Multigaming Platform App Development Like MPL and Winzo [ Update 2024 ]

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Multigaming Platform App Development Like MPL and Winzo [ Update 2024 ]


The development of technologies has given a hand to the rise of gaming platforms. Gaming platforms have also become increasingly cultured with these advancements in technology. Exponential improvements in display, storage, network bandwidth, processing, interfaces, and operating systems have made it more effortless for multi-gaming platforms. Now among all other gaming markets, mobile gaming accounts for 50%. 

It is not a shocking fact because you may not have seen PlayStation, Xbox, or PC with everyone, but in today's world, you will see a Smartphone in every person's hand. Smartphones have become a basic essential of our lives, becoming the most well-known industry. Whether you build smartphones or develop apps for them, the industry is growing fast and is showing no signs that it will stop. 

Moreover, in recent times, multi-game platform apps are playing an important role in the gaming industry and are attracting users by offering a variety of short, interesting games to the users. This provoked many entrepreneurs to invest in fantasy sports app development, as multi-gaming apps like MPL, Hago, and Winzo grew into money-making hubs these days. 

As a result, now multi-gaming platforms are ruling in gaming industries. Some of the best and most popular multi-gaming applications are MPL, Winzo, and Loco is a perfect example. These are highly downloaded applications from among other apps. The most important thing is that these apps let people earn real money by playing online games in-App. 

There are no two-way opinions, people like those apps who give something in return for playing or using it. This is a great way to engage and collect more audience towards your application. But it's on you and your app for what features you are willing to offer to your users. If they see any downside or unnecessary things in your app, they are most likely to leave you and choose something else.


So, before heading on to the revenue model and its great features, let us learn about the Multigaming platform.    

What Is a Multi-gaming Platform?

Multigaming is a platform where users can play multiple games in one application. These platforms contain many games, and users can play these games without downloading them separately. Whether it's single-player, multiplayer games, tournaments, or most trending games, you will find all games on one platform.  

The biggest advantage of this kind of app is that you can choose your favorite game, and you are allowed to play either with your friends or with online players, and most importantly, you can earn real money playing these games.  

Business Monetization Strategies for Multigaming Platform App

The benefits, we can't even mention all the levels of benefits these apps provide you. Benefits are different things; you can even generate revenue from Your multi-gaming platforms. Whatever the game, the main factor in developing it will be to generate money. Well, multi-gaming platforms are no exception in this subject. There are several revenue-generating elements when it comes to multi-gaming platforms. Some are mentioned below: 

In-App Advertisements

After Gaining a huge audience, you can start adding ads in your apps to your loyal players. Charge amount from third-party ads companies who want to place their ads in your application.  

You can also charge an individual fee for showing the ad and also charge a specific amount when players click on the ad. It is the most widely used method for revenue-generating apps these days. Most apps adopt this method to earn money. 

Play Game Earn Money

The most common technique of generating revenue from your app is playing and earning money. Users play the game and earn money from it. The same applies to you also.  

Players Buy Coins

Players Buy Coins is a simple revenue model strategy to earn money. To play certain games, players have to give coins, and for that, they will buy coins from In-App coin-stores; only after adding coins in the app can they start playing games. In Short, Buy coins from real money and play games.  

What Are the Features of Multigaming Apps?

When it comes to gaming apps, the features and specifications will have a great percentage in the success of that app. Unless integrated with advanced and attractive features, you cannot enter further gaming competition.

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The following features are vital when it comes to multi-gaming app development. 

  1. Unique and Excellent UI/UX Design

Whatever best idea you have in your gaming app or adventure levels you set for your users, it will not work unless you have a unique UI/UX design. If your design fails to attract users, all your work and invested money will be wasted. Having an excellent design will go halfway to your success. To get a design like this, you would, without a doubt, need an experienced major player in the mobile app industry.  

  1. Cash for Coin Method

Well, the coin-cash feature is something that allows users to pay real money to buy in-game currency/coins. Here, players have to pay coins to play games, and for the coin, players have to purchase coins from in-game stores, and coins can convert into real money too so that players can withdraw that money. It is a great way for the players and app owners to earn money. 

  1. Easy & Secure Payment

Users prefer a more easy payment method that provides a secure way to transact whenever players want to buy coins from a store. A well-optimized payment section is the most priority feature that app developers provide. But suppose players feel or encounter any complications when transacting and get frustrated with your payment methods. In that case, they will quit and never open your app again. 

 Your app should deliver what users want; any complexity or error is a red light for you. A simple, user-friendly interaction menu and secure payment methods are the main factors you need to consider.

  1. In-App Chat System

Another best feature for your multi-gaming app. When users are playing with their friends or other players, and if they want to communicate with each other, this tool gives them the freedom to chat in-game or send text chat. In addition, interaction is the main factor for the player in playing a multiplayer game, enhancing the player's gameplay. This feature makes your player stay more in your app.

  1. Refer & Play Together

Refer and Play Together is a feature where the app provides a referral code to invite and play with your friends online, and in return, you get a free reward. Every time he invites another player, the player gets a reward through a referral code. This feature constantly keeps the user engaged. You can improve your user count by providing referral codes and rewards for referrals, and a large user base leads you to high revenue. 

  1. Illustrated Game Rules

Adding how to play and a simple picture of rules give players a clear understanding of game rules and how they can start playing games without any problems. It may look like a small thing to consider, but the impact of this feature is good for your apps. Not every single player knows how to play or game rules. You can add this feature to your app for those who search to know about games. 

The rules should be straightforward, and they should be shown in the Rules option in Settings and only on the game screen when the user is playing it for the first time. If possible, video-based tutorials here are very good. Do not explain the rules in the lengthy text as it may bore the user, and they will feel the same about the app.         

The Basic Games You Should Include In Your Multigaming App

Before adding any game to your application, you should research what games people generally like to play or what games they play most. Adding multiple numbers of games adds additional value to your Multigaming app and results in more user bases. Here are some popular games that you can choose for your multigaming platform app. 


      Carrom Board

      Puzzle Games


      Card Games like (Call Break, Teen Patti, Solitaire, etc.)

      Shooter Games 

However, if you have a higher budget level, then you can include these sports games in your app that are mentioned below: 

      Fantasy Cricket

      Fantasy Football

      Fantasy Hockey

      Fantasy Basketball

Multigaming App Development Process

Developing a multi-gaming platform app like MPL (Mobile Premier League) or Winzo will not be an easy project. To build a feature-rich multi-gaming app and deal with money transactions successfully, you should hire a well-experienced and reputed multi-gaming mobile game development company.

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Expertise in gaming app development designs and develops feature-rich apps like MPL with stunning UI/UX and integrated high-end security measures.

Here are the steps to develop Multigaming apps like MPL and Winzo: 

      Market Research and Planning

      Technology Stack

      Hire a Reputable App Development Company

      Feature Development

      Cost Estimation

      Testing and Bug Fixing

      Launch and Marketing

      Update & Security Enhancement

The Team Requires For Multigaming App Development 

  • A professional App Developer (Android/IOS)
  • A Back-End Developer
  • Well-Experienced Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • QA Engineer 
  • UI/UX Designer  

The Technology Stacks to Develop a Multigaming Application like MPL and Winzo

Like any other app development, developing apps like MPL and Winzo requires technology stacks. Below, we have mentioned the technology requirements.

  • Flutter for Android and IOS App Development
  • SQL for Database 
  • AWS for Cloud Hosting
  • Node.js for back-end API
  • Azure Stream Analytics for Live-time Analytics
  • WebRTC for Real-time Communication
  • Google Cloud and Apple notifications service for Notifications
  • Send Grid Mail Sender API
  • Payment Integration 
  • SMS Gateway  

What Are the Factors Affecting Multigaming App Development Cost?

Before diving into the section of cost, it is crucial to know that there are several factors that affect the Multigaming app development cost. Whether creating an app like MPL or Winzo, both are leading multigaming and fantasy apps in India. If you are entering the market with a small budget then you might have to scratch it out a bit as these apps require a big budget to fully develop. Let’s explore the factors contribute significantly to the Multigaming app development cost: 

      Features and Functionalities

      Technology Stack

      Design and User Experience


      Development Team Location

      Marketing and User Acquisition

      Maintenance and Enhancements

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Multigaming App Platform Like MPL & Winzo?

Knowing the app development cost before getting into the app development procedure is very important. So you can make your budget accordingly. You should choose a professional multigaming app development company to get the accurate and best cost estimate for building your multigaming app. 

The cost of Multigaming app development varies from many crucial factors. App complexity, development team experience, location, UI/UX designing, features, and functionalities are few factors that affect the cost of Multigaming app development. 

However, there are many app development companies like Orion InfoSolutions who offer White-label Multigaming platform app development services that allow you to quickly launch your business on a set price segment. 

The Multigaming app development cost starts from $10,000 to $25,000 for a single platform, Android/iOS with basic features, limited number of games, and functionalities.  

To develop a feature-pack Multigaming app like MPL and Winzo will cost you around $50,000 to $100,000 or even more depending on the client’s requirements.

If you outsource Multigaming app developers to develop apps like MPL and Winzo then it is crucial to know that their charges for the development also vary country to country. 

      If you hire Multigaming app developers from India then surprisingly the cost starts from $25-$150 hour depending on the customization requirements. 

      The USA-based app developers are more expensive as they can charge you $70 to $250 per hour. 

      And a UK based Multigaming app development team can charge around $50 to $170 per hour. 

And another important factor is the number of games you want to include, the features, user-interface customizations, and so on.

Why Choose Orion InfoSolutions As Your Multigaming App Development Company?

Developing a bug-free and cutting-edge multigaming solution is no easy task; you must opt for only professionals who can easily understand your core needs and requirements. Orion InfoSolutions is a well-known Multigaming app development company in India develops enterprise-focused multigaming apps for Android and iOS platforms.

We utilize most cost-friendly development resources to provide you with budget-oriented digital solutions. Here are the top traits that make us a top mobile game development company. 

      Seamless Performing Games

      Substantial Development process

      Detailed Analysis

      Immense Experience

      Transparent Communication

      End-to-End Support

      Cost-Effective Solutions

      Scheduled Delivery

      Anti-Fraud System 

If you have any Multigaming app development project like MPL or Winzo, look no further than us. Contact us now to avail cost-effective and rich-quality multigaming app development services.

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The Multigaming platform industry is thriving, with app owners earning millions annually. You can also join the fest of lucrative industry to grow your gaming business by launching an engaging multigaming platform app. 

This blog on “how to develop Multigaming platform apps like MPL and Winzo” aims to assist you with all the required information about Multigaming app development and serve as a comprehensive guide for entering the gaming industry.