Top 7 iOS Application Development Trends in 2018

Top 7 iOS Application Development Trends in 2018

As we all know that iOS App development trends change every year. Recently Apple releases its recent updates in its operating system as iOS 11 that has been updated approximately on all Apple devices. With the latest updating in the operating system since many iOS app development companies fruitfully mark iOS as an important hub of the operation, and why not it is trending in the market.

People are so crazy about iOS devices and they always keep an eye on Apple updates so they can make update their devices according to that and can make advance their devices. Here, we will discuss changes that will trend in 2018 and will lead us to a new world where we can be more tech-oriented and can get effective services in an easy way. There are many latest updates that we should count here like:

Augmented Reality

In 2017, iOS 11 was released which is the biggest change in the operating system of Apple devices. In this, most updates have been seen in Augment Reality Applications. Apple ARKit framework gives access to Apple developers so they can develop augmented reality, 3D Apps, and Virtual reality in their Applications. In 2018, we will see a number of Apps that will have AR and VR features. AR & VR features will make iPhone and iPad Apps more useful and the user will love to use this.

Core Machine Learning

Apple also released a core ML machine learning framework and Apple itself uses it for many services like camera, Quicktype, and Siri. iPhone developers can use this framework to create more feature-enriched Applications that will be more useful for us. For including these features in the iOS App, we have to add just a few lines of code and also the framework and we will get what we want. It is a very easy process and we can include machine learning features in our Apps and it will surely help us to stand out in the market.

This framework comes with many libraries that help us to develop AI games, Face detection, and natural language processing. We all know that people want advancement in tech and if we serve them something special then we can easily serve them unique features.

At present, interaction with devices is invented in many ways like audio, video, and face recognition. When we will use face detection authentication then we will get that it will surely improve our security that is the demand of time. With the help of this framework, the gaming industry is also going to boom due to its ability to serve extraordinary.

So, we can say that core machine learning is beneficial for us and it will surely be going to develop smart Apps in upcoming years and it will be very helpful for developers to produce new technology in the Apps in an easy way.

 Swift 4

Swift is the programming language for the Apple devices and if you are going to develop iPhone and iPad Apps then you have to use this language to develop Applications. When Apple launches its own programming language then from that to now we have seen a lot of changes in this. All changes lead us to a new tech world where we will get more oriented services. Swift 4 is recently launched and Apple said that it is most easily learning the language.

When we develop Apps by using swift programming language then we find that it covers little space. It saves our space and Swift 4 gives us reliability that we can develop our App with high security without compromising any features and security. Swift 4 is the latest version of the own language that is too advanced and highly secured. We should count it in big changes in 2018.

 AI and Siri

Siri is a most outstanding example of artificial intelligence. When it launched, since then people are crazy about this. Apple is focusing to improve it more so the user can get more accuracy and the right partner that can serve those best results. Siri is so smart and understands us very well and according to that, it serves us best services that are very fruitful for us. When we speak then Siri got that what we are looking for.

Siri also offers us many other vital services like GPS pin, while we are making messaging. Siri also serves us as the task manager and by it, we can easily access QR codes and Web Chat services.

Siri is trending at present too much and in near future, it will grow more and people will crave more for it.

Apple Pay

Apple pay is also launched by Apple to serve more user-friendly services regarding digital payment. By using iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple watch we can easily make an online payment. It is totally mobile wallet and digital payment service that is too much beneficial for users.

When Apple users are making online shopping then they are doing their payment in an easy way and people love it too much. It is being more fruitful for users and users are counted it as a high priority. It is trending at present and in near future, it will trend more and more due to the demand of users.

According to Apple stats, during 2015-16 its uses increases 500% that is too much and by looking at these stats, we can count its demand. More than 40% of USA merchants are using Apple pay and more than 2 million small business owners are using invoice payment by using Apple Pay. We can use this to fulfill all our purpose like online ticket booking, events, and many more. We can easily send and receive money by message. The most important thing in this is that it is highly secured.

Owing to having advanced security, developers are using it in App for payment integration. It serves us easy cashless transactions. Apple pay avoids storing debit and credit card numbers that are too much helpful for us.

More e-commerce platforms are using this for payment because they know it will boom more in near future.

Apple Homekit

It is counted as the wonderful creation of Apple. It is specially designed for the home automation that is demanded by the most. The basic idea behind this is that we can communicate our devices with home and Siri will regulate all of them. We can easily command them by using Siri. That’s why Apple created a tool that is an Apple home kit.

Now developers can easily connect home appliances with Apple devices by busing Apple home kit tool. Developers are integrating this with Apps. According to stats, more than 50 billion devices will be connected 2020 by IoT network. So, its scope is too much and in the future, it is trending too much. It will run a long time because Apple introduces its latest version after the regular time interval and each update version is more advanced than the previous one.

File Management

Recently Apple launches its updated operating system as iOS 11. People are excited too about this. In the new update, there is an App for file management called “Files”. The most important fact about this is that we can easily access multiple cloud-based App in a single App.

It improves user experience with Apple devices. File management is the best feature that is trending too much and its demand is increasing day by day. We can count it in best trends and if we will use this then it will surely boost our App.

iOS is a revolutionary tech-oriented platform that serves us extraordinary services by using the latest technology. It is most secure and robust. When firstly launched their products since that it is trending and people always avid to use its products because they always pay heed to quality services and quality always pay you more than your imagination.

When we are going to develop our own Application in iOS then we should count all the above factors because they will surely pay us more output and people are asking for these inventions in their Apps.

How iOS Helps You to Stand Out in The Market

As we all know that Android and iOS both are a legend in the IT world and they serve us high and tech-oriented services to our best. But iOS is far better than Android because it is totally secured and more advanced than any other Apps. By using this, we can cover a rich market because in European countries, iOS user is more and they don’t like Android due to security and features reasons. iOS serve more secured and high oriented features that are loved by users.

They always produce their services and products in the context of users. Their main aim is to serve services that can be beneficial for users and they can use them for their advancement. So, the iOS platform and App are best for users.

Orion Infosolutions is one of the best iOS development companies in Jaipur and they serve all trends in their Apps so the user can use services in a single place. If you are looking to develop your own App then Orion Infosolutions is the best destination for you. Here, you will get all services at affordable rates.

We don’t compromise on quality and always serve you beyond your imagination. Our fruitful services help you a lot in business prosperity and you can easily nourish your business in a great way with the help of iOS Application. First, we understand your need and ideas then we make research on that after that we will add our expert ideas to it and serve you an excellent App that will surely hike your business and services in a great way.

Web and App both are great sources to improve your online presence and it has become the best way to serve your services online. In recent years, App is more demanded compared to the web, because in an App we can deliver all our services in a single place and users are considering more it.

After looking at current trends, we can say that in near future, App will lead because the demand for the web is lacking. People are keen more to Apps. Basically, they move to Android and iOS App and both are covering 80% of the total user base. iOS App Development is totally fruitful for users because by following current and future trends you can get and deliver more than your expectation. So, be a part of iOS App for your business and services growth.

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