Mobile Game App Development Cost

Mobile Game App Development Cost


In the last few years, smartphones and tablets have made huge advances. Thanks to unparalleled advancements in mobile game development technologies, Android and iPhone developers are more inclined than ever to make mobile games. Currently, mobile games account for more than 50% of the gaming industry market. The number of mobile players worldwide has reached more than 2.5 billion, and by 2021, it will reach 2.7 billion. It is possible to choose from a wide range of games. With a billion downloads, Fruit Ninja is both the world’s simplest yet most addicting casual game and PUBG Mobile’s battle royal game. Those who are interested in entering this promising market are curious about how much mobile game development costs.

According to most estimates, the costs range from $3,000 to $1 million. It is necessary to explore the process of creating a game in depth before understanding how pricing is determined. Let’s get to the point and try to establish logical and clear expectations about the cost of a mobile game.

Successful Video Game Development (Developer Point)

Video game development will be the subject of this discussion as we will discuss both the good and bad. In order for game development companies to dominate the year, let us take a closer look at what covers them.


A high level of skill is required to develop games. In the process of developing games, game developers can demonstrate their artistic flair and creativity.

Developers and industries alike can enjoy a vibrant, steady career thanks to this career opportunity.

The more you show, the better you get! In terms of creative ways to earn money, gaming is a great way for developers.

In the end, I am not a video game critic, but I think gamers are happy and game developers make a career out of helping them have fun.

Developers in a casual and enthusiastic environment work in the expanding scope of game development.


One developer claims to work on a single project for a million hours.

As a developer, you generally find it difficult to adapt to a defined environment.

Usually, the job of the developer is not secured because rigid factors cause it to change.

In a year most games were published and abound, but their presence behind the scenes discourages hard work as well.

Creating an item that could be publicly criticized is uncertain.

Mobile Game Development: A Step-by-Step Guide

Would you like to know the cost of developing an app? Start by understanding where the money you spend goes.

Mobile games are created following the steps below:

Analyzing market conditions. To determine the optimal solution, the target audience is researched and competitive proposals are reviewed. (One week)

Designing a game from scratch. In this step, the general image of the game, its target market, the gameplay genre, the monetization options, and the size and style of the game must be approved. (One week)

Technical specifications are created. A game concept is defined, the mechanics of the game are discussed, and a platform is chosen (Android or iOS). The proposed price for the work can then be determined after the specifications have been written. (two weeks)

Creating prototypes. With the prototype, you can get a general overview of the gameplay and understand its mechanics. The artwork is left out, so you can appreciate how convenient the game is. (One week)

Designing games. Development of all the assets that determine the visual perception of the future game, including 2D and 3D characters, environments, and interface elements. (three weeks)

Programming games. Program code writing, setting up a database, API, programming interactive graphics (interface and animation), and embedding 2D and 3D content. (more than two months)

Developing a sound scheme. To maximize your enjoyment, use music, voice, and sound effects. (One week)

Testing the final product. Determining minor errors and correcting them. (One week)

Publication. Google Play Store and App Store are two popular Internet resources where games are uploaded when they are finished. Users can access the product. (One day)

Mobile Game Development Cost Factors

The type and size of a project are the first things to consider when calculating the cost of a mobile game. To better understand the mobile game development cost in India, let’s take a look at the factors below.

a) Operating System

Android and iOS constitute the biggest portion of the mobile game development market, covering over 80 percent of the market. It is especially important to choose the platforms carefully, since building an admin panel and a payment structure for iPhones and iPads are more costly. A hybrid mobile game may appear a little more expensive depending on what version of your game it’s compatible with, but by capturing a larger audience and increasing revenue, it’s likely to gain more attention.

b) Layout of the design

Aside from game levels, characters, gameplay, and target users, planning discusses and finalizes the important aspects of the game. In the process of actually developing the game art, it will be more challenging and complicated without a clear definition of the design output and structure. It is at this point that the overall cost picture becomes clear.

c) Gameplay and Characters of High Quality

Users are engaged by the story and characters. Game characters may have characteristics such as personality, language style, tone, behavior, or attitude. The final product is a result of close communication and a lot of brainstorming during this stage. For technical work and resource planning, experienced game developers typically charge $50 to $80 per hour.

d) Complexity

The development phase is the most challenging after the conception of the game plan. Depending on the expectations of the project, this phase is expensive and complex. The complexity of game development becomes apparent from the number of rich elements a game contains and what technical challenges it presents.

Development Costs of a Mobile Game in India

In order to calculate game development complexity, many factors are given consideration, including the complexity of the elements of the game and the technical hurdles involved. The following is a general estimation based on the experience and cognitive expertise of the games we study. An estimate of your final mobile game development budget will be given. As follows:

1) Small games ranging from $5K to $20K

The budget for mini-games such as Ping-Pong falls within the above-mentioned bracket if you choose to build from scratch. People tend to play these mini mobile games because they are fun to play and pass the time. With a limited budget, it is possible to create engaging game experiences that will amaze users. Among the Mini Games, there are Infectonator, Happy Street, Tap Titans, Mini Warriors, Alien Creeps, among others.

2) Basic 2D Games – $20K to $40K

Developing basic 2D games with simple plots and decent architecture within the specified price range should be possible. This category includes modern games like Maple Story, Red Ball, Hop, and Zenonia. In addition to attracting users, engaging them, and allowing them to become a constant revenue stream, such games offer powerful functionality.

3) Moderately Complex Application – $40K to $100K

Mobile games of this range include fascinating UI/UX, multi-device compatibility, map navigation, social integration, multiplayer gameplay, and more. With features such as interactivity with the device environment and deeper content, mobile games can become more detailed and personalized. In this category, you will find titles like Doom & Destin

4) Complex app – $80K-$200K

High-end games are comprised of all the features of medium-level apps with a high level of user engagement. Personalized games provide a wealth of features like 3rd party services, access to the device environment, rewards and payment systems, chats and social connections, and much more. Since these games are designed in detail, their development costs are usually high, and they are usually made in a time frame between 8 months and 2 years.

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Our Niche Decisions Enhance the Game App Development Process.

Keep up with the latest trends with Orion InfoSolutions! In today’s world, the application development process has become an essential activity for all types of industries. In order to achieve the target, you really need to decide what type of pattern/flow/structure you will follow.

Agile development processes are proving competitive for the market and industries according to modern trends. Therefore, Orion InfoSolutions strictly adheres to the agile application development process to achieve the best results. Here are some of the steps in their niche creation process:

Simple and Efficient Payment Method and Process.

Orion delivers smiles to the client’s other dares to do! As long as you are happy, their payment is straightforward. Amounts are taken as up-front work at 15% – 20%, and milestone project scores are divided over a period of time. For instance:

STAGE I (Design) – 10-20%)

STAGE II (Design/Development – 10-20%)

STAGE III (Testing) – 15-20%)

STAGE IV (Deployment) – (Balancing Diagram)


In order to make an informed decision about the price of mobile game development, we must analyze and brainstorm extensively. It is difficult to avoid taking into account the realistic standpoint of the development team, technical resources, scope of the project, story depth, new trends, and mobile platform to determine the best economic decision.

Orion InfoSolutions delivers the absolute and accurate information that you’re looking for on this blog! Make your project a success with the help of our professional artists and game developers. Advanced technologies are used for game development to ensure maximum user-friendliness and functionality. It is important to ensure that your pricing system is transparent so that every dollar is tracked.

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