Top 10 Bitcoin Wallet App and Its Common Features

Top 10 Bitcoin Wallet App and Its Common Features


Bitcoin is the world's most recognized digital currency. As cryptocurrency is booming in all world and people are craving more about it. It has become so secure medium of money transaction because no one can track it and it is highly secured and advanced. No one can break its security due to having a decentralized server.

All banks and other mediums use centralized server and that makes them weak in security and we feel unsecured because anyone can hack your account.

The demand for cryptocurrency increased after launching Bitcoin that has become the most demanded digital currency at present. Like Bitcoin, there are many more digital currencies that are available in the market and people are using them too much. It has limited coins like Bitcoin can have a maximum of 21 million coins. So, it makes it safer.

People are moving to digital currency because they want a medium where they can transfer their money in a secure way and can keep their money in a safe way. Owing to a decentralized network, it gives full authority to users and the third party cannot access your account because it is highly secured and advanced.

For accessing digital currency, we need a wallet, where we can keep our currency and can use that for making an online transaction. Here, we will talk about Bitcoin wallet App that is already available on the market. Here, we will discuss in brief about digital currency wallet App that is playing a vital role in our lives and help us to make an online transaction in cryptocurrency.

Top 10 Bitcoin Wallet Apps

It is developed by the creator of the Blockchain. It is the most famous wallet App among all Bitcoin wallets App. It is counted as the most trustworthy Application. Its security and trust make us use this.


It is also counted as the most popular Bitcoin wallet app in the market. It serves 100% control to users and it is also available on iOS and Android both. When we use this, then we have no need to download the blockchain.


It is first launched only for iOS users and now it is also available for both Android and iOS. The user can control their private keys easily with the help of this. It is having a user-friendly interface that’s why people love it. It also provides password support.


It is also the best example of Bitcoin wallet App. By the help of this, we can securely store multiple Bitcoin wallets in it. It has also one more specialty like it keeps business and private funds separate. It is based on an HD (hierarchical Deterministic) technology. It also ensures the security of wallet generation and backup.


It is just the same as others and serves us totally same features but it also serves us some unique specifications. The main feature of this App is that it can autocomplete contacts from the address book and can also send email payment requests on this information. It is the best App for Bitcoin wallet.


It is a multi-signature digital wallet App that also supports hardware wallets like ledger and trezor. It is also popular as another digital currency wallet App.

Coinbase Wallet App

It is the best platform for Bitcoin exchange and it is from San Francisco. It is coinbase App. Now it is available for both Android and iOS users.


At present, electrum is counted as a famous lightweight Bitcoin wallet Application in the market. It is available for Android users and it is too much popular among Android users. Soon it will be released in iOS App.

Schildbach Bitcoin Wallet App

It is counted as the oldest Bitcoin wallet. It is very popular among Bitcoin users. When it was released then we have to download the whole blockchain but later it was simplified and now its process has become so simple. Now, this App directly connects to the network.

Hive Bitcoin Wallet App

The best feature of this wallet App is that we can make our transaction with a scanning barcode and touch to pay facility. We can also share transaction data via Bluetooth. It is also counted as best rated Bitcoin wallet App.

Specifications of Bitcoin Wallet App

If you are going to develop a Bitcoin Wallet App then you should consider the below-given features that will help you to make your wallet more advanced and secure. Here, we are going to discuss some useful specifications that help us to get the perfect Bitcoin wallet App.

Cryptocurrency wallet should generate a unique and new public keys for each transaction. It leads us to security and privacy. It makes us safe from frauds and makes it hard for them to steal our coins.

Our wallet should be highly secured and it should follow 2-step verifications. It is a smart way that enables us to make our money more secure. If we apply this feature to our wallet App then it has no harm and surely it will increase our productivity.

Our wallet should follow auto log out and in some cases when our device is stolen or lost then no other guy will be unable to use our App and we can make safe our money.

If we are using Bitcoin wallet App for business purposes then we find out that recurrent payment saves our time and money and makes us more advanced. It is a very helpful function for those who are using bitcoin for business purposes.

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