Political App Development Cost In India

Political App Development Cost In India

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The mobile apps and its demand are like a hard day to die, even entering into the technological industries, entertainment industries, sports industries, and more now 2019 is the year of embarrassment with political apps.

However, the political apps for mobile help and engage various parties in the scenario of management, announcement, scheduling, news, lecturing, and much more than our limited oceans of thinking. As in India elections are ahead, the usage of political mobile apps for Android and iOS will become in the highest stats very far.

Since the Ex-president of America ‘Barack Obama’ launched the very first political app for his gubernatorial run. After that it was like a fish market, we have seen in the App Store (Android and iOS).

Looking to build a political app like Molitics, White House, an iCitizen app for Android and iOS? You must be savvy with its features, benefits, cost, and more.

Continue this blog; let you come to know the significant benefits of developing political apps nowadays.

How Do Politics Benefit From Mobile Apps?

There are hundreds of thousands of benefits political apps leverages to the politics as well as customers as they are the following:-

Forge Awareness: How? The political application helps the public to know the various up listing plans (positive and negative). Whatever they are planning, within the mobile app it shows everything and can say it is the source of generating and creating awareness.

Assist In Capitalizing: How? Political party apps like white house and iCitizen help in the formation of high capital which further needs to invest in some projects. Do you know? The purpose behind the first political mobile app development raised by the Ex-president of America is to encourage and fund-raising in the field of political campaign management.

Assist In Capitalizing: How? Political party apps like white house and iCitizen help in the formation of high capital which further needs to invest in some projects. Do you know? The purpose behind the first political mobile app development raised by the Ex-president of America is to encourage and fund-raising in the field of political campaign management.

Aid In Messaging: How? You heard about Narendra Modi's political mobile apps on Google Play. It is what defines our topic, here in this app; PM Modi uses to pass his personal messages to the large folks with the power of mobile applications.

Help In Right To Educating: How? In most of the agenda, some of them are negligible to solve and this continues in the market as a political issue. But now with mobile apps, it passes information to the persons or persons and informs and educates them clearer.

Increase Sharing and Building Engagement: How? The modern world lives in a social presence, all rich and poor people connect with social media apps that are best to say to increase sharing and building engagement.

Thus, political app development delivers advantageous benefits to the politics and public as we discussed above…!

Moving further let understand the live models of the political apps that are in trending on Google and the Apple App Store.

Since when politics came into the enrapturing, it becomes the essential thing rolling out with mobile app development. Here are some most popular models of political apps available on Google and Apple App Store for download as follow:-

#1. Indian Politics:-

Available: Android (Google Play Store)

India’s no. 1 Indian Politics app is one of the best of 2018-19. It includes various features such as news, current affairs, election updates, notification, politics, and many more.

#2. Narendra Modi App:-

Available: Android (Google Play Store) & iOS (Apple App Store)

By name it is clear is the official app of the prime minister of India. The app possesses classic features such as passing a message, checking the news, reading the announcement, being UI friendly, and much more.

#3. iCitizen App

Available: Android (Google Play Store)

iCitizen is another hit political app available for download. The purpose to design and develop a political app is to enable the public to check and educate with the current issues running in politics.

#4. The White House App

Available: iOS (Apple App Store)

The white house app is another popular in the US and around the world. It has unique and different from Indian political apps. Like in this app you have interesting features such as a VR tour of the white house, a map of a white house, and more.

#5. Congress+ App

Available: Android (Google App Store)

Congress+ is available for iOS and Android. The app allows the public and its internal politicians to connect with every detail that passes in the affairs, and see what events and bills are coming up next.

As far, we have discussed the benefits and the models of political application, now it is time to know the management of political apps.

Did you hear about political campaign management? Hmmm

The political campaign software allows political mobile app development to manage the campaign, charity (donation), events, and collection in fundraising.

Connecting it to the political apps, empowers organizers to track constituents, manage fundraising efforts, connect with volunteers, and control online outreach.

But how it can be done? Probably through political campaign apps and software as follow:-

Political Mobile App Development: Features Must Present All-Time

The development of political mobile apps is a hike! If you are looking to build a political app for Android and iOS, please don’t hurry, wait for a second, and check below listing features that successfully present in your app to make it thrive in the market:-

Log In: Allow users to open an app with simple login details like form fill up, OTP, social media, and much more.

UI Friendly: The development of an app should follow perfectly which means overall UI-friendly.

Advanced Search: Enable users to search what they like and want along with GPS services.

Explore News: Allow users to read, share, and rate news in a simple and friendly manner.

Select Category: Make it easy for the user to read news with related categories.

Share: Make it global; allow users to easily share news to their families, friends, colleagues, and more.

Videos: Add more, more than content add some video or any virtual things to make your political app more lovable.

Chatting: Allow different types of users to commence gossip and comment on the particular news.

Inquiry: If facing any trouble within the application, a feedback option must be present.

Notification: Push notification enriches the user experience at a high level.

Bookmarks: Allow users to save pages in the bookmarks section to read them again in the future time.

Web View: It most important part, allow your app to open web view to increase the UI/UX experience.

Analytics: If some of the political application analytics plays an important role in conducting a survey, analyze the result, and more could be done via proper analytics.

Well, how much does it cost to build a political party app like Politics, iCitizen, and more can only be predicted and determined after schooling underlying factors:-

A. Political App Development: Methodology Factor

1. App Discovery:-

The initiation of cost estimation is to start with the app discovery! At our hub, we follow agile app development methodology to develop an app. It involves further study as follow:-

Market Research

User Persona

Market Capitalization

2. Analyze and Scoping:-

This stage consists to understand the user/client idea effectively and efficiently (if any) and scoping the various singles that means understanding the app complexities. It involves further study as follow:-

Major Complexities

Determine Category

Hardware Techs

3. App Design and Animation:-

This stage consists of several scarps on rough paper to design the elements of the application (unique and robust) in anyhow. It involves further process as follow:-

Wire Framing

UI Design


4. App Platform:-

It is the crucial stage, choosing wisely make you cost-effective app development it doesn’t then ready to spend high enough. Choose what type of app you want to create for whom platform. Examples of app development platforms as follow:-

Native Apps

Web Apps

Cross-Platform Apps

5. App Deployment:-

After the investment, the long hours on the app development, the next called work is the deployment of application; i.e. on which App Store (Google or Apple) you want to publish an app for effective result.

6. App Maintenance:-

This is not over yet! After publishing an app on the chosen app store, you must maintain the app in anyhow case. Thus app maintenance performs a major function to keep your app at the best ranking. It involves further process as follow:-

App Update

App Bug Fix

Design Changes

B. Political App Development: Team Size Factor

It is a universal fact that your app does not design and develop and publish on the app store automatically, a team of professionals is required to perform and manage all series of responsibilities.

So, under here in the portrait you will find who and what team will go to execute your project from app analysis to app maintenance.

C. Political App Development: Location Factor

Location is one of the intermittent factors that could take you to bear the lowest as well as highest expenditure. But, you are not here to bear large expenses. Right!

It is in your hand to a cost-effective Mobile App Development Company that has reliable goodwill and works at the lowest cost.

Probably you can think about where to find such a brilliant company.

How Do We Estimate & Process Your App Development Cost

1. Analysis Requirement:-

Reading and understanding your prescribed requirements and expectations initiate the app development process.

2. Documentation:-

We draft rough estimation along with calculated hours which would require finishing the app.

3. Referring Technology:-

Now, we use to select the best technology that will best fit to design and develop applications irrespective of the platforms.

4. Approving Scrap:-

We transfer the rough documentation to the client and once it approves, we carter to the next job.

5. Final Stage:-

At last, we provide complete app development, deployment, and maintenance services at the best price.

Wrapping Up

The influence of political party app development leverage parties and its subsidiary to work more fast and reliable. The political apps play an important role and provide superior benefits to the public to stay with the political affairs at every time.

In my opinion, you should develop a political mobile app from us within the budgeted price.

After all, thanks for your time and patience.