How to Develop Hotel Booking App Like Oyo Rooms

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How to Develop Hotel Booking App Like Oyo Rooms


Market trends and standards of living are changing as mobile app technology continues to rise. Millions of people now use hotel booking apps to book hotel rooms around the world. By just sitting at their homes, people can book their favorite hotels at their favorite destinations at affordable rates by using apps such as OYO rooms and Trivago. The travel and hospitality industry is growing rapidly, and a wide range of players are entering the sector.

Statista estimates that the industry's online travel booking revenue will reach US$ 434,030 million in 2019. Their report indicates that the online travel booking industry is expected to show an annual growth rate of 6.2%, which would result in a market volume of US$ 551,762 million by 2023. You need a maestro in this field to start your hotel booking app business. You need to know the development strategies before deciding on Oyo Rooms like Hotel Booking app development.

OYO Rooms' Business Model and Revenue Model

At some point, you will need to generate revenue from the app. A business and revenue model for an app like OYO Rooms can be quite different. Some examples are:

#1. Aggregator Business Model

Until 2018, OYO Rooms operated as an aggregator. OYO was able to connect with several guesthouse owners who were interested in selling their rooms on their platform.

Because the hotel or guest house is managed by OYO, the end-user does not know the name of the actual property.

OYO earns approximately 22% of its revenue in profit sharing through the aggregator model. Owners of accommodations listed on OYO generate more traffic, more business, and traction than they would have otherwise been able to gain with standalone accommodations.

#2. Franchise Model

Owners of OYO properties share with the company 90% of their revenue gains from hotel operations. To grow the business, the properties adhere to strict standards of operations, including consistently providing high levels of customer service.

What is the best way to create a hotel booking app like OYO Rooms?

If you are developing an app like OYO, you must follow the right steps so that you do not overlook any small things. To assist you, we are going to give you a few guidelines on the steps you need to follow as you develop your OYO clone app.

Research a new idea and present it

It is crucial to develop a unique and good idea for your app, as this will serve as the foundation for its success. You should do deep research and develop a full-proof strategy that meets the needs and requirements of your users for an app like OYO room. Prepare a design blueprint, do the market analysis, and get feedback.

UX & UI (User Experience & User Interface)

Make robust strategies for the amazing user interface experience after researching and discussing it with your development team. You should make sure that the interface you design is user-friendly so that the app can easily be navigated by the user. An expert in user experience can be hired in India.

Validate concepts for improvement

Having completed all of your research and developing a strategy, you will need to validate it once more with your target audience. You can validate your plan again and receive feedback and reviews for your app to take any necessary improvements and fix bugs.

Beginning the design and development process

OYO like hotel booking app development is a very critical part of the company. You should design and code your app in a way that users will love it. Design and develop your app so that it will be user-friendly and robust so that the user will not encounter any problems.

Launching and testing

In the case of OYO hotel, the code must now be reviewed to determine whether any defects or security issues remain. Coding errors can be rectified early if you find them before it's too late. It is now time to launch your app on the app and play stores.

Maintaining your property is essential

You will ensure that your app meets the needs of your users if you maintain it and update it promptly after it is launched. Because the app development industry is always changing, you must update it regularly to remain competitive.

Hotel Booking Apps Like OYO Should Include These Features

You must have a list of features ready to incorporate in a mobile app like OYO Rooms. We recommend the following features:

#1. Login and registration are easy

It is common for apps to require registration on the platform. That is the case with OYO Rooms as well. In addition to a password, guests must use their unique email address or mobile number to log in.

You can also integrate social handles and Google accounts to simplify the process. Registrations that are too complicated may irritate prospective customers, leading them to leave the app midway without completing their booking.

#2. Using the app to book a room

The home page should be viewable upon registration. A search list can be generated by entering the necessary location and travel dates and applying other filters. It is made clear what type of rooms are available, their prices, any included taxes, and any inclusions.

Travelers can use the images accompanying the results to decide which OYO property meets their needs best. Through the integration of easy payment options, the booking process is made effortless.

These apps make it easy for users to book hotels instantly, so that's what makes them appealing in the first place.

#3. Search and availability of rooms

The hotel room availability at a travel destination can be checked by travelers. Filters such as: can also be applied to the general search to streamline it further.

  • Accommodation type
  • Price range
  • Room type
  • Amenities
  • Inclusions such as breakfast and meal plans
  • Nearby places

The hotel booking process is made easier and more convenient with these filters.

#4. Rates for different types of rooms

Taking into account the types of rooms and inclusions (for example, breakfast), users can also view the range of prices offered. Apps should enable users to view the amenities available so that the decision-making process is made easier for them.

The price can be selected according to the traveler's preferences and budget. Taxes are typically shown on the final payment page and not on this page.

#5. Easy Payment

Bookings are confirmed once the customer makes the final payment. There are also options for making payments, including:

  • Debit or Credit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • PayPal
  • eWallets
  • Pay at Hotel

#6. Booking changes

OYO app users can modify their bookings up to a certain point. The user can add or remove elements to their bookings, such as room upgrades or breakfast and meals.

If an addition is required, the app will levy additional fees, which may be collected at the property.

#7. Places Nearby

A solid geolocation feature is the foundation of any hotel booking app. The app allows users to view and explore places nearby, including tourist attractions, restaurants, movie theaters, malls, etc.

#8. Reservations for taxis/cars

In the hotel booking application, prospective riders can share Pick Up and Drop Off Locations to request a ride. The pickup location is passed along to nearby drivers.

Ride requests are confirmed by the driver on the app as soon as the request is accepted. In real-time, the app also displays the cab's estimated arrival time and the driver's route.

#9. Restaurant reservations, etc.

View our nearby dining, shopping, entertainment, and other amenities. From the app's platform, users can book tickets for their favorite eateries, cinemas, theatres, and adventure parks.

The users will find it very convenient.

#10. Trip Planner

Booking a hotel through an app like OYO can help travelers plan their holidays. Book your cabs from the app's platform, select your accommodation, and plan your sightseeing tours. The user does not have to go back and forth for everything to be recorded in a single location.

#11. User Contribution

User reviews, ratings, and feedback of the hotels listed on the app's platform can always be found by prospective travelers. This can lead to a higher rate of revenue for the hotel.

The properties also allow customers to leave feedback. Contributions typically include:

Travel blogs, video blogs, and detailed reviews include trip stories

  • Travel Tips & Advice
  • Community Portal
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Photo Galleries

#12. Cancellation is simple

As per the terms and conditions of the booking, the user should be able to cancel their hotel. Users who cancel non-refundable bookings will need to forfeit the entire amount if they decide to cancel.

If the user cancels the booking by a certain date, he or she will be eligible for a refund. A credit card guarantee is usually required for these types of bookings.

#13. Functionality of GPS

The app's in-built GPS feature assists the traveler in locating the hotel once they arrive at their destination. Based on the time of the user's arrival, the app allows him or her to view the optimal route.

#14. Trip History

It serves mainly as a guide for the user of the app. General information like travel dates, destinations, and hotels booked is displayed.

#15. Booking and Payments History

The usage statistics section shows how many trips the user has taken based on their profile.

#16. Push Notifications

To inform your hotel booking app customers of news, updates, and changes in terms and conditions, you need a medium of communication in place. To share these updates with all app users, you need a Push Notification system.

The following are some scenarios in which push notifications are helpful:

  • Recent updates on new properties.
  • Price reductions on properties you've liked.
  • Existing property information updates.
  • Special offers and deals.

#17. Chatting or calling within the app

In case of urgent inquiries, it is important to have a feature that allows the traveler to seamlessly connect with the hotel booking platform.

Both parties can use the in-app call or chat features to communicate in such circumstances.

Features Unique to OYO Room

With OYO Room, you can take advantage of a variety of unique features that make the platform robust. They also give it an edge over its immediate competitors.

Here's what you need to know.

#1. The OYO money and the OYO rupee

Through the app, existing customers can earn virtual currencies by referring their friends and family to use the code to book their hotel rooms.

#2. OYO Wizard

OYO offers special offers and discounts to its longtime customers on future reservations on its platform as part of its loyalty program.

#3. OYO Captain

By using the OYO app, customers can hire the services of a local representative. The representative is responsible for managing all aspects of the traveler's holiday. Representatives are generally responsible for:

  • Examining hotel reservations and making sure they are following the customer's needs.
  • Keeping track of the hotel's facilities and amenities.
  • Provide assistance with creating itineraries for sightseeing and exploring nearby places, making restaurant reservations, etc.

#4. OYO Assist

Customers can check these things using the OYO app via the self-service facility:

  • Hotel booking policies.
  • Canceling or changing hotel reservations.
  • Refunding hotel reservations.
  • Complaints and grievances.


With the app, a dedicated call center is integrated with an SOS button. Travelers who feel vulnerable or threatened can press the SOS Button to speak to an agent who is trained in dealing with such situations.

#6. Deals for You

The OYO Deals feature provides exclusive discounts and offers from OYO’s partners, such as banks, eWallets, and other service providers. You can then take advantage of these offers and discounts.

The Admin Panel has the following features

Admin controls on the backend of the app include the following modules:

#1. User Management

Admins have complete access to all user information from the backend. If necessary, the Admin can create reports and insights by searching, filtering, editing, or deleting them.

#2. Hotel Management

A property owner can easily add, edit, view, and publish products on the dashboard, as well as track the status of rooms being sold.

#3. Hotel List Management

The Hotel List Management module allows owners to list their available rooms. You can enter basic information about the product here, including the description, price, dimensions, amenities and facilities, images of the room, and inclusions and exclusions.

#4. Payment Transaction Management

For property owners to keep track of their earnings day, week, month, and year, there must be a dedicated section in the app. This same feature should also allow them to track the earnings transferred to their bank accounts by the provider.

#5. Confirm Booking Management

This module on your admin panel provides an overview of the number of confirmed bookings received by your enlisted property.

#6. Transaction History

The Admin Panel allows users to track every payment they make through the Transaction History section. Payments are viewed in real-time after they are received by the admin.

#7. Discount and Offer Management

This module monitors and tracks cash backs, discounts, sales, and offers. Promotions can now be created or updated by the administrator.

#8. Support Request Management

Each support request is moderated by an admin, who then forwards them to the relevant departments for resolution.

#9. Analytics

Administrators can see the entire reseller business picture. By utilizing real-time analytics, they can keep tabs on the most popular properties, total sales and revenue, customer booking patterns, and user session times.

Technology Stack of OYO Mobile Apps

Now that the platform and the features are defined, you need to know how to actually develop an app like OYO.

The following technology stack is recommended.

·  Framework: Android, iOS, and Cross Platforms

·  Web/App Development Language: Xamrin, Kotlin, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift, PHP, Node.js, and Angular

·  Map: Google Map API

·  Nearby Places: Google Places API

·  Interface: Rest API, Slim Framework

·  Database: MongoDB, MySQL, Redis

·  Cloud Environment: AWS

·  Hotel metasearch data: Skyscanner Affiliate API and HotelsCombined API

·  Aggregator APIs: Expedia Affiliate Network API

·  Payment Gateway: PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, eWallets

·  Web Server: Nginx, Apache HTTP Server

·  Real-Time Analytics: Apache Flink, Hadoop, Spark, Cisco, IBM

·  Traffic Analysis Tools: Google Analytics, Mouseflow

·   Streaming Media System: Wowza Streaming Engine, Helix Universal Server, Nimble Streamer

·   Weather Forecasts: OpenWeatherMap API

Development Team Structure

A successful hotel booking app like OYO requires a team of expert and experienced developers. You should have the following people on your team:

· UI/UX Designers

·  Android and iOS Developer

·  Front and Back-End Developers

·  QA Expert

·  Database Expert

·  Product Manager

·   Marketing and Sales Team

·  Delivery Manager

What is the cost of creating an app like OYO?

You need to create a cost estimate for the development of your hotel booking app once the features, model, tech stack, and team structure have been defined. OYO app creation costs vary based on a variety of factors. The main ones are:

·  Functionality of projects.

·  Design.

·  Location of the developer.

·  Methodology.

·  Amount of time spent by developers and others working on the project.

·  Problems encountered during development.

Additionally, your development team's location affects the cost of the app, as does its size, features, and functionalities.

In some major locations, the cost per developer hour is as follows:                                               


Average hourly rate





Western Europe


Eastern Europe





Based on all of these factors, an app like OYO will typically cost between $60,000 and $80,000 to develop with an Indian development team.


OYO Rooms is the future of hotel booking since the hospitality industry is undergoing such dramatic changes. This is why there has been so much investment in the space, driving new players to enter the market with their own concepts and ideas.

There is no better time to start developing a hotel booking app like OYO Rooms than now. Businesses are more able to come up with mobile solutions for the future due to greater access to private equity and bank funding.