How to Send and Receive iMessage on Android Devices

How to Send and Receive iMessage on Android Devices

Android devices are too much popular due to its user-friendly interface. But yet it is lacking in some aspects like it has no services like iMessage and iOS are getting lead in this aspects. Google recently launched Allo and due Apps for their users but the user still waiting for features like iMessage.

But in the Google App store, one App is available that will give you accessibility to experience iMessage facility. iMessage App is for Android users, by using them, we can experience all about iMessage. It is an unofficial iMessage client App that can be easily used by us.

It is developed by 16 years old developer that name is roman Scott and at the time, it is updated with new features to make it more in demand. It works like such as SMS support.

For using it, we have to follow given procedure:

Install JDK [Java Development Kit]

For this, we have to install Java SE Development on our Mac, so we can run weServer program on it. Without Java, Apps would not be able to start up. If you already using JDK on your Mac then it is best for you but if you are not using then do it. First of all, open the terminal and search Java in it, if it appears an error message then your system is not having JDK. So, first, confirm that you are having JDK or not?

We can easily download this from the oracle website. When we go to the download page then after clicking on it, it will show the license agreement and you have to click on the DMG file that is for Mac operating system. It is a big file and can take time to download.

Terminal Access

weServe Apps run on the terminal. So, for proper working, we have to give access to the terminal so it can work properly. For this, system preference on your Apple devices and go to privacy setting and navigate to accessibility to the terminal. If there is already access to the terminal then you have no need to do anything. Terminal access is required otherwise it will not able to run.

Install weServer on Mac

First of all, we have to download weServer, it is the only factor that is responsible for lifting all the heavy when we receive and send iMessage on our Android device. Always download the latest version so it can work properly and in an easy way. When it is downloading completely then run it and our weServer will work on the terminal.

Setup iMessage Account

After installation of weServer on terminal create your account on it. With the help of the email ID you can easily set up your account and the same email ID will be needed to use iMessage, but you can change your password for iMessage. Apple ID password should not be used by us for security reasons. When you will successfully set up your account then weServer will start to work.

Installation of weServer on Your Android Device

After completing all above given four steps, you will install weServer on your android phone. It is easily available on the Google play store and from that, you can easily download it. After installing it will demand the IP address of your Mac. So, here you will get IP addresses of two types of private and public. It totally depends on you that how you want to use weServer.

Mac IP Address

Here, you are having two options like public IP a private IP. If you are at home and using the same network then you can choose a private IP address. If you are away from home and still want to use it then you should choose public IP. So, with this type, you can choose it according to your choices. In public IP address, we have no need to connect to the same network. But choosing public IP address is a riskier option for your security.

Sign in to weMessage

After selecting your IP address according to your choice and need, enter them on your Android device so we can proceed to the next step. After this, your device will connect to weServer and you will be able to get the message by it.

Sync iMessage with weMessage

It is a very easy process and after successfully signing in weMessage syncs this with iMessage. You have to give access to it by the terminal. After going through the setting, you will be able to connect iMessage contact with weMessage.

Chat Via iMessage on Android

By clicking the “+” sign you can start a conversation. It is available in the bottom corner where we can easily access it. Here, you can also enter your contact number and email ID manually and contact them easily. You can also create a group where you can add people and start the chat with them.

Features Can be Use By Us on weMessage

weMesage does not integrate all features of iMessage. It serves us only a few features of iOS. But we can say that it is also sufficient for us and we can make all process easily. We can also attach media to our message and it will surely increase our interest in it and also enrich our services. The voice message is also possible in it.

For ensuring that our weServer always works properly it should be able to connect with internet services. As well as weServer will run on the terminal you will be able to connect with it. So, always keep it alive and connect.

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