appears to run logically and clearly. Your app will be really beneficial if you organize it into a series of micro-activities. Another clever feature is TikTok’s offloading. Users do not have to activate them again because it retains the last set of preferences and data.

Duets or Reactions to Videos

TikTok users may lip-sync to popular conversations and other audio recordings using the app TikTok’s duet drolls. TikTok accounts frequently utilize the hashtags #duetwithme and #pov to promote collaboration. Users can also record video responses. The response screen’s size, shape, and the position may all be changed.

Built-In Libraries

An important part of TikTok’s success is its extensive media library. To find audio clips to integrate into your video, no third-party software or library is necessary whether you are using the app on Android or iOS. The user can access audio clips produced by other people as well, not just music. To host all of this media, you would require server space if you want to develop an app like TikTok.

Social media sharing.

Of course, sharing material improves its worth. As a result, there are several ways for distributing material on TikTok. You may save the movies to your computer and share them on any platform. You may use the app to share information on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, and many more platforms. TikTok-like applications will have to spend more money to build one-click sharing capabilities, but it will be well worth the cost.

Push Notifications

Would you wish your users to return? You’ll have to integrate push notifications in your app. Push notifications can keep you up to date on trending videos. When the numbers of followers increases, comments emerge, shares are made, or likes are displayed, the creators are alerted. For Android and iOS, users of Apple’s Push Notification Service or Google Cloud Messaging are necessary.

4) Design & Development

The design and usability of your video-sharing app play a major role in providing a smooth user experience. Create a zero-redundancy app like TikTok. It should be practical and appealing to all users, as well as sensitive to their demands.

However, the development procedure is time-consuming. Because social media apps are complex, developers must create a minimum viable product (MVP). They must utilize user input to further enhance their apps. Among the MVP components are:

  • UX/UI
  • Login and social media integration
  • Data about the user
  • Highlights ( Mentioned Above)
  • Estimated cost

You may include Rules & Guidelines, Privacy Terms, and in-app purchases to make the app more secure and trustworthy.

Hiring an expert team is essential! We at Orion Infosolutions appreciate you as our potential customer

5) Team structures ideal for developing apps like TikTok

If you want to create an app like TikTok, you will require an app development team. Here are a few folks you should think about hiring:

1. Project supervisor – A project supervisor’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the app development is completed on time. Work procedures must be coordinated by the team, which includes designers, developers, and Q&A specialists.

2. iOS and Android app developers — This project will necessitate the use of more than one developer. It is not possible to have an app built by a single individual. TikTok’s most regular users are Android users, with over 90 percent of downloads originating from Android devices.

3. UI/UX designer — Your app needs a designer to provide a positive user experience. The designer will create several sections of the app, such as menus, navigation, tabs, and features.

4. Q&A coordinator — Before releasing your app, get it tested by a technical professional to guarantee that it functions flawlessly. Your app developers should repair any faults or errors in the app’s functioning before publishing it.

5. Marketing expert — The skill of developing a popular app is found in its popularity. Following the introduction of the app, a post-launch marketing effort should be launched.

What Technology Is Needed To Make A Mobile App Like TikTok

Data can be filtered and personalized for users using artificial intelligence. By using object- and image recognition, AI also adds tags automatically to the app.

The following are required:

  • Cloud storage using Amazon S3 and Azure services
  • Networks for delivering content
  • Audio/video transcoding
  • Programming productivity with GWT
  • Integration of MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Cassandra

Develop an Android app using Kotlin and Java if you wish to make it compatible with Android devices. Swift and C are the best choices for iOS development. Hybrid applications using Flutter, Xamarim, or React Native would be best.

What is the Cost of Developing an App like TikTok?

An app like TikTok has a number of factors that affect its cost, and we should understand these factors before estimating cost.

TikTok’s development will cost between $25,000 and $50,000. A mobile app development team, the developers hired, and the country from which it is being built determine the cost.

Apps like TikTok mobile app development companies are recommended as they are made by experienced experts who know which features will make the app popular.

US, English, and Australian developers charge $100 per hour.

Europe charges $35-80/hour for developers.

Indian developers charge $25-50 per hour.

Aside from the platform, the development cost depends on many other aspects, such as storage, complexity, design, resources, features, etc. Find out how long it will take to build the app through a quote from Orion Infosolutions.


A number of companies have realized the benefits of developing a video app such as TikTok, and it is only a matter of time before someone else becomes stronger than TikTok; if you take the right steps at the right time, you can become that one. Orion InfoSolutions is a Short Video App Development Company that can develop apps like TikTok in accordance with your requirements, so you can get help from us. Try to start developing app like TikTok now if you think it is the next big thing and want to be its owner. TikTok is one of the world’s most popular social media apps, and your race has given you the chance to become one of the top social media apps.