Megapari App Development Cost & Features

Megapari App Development Cost & Features
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In this modern world, betting sites and apps are the ones that are getting massive exposure from cricket fans and bettors. The integration of fantasy games in the sports betting app has greatly boosted the cricket industry, and the Megapari app is a great example. Megapari is a betting app for every platform where users can easily bet on games and win big prizes daily. There are no specific stats that can map betting user numbers, but if we see on Google, there are more than 15 lakhs searches about betting apps every month. So, we can imagine how many people or users are pursuing betting platforms to enjoy and take advantage of these betting apps to earn online money.

These apps are a complete package for enjoying your favorite sports, watching live scores, the latest sports news, and much more. Earlier, people enjoyed their favorite sports on TV or by going on the live field. But now with the availability of new advanced technologies, people are taking advantage of online platforms where they can watch live cricket with accurate information. Live streaming lets people bet on their favorite sports and win great prizes daily. The Megapari app is a platform where users can do all these things under one roof.

So, today we will learn about the Megapari app, its development cost, and its features. We will cover everything about Megapari app development and what are the advantages of it.

What is a Megapari App?

Megapari is a well-known app and website for betting on live sports games like cricket, hockey, football, and many more. With the help of this app, the Indian gambling industry has finally found a platform where users and bettors can bet and enjoy all its in-depth features on the go.

But how do you do it? If you aren't technical knowledge savvy and thinking about whether you will ever be able to use this app, or if you are an organization that wants to enter the sports betting industry and serve your service to your users through sports betting solutions, then we can help you! Our main objective of making this blog is to give complete knowledge of how you can build sports betting industry-leading app that leads your business to great heights in no time. So, without further ado, let's get started!

But before we start, let's learn its Advantages.

The Advantages of Megapari App In India

Megapari app offers complete full-fledged software that provides users or players with all the necessary functionality for legal and ease in mobile betting. In the Megapari mobile app, you can not only bet on your favorite sports and games but also use all provided bonuses, deposit and withdraw money with many payment methods, communicate with the technical support team to solve all the technology-based problems, etc.

Top Megapari App Benefits:

  • When new players first enter the app, they get welcome bonuses of up to 9,000 in rupees.
  • Access all the functionality of the desktop version of the bookmaker's website.
  • Over 40+ different sports games are available to bet on.
  • Runs on almost every type of mobile device without any issues.
  • Fast and smooth user interaction operations.
  • And provides 24/7 support and services.
  • 100% first deposit bonus up to 17,000 in rupees.
  • VIP cashback and much more.

What Are the Features That Megapari App Offers to Its Users?

Megapari app is designed for players who like freedom in betting and legally earning money. With the Megapari app, you can place bets on cricket and many other sports anytime. The app is fully feature-rich, fast, and supports every screen diagonal. It also does not take too much space on your device. 

The application allows you to bet and use a great welcome bonus, deposit money and withdraw money at any time, get technical support, and much more. The company offers timely updates to make the app flawless, highly responsive, and always up-to-date so that you will face no issues while using the app. You can download this app from its official site for your devices, and it's free. The download and installation size of the Megapari app is about 50MB.

After successful registration in the app, you will get access to the sports betting, live betting, casino, and live casino section and a 9,000 in rupees welcome bonus for a start. There is no unnecessary use of over graphics; therefore, the game runs smoothly and fast. The main menu and other key options are on the application's front page.

The Megapari app, a sports betting software development company, provides multiple language options like English, Hindi, Bengali, and many more to make the application even more engaging. The app provides various payment methods like PhonePe, Skrill, Neteller, PayTM, UPI, and NetBanking, and it also supports Cryptocurrency.

Some Other Important Features of the Megapari App

User Panel Features

  • Login/Registration
  • Selecting the Sport and the player
  • Viewing the live game
  • Betting guide
  • Key information about every player
  • Information about match Schedules
  • Selecting the betting model
  • Interaction with other players
  • Options of betting categories
  • Leaderboards
  • Match summary
  • Offline Services

Admin Panel Features

  • Sign-up Process
  • User Management
  • Dashboard Management
  • Marketing tools
  • Gathering Information & Inputs from Bookies
  • Management of Payment
  • Content Management
  • Management of Prize Along with Content
  • 24/7 Support & Maintenance

But the above are the main reasons why this app is so popular in India. Suppose you want to develop these feature-rich and responsive sports betting apps. In that case, you will have to reconsider your budget limit because these features need time and resources. Or you can also hire sports betting app development company that can offer and build such feature-rich solutions at the most affordable price. So let’s discuss the development cost of an app like Megapari.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Megapari for Android/iOS Platform?

As we already discussed the important things about the Megapari app, now let’s discuss the most important thing: the development cost of sports betting apps like Megapari. The cost of a betting app like Megapari or different types of sports betting mobile apps depends on a few factors.

  • Mobile app designing (UI/UX design)
  • The complexity of sports betting app designing
  • Basic features of the application
  • The advanced functionality of the android app
  • Mobile developer’s experience
  • Mobile technology platform (Android, IOS, or both)
  • The reputation and location of Mobile app development

To develop a Megapari betting app, you will need a good expert team who can build your app fully optimized and instant business-ready. But the real thing is that without knowing what features and tech stack will be required to build such an app, it is quite difficult to estimate the cost of a betting app. Therefore, collecting every bit of detail before starting the development procedure will be a smart move.

However, the average cost can be mappable through researching and creating an app planning and structure, or you can directly ask for the cost of an app from your hired app development company. To give you an average cost estimation, it will cost you around $5,000 to $30,000 to develop basic features and functional sports betting apps like Megapari.

Some other important components affect the development cost:

  • User panel
  • Admin panel
  • Advanced Feature Implementations
  • Back-end Development
  • API integration
  • Complete Testing
  • And sports betting app publishing

And with the full compatibility of advanced feature-rich and functional apps will cost you around $45,000 to $60,000. Therefore, it would be best if you first consult with a mobile app development company for the cost of sports betting app like Megapari.

What Are the Tech Stacks That Required In Sports Betting App Development?

Developing online sports betting app like Megapari that contains heavy data and features is not a simple task; it takes time and experience. The role of technologies in building full-fledged betting software is crucial; therefore, we recommend you first research and gather all the basics from advanced information about the sports betting market.

If you want your sports betting app to be one of the best, you will need to work with the latest and most advanced technologies, and that is:-

Programming Language - JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C, and C#.

Database - MongoDB, HBase, Cassand, etc.

Third-party API Integration - Firebase, Donbest, Twilio.

Cloud Storage Integration - Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google

Real-time Analytics - IBM, Spark, Cisco, Apache 

Email Integration - MailChimp

Push Notifications - APNS


Sports betting apps like Megapari are the new generation that enables people to bet on their favorite sports games legally. It is a great revenue model to implement, but you must be very specific with your targets. To make a strong impact in the market, you first have to choose your niche and proceed with the further steps.

In developing excellent sports betting mobile apps, it is more profitable to take helpful advice from the app developers or company. On the other hand, you also need to pay attention to their authenticity as it does not matter what makes a sports betting app. What matters is who developed the app and how. Once your sports betting app is launched and entices a large number of users, the cost spent on the app will pay off successfully.

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