Sports Betting App Development Cost and Key Features

Sports Betting App Development Cost and Key Features


Is it fun to place online sports bets on any sport in general? Have you ever considered placing an online bet on your favorite team? Welcoming you to an online world of sports betting right here!

In a game in which achievement depends on the unrivaled information, preparation, consideration, experience, and skill of the player.

Sports Betting Apps: What are they?

The definition of sports betting is predicting the results of a game and placing bets on the results of the game. Various terms can apply to sports betting, but it is important to keep in mind that it is a broader term. There are many ways to bet. As a result, you should hire reliable sports betting app services according to your preferences to guarantee success to the targeted audience.

How about launching an app for sports betting?

In this article, we will answer the question of How much does it cost to develop a Sports Betting App? This article goes into detail about the reasons for launching a betting application, the key features of such software, and how much it cost to develop one.

Can Sports Betting Apps be profitable on the market?

Yes, launching a Sports Betting app on the market is very profitable. Sports betting remains popular as it was centuries ago. Technology now allows a person to perform various activities and to use various services, which means that people refer to technology whenever they need such.

You can launch Sports betting app if you are planning to launch a new business or online start-up. People can sign up for this app and connect with other bettors or gamblers who share their interests. Any sports game can be bet on by using this app service. Users can win rewards if they win, but they can also lose the prize if they lose.

People play a game known as “Dream 11” in which they pick their favorite cricketers and have to predict their scores before the match begins. Dream 11 offers rewards or money when you accurately predict the score of a player or team in a match. This can be earned through predicting the score near or exact.

This is the same way that some of the most popular betting or gambling apps work, such as Dream 11,bet365, betway, and others.

Depending on how you wish to make extra money as an owner of a Sports Betting app, there are various methods you can explore. The question is, How do you make money with the sports betting app?

Offering a premium subscription model of the app, in which the user pays a small amount to the owner peruse to access the advanced features. Using your batting app platform to display ads from third parties.

The winner’s prize money is directly commingled with the commission.

The Top 6 Sports Betting Applications

Betway App

Best Online Betting App in India. Almost every form of sports betting application has the login feature as one of its most important features.

User IDs or email IDs and passwords are used to log in to the account of the user or customer.

There are many other sports, including ice hockey, football, and UFC. An easy-to-use betting app that is very fast and minimalistic.

Bet365 App

One more betting application that has gained popularity and is one of the easiest to use. Many interesting aspects of the app make it a unique app.

You can use the live streaming feature in the app to watch the gaming event live on your phone while the app is open.

Parimatch App

Among the most popular betting brands is Parimatch. Parimatch offers casino games, live dealer games, users poker besides sports betting. For bettors on the go, the Betmaker has what they need.

Mobile betting got better with this new app. Betting house history dates back to 1996. In Eastern Europe, ParaMatch is a popular operator. Today, the company strives to become a leading brand on the global market and has already seen some success.

Melbet App

Among its competitors, Melbet is today considered one of the best Betmakers. These reasons are, of course, valid. The company is recognized for its reliability by its customers.

Melbet India is managed by Tukia Limited, which licensed through the Curacao government, since 2012, and ensures prompt payouts, including for large winnings.

1xBet App

(1xBet) is a company that is known for scamming its customers due to its online gambling activities. It holds an eGaming license from Curaçao. Cyprus was its place of registration.

After experiencing considerable growth in 2019, they sponsored Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC before being ex-pulsed due to illegal activities.

ComeOn App

This company was established in 2010 in Stockholm – home to the largest hemispherical building in the world if you’re into trivia – and we may still be new to the betting world, but we’ve been making up for a lost time.

From a base in Malta, in the Mediterranean, we have some of the best minds in the industry working together to provide you with an unmatched, fun, and simple betting experience.

 Besides casino gaming, the site offers odds and betting on sports as well as live casino and slots. Isn’t that awesome?

Well-known attributes of the sports betting mobile app, sites, marketplace

User Panel Features:


You will find the login option in all types of sports betting applications. User IDs or email IDs and passwords are used to log in to the account of the user or customer.

Selecting the Team or the Sport

Creating a sports betting application requires sports betting software developers to present visitors with a broad range of options on various sporting events on which different users can make their own wagers.

Live Streaming of the Game

An ideal sportsbook application should have a screen that allows users to watch the game live and follow its progress with ease.

How to bet

There are all the essential details that users need to know about the wagering process on a specific player, team, or event.

Players’ Details

It is very important for every coach to be aware of each athlete involved in sports and, even more, their performance in previous matches or games.

Schedules of matches

Developers of betting websites should inform users about future events, including match schedules and data that is relevant to the users.

Choosing the right betting model

Sports betting comes in many different patterns, so the user is free to choose which is best for his or her preference and convenience. Examples may include checking the flop, raising the check, checking or calling, etc.

A variety of online sport betting categories

The user is then required to select the kind of bet he or she would like to place in the game once the betting pattern has been selected. There are a variety of bet types depending on the sport on which the wager will be placed. These include singles, head-to-head games, patents, handicaps, Yankee, and each way.

Admin Panel Features

Process of registering

There is a similar process in the user panel as well. He can only use the app after he has been registered by the respective administrator.

Managing users

A dashboard allows the administrator to track the total number of registered users. All the details about them, the type of bet, the style of bet, the total amount of the bet, and more must be seen by him.

The Bookies’ Input and Information   

Betting on sports is regulated by sports bookies. App administrators gain valuable and crucial information and input about the player and team standard and status, as well as the price placed on them.

Each sport’s profit share is then decided by the admin. App admins are responsible for generating usernames and passwords, as well as announcing the start and end of wagering.

Besides including any user anytime, the admin can exclude any user from the list if he or she believes they have violated the betting conditions.

Payouts and prizes for contests

Sports betting app administrators manage the money users place in their accounts for placing bets. Additionally, the administrator must give the user the money in case the user wins. The admin of the sports betting app must manage the content as well.

A step-by-step guide to developing sports betting applications

A) Betting details: providing necessary information

Besides, the app owner should give the user enough information on how to bet and even make them aware of the risks that come with it.

Inexperienced users or newbies might get frustrated with the app, never return or delete it if they lose all their money.

B) Excellent UX/UI

You should be attentive to making your app attractive as an app owner. Thus, both UI and UX should be optimized.

Navigation of the app should be easy, and the terms and conditions of various betting rules should be clear to the users, as well as the information they are looking for.

C) Establishing a policy of responsible gambling

The trust of the target audience as well as their confidence is one of the most crucial elements of a betting app. The user can make some deposit weekly or monthly if the app places a Responsible Betting/Gambling Policy on it.

Also, need to stop minors from gaining access to the sports betting app by restricting access to underage gamblers. Before an account can be created in the app, every player must complete a detailed age verification process.

D) Keeping information secure

It is a security concern that the money which is put into a bet is as safe as it can be since sports betting involve a significant amount of money. Thus, the app developer should ensure at all times not to compromise on security while offering uncrackable security.

Top 25 Technical Tools for Developing Online Sports Betting Apps



Javascript  ,Kotlin ,Swift

Programming Language

Mongodb  , redis , postgress , cassandra, HBase


Firebase ,Donbest ,Twilio ,Sinch

Third-Party APIs

Cocoa touch ,Core Data ,SiriKit ,Ionic ,PhoneGap ,Xamarin ,Appcelerator , Titanium ,React native


IBM ,Spark ,Cisco ,Hadoop ,Apache ,Flink ,BigData

Real-Time Analytics

Azure , AWS , GCP

Cloud Environment

Developing a Sports Betting App for App Marketplaces

Apple App Store

Apple has strict guidelines for publishing sports betting applications on its App Store. You must follow these guidelines to publish your application. Apple’s standards and rules are very like Google’s, but Apple’s are more specific than Google’s. The following guide will help you get Apple’s approval for the iOS app.

Let us look at the features of sports betting apps in more detail to find an answer to the question: how much do sports betting app development cost, now that you know what the Sports Betting App Industry is made up of and what its potential benefits and challenges are.

Google Play Store

Google announced that developers are now able to publish betting apps through the Play Store in July 2017. Besides, 18-year-old are prohibited from downloading such applications due to strict rules. To publish sports betting apps on the Google Play Store, you must also have a gambling license from the targeted country.

It is very important that all transactions are quite secure well as the user can withdraw the winnings without a fuss.

Development Cost of Sports betting Mobile App on Market Level

Costs are determined by features, platforms, and the country in which the application is to be developed. Designers’ salaries vary according to their country of residence.

  • Designers in the U.S.:  $60 to $240 per hour
  • Engineers in Eastern Europe: $50 to $130 per hour
  • Engineers in Japan: $50 to $200 per hour
  • Developers based in the U.S.: $60 to $240 per hour
  • Developers based in Eastern Europe: $50 to $130 per hour
  • Developers based in Asia-Pacific: $50 to $200 per hour.

According to the details of the USA designers, the estimated cost of sports betting application development can easily be determined, based on the following activities.

  • Documentation costs: $800-$4000 for an hourly rate of 40 hours
  • User Interface/UX design: $1200 to $6000  for 60 hours
  • UI/UX/Backend development:  $8,000 to $ 40,000 for 400 Hours
  • MVP testing:  $1600 to $8000 for 80 Hours
  • Bug fixing and polishing:  $800 to $4000 for 40 hours
  • It costs approximately 5000 to 10000 USD to develop sports betting app.

I’d like to close with a thought

In recent years, sports betting apps have become increasingly popular in offering users and owners new possibilities. While it gives users lots of money, it also helps the business generate good revenue.

You should, however, contact sports betting app development company to estimate exact app development costs based on your project requirements and goals so you do not get shocked at the end of the billing process.

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