Top 10 Famous Cryptocurrency That is Ruling Digital Currency World

Top 10 Famous Cryptocurrency That is Ruling Digital Currency World


As we all know that Bitcoin has become so popular digital currency that everyone wants to own them and people are making a big profit from it. We can take the example of Amitabh Bachchan, who is a Bollywood celebrity that makes a profit of 114 Cr. by Bitcoin. As its name suggests, it is very hard to mine because it is too secure and we have no particular device to access and mine it. For getting its access, we need a password that is too long and hard to remember, and if, once it is lost then it will be impossible to get again and due to this reason many people lost their billion rupees.

The main fact behind its success is that it is very secure and no one can hack it. There is no type of customer support and if once you lose your account, then it will be impossible to get back. So, its security is the main reason that people are investing in it and they are making big money from it. With time, cryptocurrency has become so demanded due to its increasing price. Bitcoin started from 100$ and now it reaches 16000$. So, a big profit has been seen in bitcoin.

The tough phase in cryptocurrency is its mining. Due to its high security and advanced process, its mining process is too difficult that making it secure and robust. There are also many digital currencies that are easy to mine and people are craving them. So, here we will discuss them. Here, we will tell you in brief about the top 10 digital coins that are easy to access and mine.

Like Bitcoin there are also many cryptocurrencies is available like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Cardano, Dash, NEM, Bitcoin Gold, Monero, EOS, NEO, Qtum, Stellar, Ethereum Classic, TRON, Lisk, Verge, Zcash, BitConnect, OmiseGO, Populous, BitShares, Waves, Hshare, Ardor, Nxt, Komodo, Stratis, Tether, Bytecoin, Augur, Steem, Dogecoin and many more like that is also booming like bitcoin.

Top 10 Fruitful Cryptocurrency Alternatives of Bitcoin


Dash is also known as P2P Cryptocurrency and it is an open-source platform and private-centric digital currency that enables us to make an instant transaction. It helps us to keep our money private because it makes it possible to do the transaction without waits and we can say that it is just like cash.

It makes our transaction private and nobody can track us and so, this type is totally secure and advanced.

The cost of the transaction is very low compared to credit cards and banks.

Payments can be received by us instantly.

It uses a Decentralized network that makes it highly secure.

It is protected by secure encryption that uses 2 tier networks.

You can use it globally. Can send and receive money anywhere in all worlds.


It is known as a self-encryption digital token. Safecoin is also called a digital token. Safecoin is distributed by the algorithm in a SAFE network. This algorithm works without human involvement. In this, each coin has its unique identity and at one time, 4.3 billion coins can be circulated on its network. If users exchange coins for network services, then safecoin will be recycled.

Sign in and make secure your data with the human interface.

Self-encryption is available that encrypts data itself.

Duplicate data will be automatically removed.

A distributed network is used in it.


Steem is a social media platform of digital currency where you can earn a reward by using it. For getting a reward, we have to like a post just like we like a post on Facebook and Reddit. When we like them, blockchain will distribute rewards. Steem concept is a little bit different from other digital currencies.


Litecoin is also a digital currency that is also known as peer-to-peer currency. We can send our money to anyone by using it at free cost. It is a global payment network and also open source. It uses a decentralized network. With the help of it, we can make secure our network and control our finance.

Litecoin blockchain has a high capability to handle transactions more than Bitcoin. It generates blocks frequently that enable us to do more transactions. It is also very helpful for merchants because they can confirm their transactions fast.

Wallet encryption allows you to make secure your wallet. You can check your balance anytime and before making any transaction, it will demand the password. It protects you from viruses and before making any payment it also checks sanity.

At present, Miners are awarded 25 new litecoins per block.


It is the best digital currency that is most secure and available at the lowest cost. For network strength, it distributes 1% of annual minting money to users. We can say that it is a unique alternative coin but fully based on Bitcoin. It is the first currency that gives you the full proof of its secure network.

In this, you will get fair distribution and for distribution new coins, proof of work mining is used and selfish mining does not impact on Peercoin security. Peercoin and bitcoin both use the same mining algorithm and it is known as SHA-256. The hardware of bitcoin mining can also be used by us to mine peer coins.


We can say that namecoin is the experimental open-source platform that serves us digital currency. It is improving decentralization, privacy, and security. Namecoin is also known as the first part of bitcoin and still, it is counted in the most innovative coin as an altcoin.

It uses certified validation and is supported by blockchain.

It accesses the website with a .bit domain that is counted in the high-level domain.

You can also attach your identity to it as GPS and OTR key, Bitcoin to give an identity to your currency.

Namecoin is such an awesome currency that gives us a secure gateway to cryptocurrency.

It is most meaningful for a human.


It is counted as an innovative digital currency. It is totally secured by cryptography and we can access it by the cryptocurrency mining market. It is based on the prime number. Primecoin gives us a unique format of poof of work that is using prime numbers.

It counts special prime numbers and the Primecoin network also tries to get special prime number chains that are named Cunningham and bi-twin chains. Prime number chain is counted as a big concept in this that makes Primecoin network as energy multiuse.


Novacoin is counted as the future digital currency. For generating a block, it uses proof of work and proof of stake. PPCoin and Novacoin are having similarities in some features. But it is totally different and has advanced security. Due to its own code structure and unique ideology, it is totally different from all other digital currencies.

For the base purpose, it uses the new version of Bitcoin.

It gives us a reward per coin per year and its reward process is totally different from others. It is also the main reason that people are attracting it.

For proof of work, Novacoin uses the script hash function.

For blockchain trust score, proof of work and proof of stake both are used by us.

It doesn’t use proof of work block signature.


Feathercoin is counted as an Internet currency that is free from all banks and a centralized server. It uses peer-to-peer technology and doesn’t use a banking system. For it free software are available and we can make a payment anytime and anywhere by using perfect hardware. It is totally based on Neoscrypt and many additional features are present in this that cannot get by us in any other digital currency.

In feathercoin, Neoscrypt Algo is used and it gives us 80 coins as a reward per block. 336 million total coins are available and in which, we get block target that is 1 minute. It uses many ports as default as its network port number and RPC mining port number is 9336. It has many advanced checkpoints and also used enhanced hash rate compensation in feathercoin to make it more advanced.


After Bitcoin, it is counted as 2nd biggest and demanded cryptocurrency. It is the biggest opportunity for miners for coin mining. At present, ETC is counted as the most profitable token of mine and it is attracting most cryptocurrency users to use it. As we all know that Ethereum is thinking to switch to the POS model and its implementation will be most profitable for its users. All miners of cryptocurrency want to get more benefit from it and Ethereum classic is serving them all.

It supports multi-platform and also provides us hardware wallet. Here, you will not face any kind of fake, censorship and no third-party interference you will get here. It is totally secure and the user can make all transactions safely and there are no kinds of problems you will face there.


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