Kotlin: A New Programming Language for Android Apps Development

Kotlin: A New Programming Language for Android Apps Development

Kotlin is the new programming language for Android App. Kotlin has created huge followers in a short span of time. According to the developer, it is a boon for them and it will lead Android Apps to a new era where it will make the process of App development easy and robust. Here, we will discuss that why Kotlin is better and how it will give us more profit. Approximate all developers started to use it for their development process and they are counting benefits of it.

Why Kotlin is Different from Other Programming Language

Kotlin is developed to make the development process easier so the developer can use it for their sharp development. It reduces code size and its unique feature helps us to eliminate code size and helps us to create new creatures.

Kotlin compiles to JavaScript or JVM bytecode. It has no need to write in the kernel. If people, who are working in Java, will use it then they will see a great opportunity in it. Google will also soon make it their official language for Android App development.

The most important fact of it is that it originated from industry, not from academics. In this, a type system is included that neglect use of null.

When we use and adopt Kotlin then it cost nothing to us because it is an open-source platform. We can say that it is high-quality oriented and able to convert Java to Kotlin. We can easily convert one Java file at a time easily. We can also run millions of line codes for the complex program in a single time. That’s why it has become a developer-first choice and more people are engaging with it.

It can use all functionality of Java-like its frameworks and library. It can also adopt advanced frameworks that are based on the annotation process. It is integrated with Maven, Gradle, and other systems that make it more strong and advanced. It has no need for an adapter and wrappers layer. It is so easy to learn that we can learn it within a few hours. Kotlin is very easy to learn and use but looks very horrific. Its syntax code is very easy and we can easily use them.

It is totally based on the OOPs and doesn’t have its own philosophy. It is using a standard library that is very small. It uses inline functions at compile time. Kotlin has already gained too much hike and it has become the developer-first choice for App development. The future of Android App is associated with Kotlin.

In Kotlin code review is not a problem because all codes are used in readable formats. Code review can easily do by anyone who is not familiar with this language. It can also use by us even we are upgrading to a newer JVM.

Features of Kotlin

Kotlin is still counted as the new programming language because it is totally based on the ecosystem. It is totally based on productivity and according to it, productivity comes from convenient syntax.

Null-safety is counted as the best feature in it and it is very helpful for us. In this, due to having lean syntax, we can declare JavaBeans in one line code.

Functional Programming Support is also available there for you. If you are constructing complex structures then the intersection is available there. We can easily use the Google buffer protocol to store structured data. It is a very easy process in the Kotlin.

We can easily add methods to it without modifying the source code. Operator overloading functionality is also available here and it is not complicated as the Perl language. It also doesn’t use the macro to redefine specific language.

Kotlin is a very useful language for Android development and in the IT world; people are oriented towards it too much in a short time period. Kotlin is becoming a game-changer in the real world and playing a vital role in App development. People are highly oriented to opt for this language for Android. It basically runs on a java virtual machine. It creates a distinction between operators. In this, we have to check the null check before using any kind of value.

It also offers null-safe operators for the programmers. We can say that it is counted as the most profitable programming language for the users. By using this, we can develop our App in a short time duration and in an easy way. Kotlin is using the best services provider companies in the world like Amazon, Pinterest, Coursera, Netflix, Trello, Square, Uber, and many more. We can assume by it that how much it is trending and the tech giant is using this for advancement. In 2017, Google officially launched it as the official language for Android App. After Java and C++, it has become the third fully Android-supported language.

Not only the tech world but also financial and economic groups are also using it. Banks like HSBC, Wells Fargo, and much more are using this to adopt the latest technology in an easy way. Kotlin also announced that it has already been used by giant developers like Expedia, Flipboard, square, and others.

Kotlin was first introduced in 2016. Its name comes from the Kotlin island like the Java programming language that name also comes from the island of Indonesia. Now, it is counted as the statically typed programming language for modern multiplatform Apps as stated by Kotlin web. It is guaranteed 100% intuitive with Java and Android.

If we are using Kotlin then we can reduce the size of the code in an easy way and we can generate our best output by it. It is also too much safe because it avoids entire classes of errors. It also helps us to leverage existing library classes for the JVM, Android, and the browser. It is also tool friendly language that supports all kinds of existing tools like Java IDE. Due to having an open-source programming language, we can easily open it in the web browser and can make our code error-free.

After Google verification, it has become a more popular language and in the future, it will lead to Android App. We are looking for extraordinary results after using this.

Kotlin is the newly launched programming language that has become best for programmers in a short span of time. Its specific features are making it highly rated in language and attracting more users to it. Its advancement is leading us to a new lead and future. A large community of developers is working on it to make it more advanced and more useful.

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