Swift vs Objective – C: Lets Find Which One Knockout To Whom

Swift vs Objective – C: Lets Find Which One Knockout To Whom

Many rumors said that 2018 is the year of changing and trending to bring or reveal something or somewhat.

It is true that…whatever the trending gadgets are revealed in this will surely relax the developer’s problems.

Now you are thinking about what is trending….I am certainly talking about mobile application gadgets and solutions.

As one of the most trending gadgets revealed in the market that makes noise in the ample mobile app development companies in India which relaxes the developer’s myth in the field of coding and programming – is ‘Swift’.

Since the announcement of this programming language called ‘SWIFT’ launched a year ago, makes most of the developers in shock hack pose.


The reason is simple that makes Swift the most countable in the market over Objective-C is that its reliability, better performance, and most importantly it’s less time-consuming in writing coding.

To understand the programming language effectively, let note a detailed summary of both: –


Objective C is one of the most dynamic and fluent object-oriented languages that add Smalltalk style messaging to the ‘C’ programming language.

The C took its foot in the market 34 years ago and it was designed by Tom Love and Brad Cox aim to provide high code readability to the developers. It was selected as the main language by NeXT for its NeXT STEP OS (Operating System) from which iOS and OS X term derived.


Swift is the most accepted and running statically typed programming language used by the developers who operated in the different android application development companies, even not only in the android segment is also dominating the iPhone app development company in India too.

The major reason why swift defeated or left-back the Objective-C, due to its advantages that basically designed by Apple Inc. to overcome the problems.

When developers write and add code using C programming it leads them to suffer from many limitations which setback their major work.

So, to overcome this Swift was finally designed and marketed in order to give satisfying results to the developers and to be honest it is standing utmost in front of developers.

Swift Vs Objective-C Which On Knockout To Whom

To find out the race champion winner who knockout to whom, we must compare each other.

Let get started..!

1. Less Coding

The foremost target of every mobile application development company is to maximize productivity and achieve maximum prosperity. For this, ‘Swift’ can be the handy option for your achievement. It allows developers to write less code in less taking time as compared to the C.

2. Fixing Bugs

Swift comes with the handy and foremost feature that helps developers to write codes effectively without considering errors. It auto fire the errors and correct them.

3. Less Hand Maintenance

Due to its above-mentioned qualities and features, developers have quite another fruitful reason to operate work fast with low hand maintenance.

This helps many mobile application development companies in India to maximize their sales revenue and deliver satisfied and responsible applications to customers.

4. Find Low-Cost Swift Developer

When it comes to the hiring process, the demand for Swift developers is high with low operational cost expenses as compared to Objective – C.

If you are building an application for a native platform the best source to develop it is fast, reliable, efficient, low time, and low maintenance use Swift to leverage these features.

Conclusion: Who the Winner Is?

After finally comparing the basic element of both the programming language it is surely clear that swift is the king in the market.

While on the other hand, Objective C is somewhat facing difficulties. So it is clear with the knockout points that Swift is the champion over objective C.

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