Kayak App Development Cost & Features

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Kayak App Development Cost & Features


When we hear "let's travel," we always get excited, and why not? We all love travelling. Travel makes all the stress disappear and fills new electrifying energy in our bodies. Some people want to travel around the world; some people want to go to new places to stay, and some travelers want to enjoy different-different countries' air, views, and cultures.

Do you know that the revenue of the travel and tourism industry is estimated to cross USD 639 billion in 2022 and will continue to grow at a CAGR of 10.47%? Even more astonishing is that online booking shares most of the value of the travel sector.

People used to book tickets and bookings through travel agencies, but now the presence of online travel apps and websites like Kayak has made the travel experience even more fun. Now through Travel App, people make their travel plans sitting at home without going out anywhere and without having to wait in a crowded line. Searching through a travel app like Kayak for the best hotels, ticket prices, restaurants, and much more saves time and effort.

Hence, the development of travel booking apps is turning out to be a good investment option for those who want to make a strong mark in the travel industry. However, if you want to build an app like Kayak, you will need a lot of resources. So in this blog, we will understand travel booking apps like Kayak app development cost and features.

The Kayak app is doing a great job as far as travel apps are concerned. That's why it can be beneficial to look into how the Kayak app works, so we begin this blog by finding out a little more about Kayak and how it works. So come on, let's begin.

About Kayak App

The kayak app is a travel search engine. That means the app looks all over the websites to find your best options on flights, hotels, and rental car bookings. The Kayak app is all about giving travelers the information they need to choose the best travelling options that are right for them.

Kayak is the number one all-in-one travel booking solution for travelers to find flights and hotels. Because it is a travel search engine that helps millions of travelers search across thousands of travel sites and hotel listings. In addition, it works as a travel agent for inquiries, booking, and finding affordable holiday packages. It shows results for Kayak flights, hotels, car rentals, and travel package searches

The Kayak travel app also lets you know about the latest deals on flights and hotel bookings. But why would you build an app like Kayak? The answer is to reduce the problems your target travelers face when planning their trips.

How Does Kayak App Work?

A simple search on Kayak finds the best prices on hundreds of travel sites in seconds. Whether you're looking for flights, hotels, or car rentals, they collect accurate information about deals over the web and have them all under one roof. To compare your options for a single flight, hotel, or car rental, choose where you book—directly from an airline, hotel, or car agency—or even from other travel sites.

Prices from Kayak come directly to your screen from travel destinations at no additional cost. When you choose the deal you desire, the provider of that deal pays Kayak to either redirect you to their site or help you book with them. It makes this app service completely free for our users.

Another way Kayak makes money is by displaying travel-related ads on its sites. Some companies even pay for it when travelers click on an ad that interests them.

Why Should Invest In A Travel App Like Kayak?

As you know how much this online travel industry has grown worldwide. If you search for travel apps, you will find countless travel booking apps in the online market. If counted, some apps have a great reputation, and the Kayak app is one of them. As I mentioned, the travel and tourism industry is expected to grow by more than USD 700 million in the upcoming years.

A travel app can offer many benefits to you and your users. If you want to enter the travel industry, this is a great time to do so with a high-performance app capable of making customers happy. You can hire a Hotel Booking App Development Company and build the most comprehensive travelling solution for your end-users to make their travelling life more convenient.  

When an app like Kayak is developed, even in its simplest form, hosts can search for properties by their properties and travelers by location. In addition, the app allows travelers to search for the best deals and make payments online.

Let's look at some stats:

  • 75% of travelers like to research travel online or through mobile travel booking apps.
  • By 2022, 60% of travel bookings will be through mobile apps.
  • 65% of people feel comfortable researching, planning, or booking travel through online booking websites or mobile apps.

Business Revenue Model of Travel Apps Like Kayak

So, the travelling app, like Kayak's business revenue model, is to serve travelers with essential information gathered through travel suppliers and agencies. In Addition, Kayak users can plan their trips for free. But you must be wondering how a travel app like Kayak generates money for your business, Right? So, a travel app like Kayak's revenue-generating method is so simple that it contains;

In-App Advertisements

Like any other travel booking app, the advertising business model can be used as a source of generating revenue for your business. You can earn money by charging cost-per-click and redirecting users to airline and hotel websites that offer flights and hotels that want to book tickets or hotels. It is the most economical business revenue model if you are a startup. For each successful referral, you will add revenue to your account. However, to keep up with this model, you will need to attract a lot of traffic.

Agency Commission

Like any travel agency, if you follow this business revenue model, you will function as an intermediate between clients and industry operators and earn a commission for each user transaction.

9 Key Features That Should Be Include In Development of Travelling App Like Kayak

In this modern world, people expect great service from you. For instance, if you offer your customers service, they expect things from you that can make their job easier. Similarly, a travel app like Kayak should be able to provide great features to your potential users. A top-end feature has all the basic and advanced functions that are helpful for users to use the app seamlessly without any problem.

In-App Payments: This is an important feature that your travel booking app should include for fast and secure transactions.

Real-time Chat Integration: Integration of chat systems in your app will solve any user's problems that they are finding related to traveling.

Weather Forecaster Integration: This feature is a great help for users while they plan their trips. It can show them which day is good for travelling so they can choose the perfect day for their trips.

Geolocation Service: Every travel app like Kayak should have a geolocation service that provides users with a navigation map to find the best route for their chosen destination, nearby places, or local restaurants.

The aim of adding this feature to the app is to provide travelers with a better and hassle-free travel experience. You can integrate this feature by hiring a custom mobile app development company.

Interactive Scheduling: Providing users with the best dates and times for trips and bookings makes user trip planning work a little easier so that they don't need to cancel their plans.

Language Translation: A must-have feature for your travel app. Language translator is one of the great features you can provide to your customers. For example, when a traveler travels outside the country where they are travelling for the first time and don't know their language, the user can understand their language using a translator.

Currency Converter: The currency convertor provides up-to-date exchange rates for over 160 currencies and countries! It's great when users travel abroad.

Ratings and Reviews: Users often travel to places with good reputations and reviews; therefore, add rating and review systems in your travel app so that users can write their experiences about the places they have visited.

It helps other travelers to view those ratings and reviews and then choose the best places according to the ratings and reviews of the places. You can ask your iPhone or Android app development company to integrate this feature into your travel app, like Kayak.

Notifications: Notifications are an important feature of your travel app. They are necessary for promotion, outreach, and reminders to travelers.

It offers users notifications like booking confirmation, reminders, and other promotional notifications. It is also an important feature of the Kayak travel business to generate high revenue. A notification system will help promote your app and is a good strategy for traveling apps like the Kayak business model.

Advantages of Cutting-edge Technologies for the Travel Industry

Working with the latest technologies will make your app competitive and provide high user engagement. You need to present something strong and unique to stand out in the travel industry, which is already building strong positions in the market with a mobile app. Implementing new and advanced technology is a great solution.

Blockchain Technology

  • To offer an open-access allocated ledger of hotel inventory
  • Make every transaction secure, stable, and fast
  • Decentralized and traceable data for better security
  • Provides a global payment selection  

AI Integration

  • For travel planning and resources
  • Gives clear analytics and reports
  • Next-level customer service with chatbots
  • Traffic evaluation and scheduling

AR/VR Technology

  • Show creative pictures for marketing
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Offers the best virtual travel experience
  • Provides reality-based live interactions

How Much Does A Travel App Like Kayak Development Cost?

A well-feature-rich travel app like Kayak can cost you around $15000 to $50000; predicting the exact cost is impossible because it depends on many factors. It will be difficult for travel portal development companies to give you the exact development cost of the app without understanding your business requirements. Therefore, before looking at the factors that affect the cost of development, a travel app development company will understand whether your business needs a B2B or B2C travel portal or search engine for an individual domain, such as Hotel Booking and Flight Reservation Engine.

Based on your business requirements, the development process will take place. So, before developing your app, consider consulting with travel industry experts who can guide you to fulfil your needs and give you a clear picture of what you need exactly.

Because the cost will depend on your app features and functions, here we have mentioned some key factors that affect your travel app development cost.

  • The complexity of the application
  • Development company reputation in the market
  • Location of the mobile app development company
  • Design of the travel app
  • Payment gateways
  • App size
  • Travel app features and functions
  • Travel app development time  


The development of a travel app like Kayak needs many resources and efforts. First, develop a travel app like Kayak that shows your brand value in the market and makes users' travel experiences more enjoyable. Your travel app should stand to customers' expectations. Therefore, we recommend you hire a well-reputed app development company with a great market portfolio.

If you don't want to go a long way, we can help you! We would be honoured to help you achieve your desired goal, create a successful journey, and make the most out of your investment with long-term support.

If you need help developing a travel portal app like Kayak, Contact us!