Top Medical Mobile Apps for Doctors

Top Medical Mobile Apps for Doctors


With the increase in digital technology, the medical industry is also growing and adopting digital technology as many doctors are using mobile medical apps to keep tracking patients' health. Nowadays, people themselves keep their health track by installing simple apps such as fit bit, a health tracking app that tells you about your health.

Health apps are getting popular, and many doctors are using them quickly. Some of the apps are useful in keeping a good health record and are used by doctors to keep the patients' health records.

Mobile App Development Company is developing user-friendly and easily accessed apps by doctors. The number of physicians using mobile apps for treatment procedures has increased in recent years. Mobile health care is rapidly developing in the market and will do better with more facilities. With the increase in the mobile health industry, many doctors are practising over mobile.

There are many free and premium medical apps in the market, some of which allow you to understand medications better while others work to diagnose your symptoms and prepare you for an unexpected medical emergency which might make things a bit easier.

Top 5 Medical Apps Used By Doctors


Medscape is the leading medical tool that provides accurate clinical answers used by physicians, medical students, and professionals for clinical information such as medical news or disease condition.

It is fast-growing and offers a variety of features. Using Medscape, physicians can access a community where they can share cases, ask questions, and be available 24*7. Some of the Medscape features are:

Getting all the latest medical news available across all specialities, announcements, thought leader perspectives, conference news, important journal articles, and explanation by experts.
Expert physicians reviewed clinical presentation, workup, and treatment information on different diseases and conditions.

Complete qualified Medical Education courses for professional development and to fulfil licensure requirements.
Provides all drug dosing information within seconds, checks drug interactions, and accesses medical calculators.


Epocrates is the best medical application available for both android and iOS platforms and is used worldwide by many doctors. The apps provide the correct information to the patients and provide services like disease information, clinical practice guidelines, lab guides, etc. Epocrates provides valuable features:

  • Check for potentially harmful drug exchanges up to 30 drugs at a time.
  • Identify pills by imprint code and physical characteristics. Review drug advising and safety information for thousands of brand, generic drugs.
  • Select national and regional health care insurance formularies for drug coverage information.
  • Access timely medical news and research information.
  • Find providers for consults and referrals in the Provider Directory.

Red Cross First Aid

Accidents are happening day by day, and many people don't know what to do, so this medical app is used in emergencies as it provides information on first aid videos and step-by-step guidance. The Red Cross' official First Aid app provides simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through everyday first aid scenarios. Some of the features include:

  • Simple step-by-step instructions guide you through everyday first aid scenarios.
  • Videos and animations make learning first aid fun and easy.
  • From severe earthquakes and storms, safety tips for everything help you prepare for emergencies.
  • Preloaded content has instant access to all safety information at any time, even without an Internet connection.

Up to date

Up to date is a medical app that helps keep track of medical news and the latest broadcasts and get new updates. Many doctors downloaded this application as it is beneficial and provides videos on medical procedures, and also you can bookmark any page. Up to date has improved patient health and performance. Some of the features are:

  • Easy search with an auto compilation
  • Book mark and history
  • Mobile optimized medical calculator
  • Email topics to patients and colleagues.


Doximity provides the largest medical networks designed for healthcare professionals. It is available for both the platforms Android and iOS. It is a free tool for secure communications custom related medical news, and you can easily communicate with doctors about health issues or for further queries. Doximity coverage and usage for the top 1,000 hospitals in the U.S.


Not surprisingly, the more doctors we have in a hospital, the more usage we get from each. It made it easier for doctors to verify and permit themselves with all these new emerging health services. It is more likely to be a social network while connecting many hospitals and professionals.